Hydrating Conditioner

Our hydrating conditioners are formulated with ingredients that penetrate deeply to hydrate your strands from within, leaving them soft, silky and manageable. Browse our collection and discover the perfect conditioner to transform your haircare routine!

What is a hydrating conditioner for?

Our hydrating conditioner is designed to infuse your hair with essential moisture, targeting the cuticle to lock in hydration and smooth out any frizz or roughness. It's the perfect hair product for reviving dry, lifeless strands and giving your hair a smooth, shiny and manageable finish.

Incorporating a hydrating conditioner into your haircare routine gives your locks the nourishment they need to stay healthy and resilient against damage. Whether your hair is naturally dry or is recovering from styling stress, our conditioner offers moisture and care to restore its natural beauty and vitality.

Which hair types are best suited for hydrating conditioners?

Hydrating conditioners are a must-have for addressing a range of hair concerns, like dryness, frizz, breakage and split ends. Dry hair, frizzy hair and curly hair benefit greatly from their nourishing formulas.

These hair types thirst for the deep hydration that moisturising conditioners provide, offering relief and resilience against everyday wear and tear. By infusing your hair with essential moisture, these conditioners detangle, smooth and enhance your hair's natural vitality. They lay a foundation for healthy hair that's less prone to damage during styling, making your hair easier to manage and love.

How often should I use a hydrating conditioner?

Using a hydrating conditioner is all about what your hair is telling you. At Hairhouse, we say listen to your locks!

If you've got dry hair, you might want to use it a bit more to keep your locks soft and hydrated. But if your hair tends to be on the oily side, then dial it back to keep it from getting too heavy.

Pairing your conditioner with a hydrating shampoo can also make a difference. These hair products are like a team that works together to clean and hydrate without stripping natural hair oils away.

Your hair conditioner is part of your overall haircare ritual that adds that extra bit of love and treatment your hair needs. Whether it's every wash or just a few times a week, the goal is happy, healthy-looking hair that feels just right.

How much hydrating conditioner should I use on my hair?

Figuring out how to use your hydrating conditioner correctly can make all the difference in your hair care routine. We recommend starting with a dollop the size of a coin for short to medium hair and adjusting up if your hair is longer or particularly thick.

A good rule of thumb is to allow the conditioner to cover your strands without overdoing it. Too much of this hair product can weigh your hair down, but just enough will leave it feeling silky and hydrated.

You can also check the instructions on the packaging for the best results. Every conditioner is a bit different, and the manufacturers know exactly how it's meant to work its magic.

Tip: Apply your hydrating conditioner mainly to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Avoid the roots to prevent your hair from looking greasy. This way, your locks get the nourishment they need where they need it, helping to detangle and smooth without sacrificing volume at the crown.

Will the hydrating conditioner make my hair greasy?

Worried about your oily hair getting greasier with a hydrating conditioner? At Hairhouse, we get this concern a lot.

When used correctly, a hydrating conditioner won’t leave your hair greasy. It's all about how you apply it. For those with fine hair or an oily scalp, make sure to apply the conditioner mainly to the ends of your hair and avoid the roots where oil tends to accumulate.

Why do I need both a mask and a conditioner in my haircare routine?

Incorporating both a hair mask and a conditioner into your haircare routine addresses different needs of your hair at different times.

A hair conditioner is your go-to for daily or regular use for smoothing out those tangles and adding a quick dose of hydration after each wash. It's lightweight, doesn't weigh down your hair and is essential for keeping your locks looking their best on the daily.

When your hair needs more than what daily conditioning offers, a hair mask is ideal for that extra moisture, repair and rejuvenation. Unlike regular conditioners, these hair treatments are often loaded with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and antioxidants, along with aqua/water, glycerin and panthenol, to deeply nourish and tackle hair concerns. The fragrance can also leave your hair smelling great.

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