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All About Straighteners

What Is The Best Hair Straightener?
It is difficult to choose just one superior brand in the world of hair straightening. After all, there are many renowned brands out there that all have something unique to offer. From Halo, to Babyliss Pro and Curious Grace, there is endless choice in Australia. But the true trick to finding the best hair straightener or straightening brush is by matching the right hair styling tools with your hair type.

For example, someone who has thicker hair may find it difficult to get straight hair with most hair straighteners, as their hair can be a little resistant. Instead of the popular ceramic hair straightener, people with thicker hair might benefit from a titanium hair straightener. Titanium hair straighteners can have higher temperatures, which makes it easier to straighten thicker hair.

If your hair is quite brittle, then a ceramic hair straightener or tourmaline hair straighteners will be the best choice. Ceramic hair straighteners are within a safer temperature range, which means further damage to the hair can be avoided.

Those with thicker, curly, frizzy and afro hair will find it difficult to find the right hair straightener immediately. Yet, there is a simple trick to ensure you have the right purchase every time! Simply choose a wide plate hair straightener, which ensures maximum contact with your hair.

How To Use A Hair Straightener?
Once you purchased your flat iron hair straightener, it is only a matter of learning how to use it. Fortunately, using a hair styler like this is pretty straightforward.

1. Since hair straighteners can be quite hot, it is important to ensure you use your new hair straightener safely. Always make sure you have a suitable fire-resistant surface or mat ready to place your styling iron on when you are done. The same thing applies for other hot styling tools such as a curler.
2. Before you start straightening your hair, it is important to wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner.
3. Then, use a hairdryer to blow dry your hair. If you have frizzy hair, you can use some anti-frizz products to counter that. There are special shampoos and conditioners with keratin, but you could also use argan oil or other additional products to counter that frizz.
4. Once your hair is dry, it is time to add some protection against heat. Grab your favourite heat protection spray or oil and ensure it is saturated properly, especially for those with naturally curly hair. However, avoid applying heat protection spray at the roots of your hair, as this can make your hair appear greasy.
5. Next, divide your hair into sections to make the styling process a little easier. It does not matter if you use a mini styler, a wide iron, or a regular hair straightener, sectioning the hair always provides much better results.
6. Once you have your sections, turn your hair straightener on and make sure you select the right temperature setting. Remember, temperatures are dependent on hair thickness, but also the length of the hair. These details are usually mentioned in the user manual of your hair straightener.
7. Place your hair straightener approximately two centimetres from the root of your hair. Then, straighten each section until you have straightened all your hair.

Those with naturally curly hair can benefit from using a special hair wax , which helps to keep the beautiful result obtained after blow drying and straightening. If you want to save some time on straightening your hair, you could look into the latest hot brush. Instead of using the original iron, the hot hair brush allows you to simply brush your hair straight.

How To Curl Hair With A Hair Straightener?
Most people curl their hair with a curling iron, curling wand, or a style stick, but it is possible to curl your hair with a hair straightener as well. But how do you go about straightening your hair with a hair straightener? Whether you have a limited edition hair straightener or a micro iron, you can straighten your hair easily with all these hair styling accessories by following the steps below.

1. Grab a small section of your hair.
2. Clamp the hair and work your way down to the part of the hair where you want the curl to begin.
3. Turn the straightener 180 degrees and pull down the hair straightener through the remainder of your hair.
4. Repeat this method for each section.

Do Hair Straighteners Damage Hair?
When you use hair straighteners daily without the use of proper heat protection, your hair can become coarse and dry. To prevent damage, use heat protection products before the use of your hair straightener. You should also choose a hair straightener that matches your hair type.

Which Hair Straightener To Buy?
There are certainly many options to choose from at Hairhouse, and the best hair straightener for you will depend on your hair type and desired results. However, popular straighteners among our customers include the Silver Bullet Keratin range, the GHD Original Styler, and Halo The Farrah. For a quick, flawless sleek look, a hair straightener with wide plates is recommended, to ensure maximum contact.

Do Hair Straighteners Turn Off Automatically?
Some hair straighteners have an automatic shutoff function, but this is not the case for all models. Also, automatic shutoff does not protect flammable surfaces against the heat of the device. So, always make sure your place your hair straightener on a suitable surface to let it cool down.

Where To Buy Hair Straighteners?
Hairhouse has an excellent selection of hair straighteners both in store and online, from a variety of well-known and proven brands. Silver bullet, GHD, Halo, and Diva are just a couple of the brands you can expect in our range. Shop the range today and get the sleek and stylish hair you always wanted.