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Switch up your style and make a statement without commitments using temporary hair dyes. Our temporary colour products let you try out bright and deep shades, which are perfect for any natural hair colour, from light blonde and ash blonde to light brown and golden brown.

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How long will temporary hair dye last?

If you enjoy switching up your hair colour often, temporary hair dye offers a flexible alternative to permanent colour. Unlike permanent hair dye, which stays until your hair grows out, temporary colour usually lasts up to 30 washes or longer if you use colour shampoo and colour conditioner.

Some temporary dyes are made to wash out after just one shampoo. This makes them a great option for those who love to regularly change up their hair colour and try out something new.

Whether you have light blonde, ash blonde, dark blonde, light ash brown, or golden brown hair colour, temporary hair dyes suit your hair. They also work on various hair types, including both natural hair colour and chemically treated hair.

Is temporary hair dye safer than permanent?

Yes, non-permanent hair dyes are much gentler on hair compared to permanent ones. They work by coating the hair strands instead of penetrating the hair shaft, meaning they don’t change the hair’s structure and don’t need a developer.

These temporary home hair colours are completely ammonia-free and don’t have other harsh chemicals, so they're less likely to damage your hair. You also won't need a toner with them since they don’t deeply alter your hair's pigment.

If you decide to switch up your look, semi-permanent hair colours might require specific cleansers to remove them, but non-permanent colours simply wash out. This makes them a favourite in Australia for those who enjoy trying new hair colours without the long-term commitment or regular trips to the hairdresser.

What are the benefits of temporary hair dye?

Temporary hair dyes make experimenting with new hair colours easy and risk-free. They're increasingly popular, especially as many options today are vegan, cruelty-free, and packed with proteins, amino acids, and conditioning agents that moisturise, strengthen, and add shine to dull hair. Here are some of the major benefits of using non-permanent hair colour:

  • Achieve a more natural hair colour
  • Maintain hair quality without chemicals and ammonia
  • Easier to use with no developer needed
  • Less commitment with the ability to change your hair colour as often as you want
  • Strengthen hair and add shine with the addition of amino acids and proteins

Does temporary dye work on bleached hair?

You sure can! In fact, most brands will recommend bleaching your hair first to a fair or platinum blonde before applying temporary hair dye, particularly if you're using a pastel or light shade.

Not only will bleaching help the end result to be rich and vibrant, but it can also make your hair a lot smoother and shinier. To maintain this gorgeous shine and colour, be sure to use colour shampoo and conditioner, as well as colour care treatments, hair masks, leave-in conditioners, or hair oils and serums to keep hair healthy and hydrated.

If you don't want to bleach your hair, you can absolutely still use non-permanent hair dye, but the colour may not be as intense without bleaching. This is because bleaching opens the cuticles and makes hair more porous so that colour can stay longer and appear more vibrant.

Manic Panic has temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching required. Choose from a range of electric shades, from Atomic Turquoise to Vampire Red, that will show up beautifully on medium brown hair and lighter.

How do you apply temporary hair dye?

Applying temporary hair dye is a fun way to change up your look, and it's relatively simple whether you choose creams, sprays, powders, or gels. Each type has its own method of application, but generally, the process involves applying the dye, waiting for it to set, and then rinsing it out. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Start with hair washed using a clarifying shampoo.
  • For pastels or bright colours, lighten your hair first. Visit a hairdresser if you're unsure how to do this.
  • Do a patch test on your skin and a strand test on your hair to check for reactions.
  • Use petroleum jelly around your hairline and wear gloves to avoid stains.
  • If using a spray, simply spray the desired sections. For creams, gels, or powders, apply using a tint brush, starting at the roots and combing through. Cover with a plastic cap.
  • Leave the dye in for about 30 minutes or as specified in the hair colour product instructions.
  • Rinse your hair with cool water until it's almost clear.
  • Dry your hair as you normally would, either air drying or with a hair dryer.

Does temporary hair dye cover grey hair?

Yes, temporary hair dyes can be effective for grey coverage. Typically, darker shades will work better than lighter shades to tint grey hair before fading to a pastel.

The best temporary hair dye for grey hair is one that will add colour while still maintaining your hair's natural softness and shine. Look for a hair dye suitable for grey hair with vitamins, amino acids, and moisturising agents to retain hair health. For a quick touchup or grey coverage around the hairline, it’s recommended to use a root touch-up like the L'Oreal Paris Hair Touch Up or Color Wow Retoucher.

Can you use temporary hair dye on dyed hair?

Yes, you can use temporary hair dye on already coloured hair. If you want to boost the shine and vibrancy of your current colour, choose a temporary dye in a similar shade.

It’s also possible to change your hair colour entirely by layering temporary colour on permanent hair colour, but the temporary dye should be darker than your existing colour. For example, you can go from blonde to brown. Remember, temporary dyes don't have bleaching agents, so they can't lighten your current colour.

Which is the best temporary hair dye?

Hairhouse stocks a dazzling range of high-quality hair products for temporarily colouring hair and changing up your appearance. We've got:

  • Temporary pink hair dye
  • Temporary black hair dye
  • Temporary blonde hair dye
  • Temporary dark brown hair dye
  • Temporary red hair dye
  • Temporary blue hair dye
  • Temporary purple hair dye
  • Temporary hair colour and so much more

From natural to bold, neon to pastel and unique shades like orange and green, we’ve got the colours you need to shake up your look and wow the world!

Dare are the darlings of temporary hair dye for both the young and the young at heart with a fantastic range of bright and whimsical hair colours. Their products are loaded with nourishing ingredients, such as proteins and amino acids, for soft and shiny locks with stunning intensity.

We've got Manic Panic hair dyes that are vegan and ammonia-free and PPD with a creamy formula that conditions hair while it colours. You can also find R+CO Root Touch-Up Sprays, Wella Color Fresh Masks, and Schwarzkopf Professional Color Masks.

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