Root Touch up

Hair root touch up kits for dark, blonde, red and even light brown hair come in different forms. Choose from root touch up powder, root touch up gel or even a concealer spray root touch up. An applicator brush provides even root coverage, with permanent hair colours affording excellent grey coverage.

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What is a Root Touch Up?
If you've dyed your hair a solid colour that's different to your natural hair colour, you've undoubtedly heard of a root touch up. This is a product that's applied to the natural roots of your hair to conceal and blend them seamlessly into the rest of your dyed hair.

Whether your roots are lighter, darker or grey, this miracle-worker can be applied easily at home to extend the amount of time in between salon visits and keep your hair colour looking vibrant and refreshed.

A root retoucher comes in all different forms, from gels and powders to pastes and spray-on applications. There is temporary root touch-up, semi-permanent root touch up and permanent root touch up which is the best root cover-up product for grey hair cover-up.

Root touch up colours are diverse to perfectly match any hair colour. You can find blonde, brown, red, dark and black touch up hair dye. There are also root cover-up kits that contain everything you need to get the job done in one convenient purchase.

Hairhouse has the best root touch-up products to tackle your roots and keep your hair colour salon-fresh at home. Try Goldwell Color Revive Root Retouch Powder in various shades for a root retoucher that also absorbs oil and sebum. There's also Color WOW Retoucher with a brush included for easy application.

If you prefer a spray application, we have L'Oreal Hair Touch Up in brown, black, light brown and dark blonde root spray. This product is formulated with make-up pigments to provide seamless colour that effortlessly conceals greys and washes out with shampoo.

For something a little different, Touchback Root Touch Up Marker is a marker filled with temporary hair dye that bonds to the hair and offers instant results with 60+ applications. Just run the marker over your hair for a beautiful colour that's natural and 100% smudge-proof!

Can I do Root Touch Up After Keratin?
If you've had a keratin treatment at the salon, it's typically advised to wait 1-2 weeks before applying a dye to your hair. If you attempt to do a dye job beforehand, you risk frizz, uneven colour and at worst – total removal of your keratin treatment which will be a big waste of money!

After this time period, you can continue to maintain the silky, smooth texture of your hair by using a root touch up product with keratin in it.

Like all Keratherapy hair products, Keratherapy Gray Root Concealer is infused with their exclusive Kerabond Technology which contains pure keratin that has been enhanced so that it can penetrate deep inside the hair shaft and work its magic. The result is stronger hair with improved elasticity, less breakage, no frizz and a gorgeous natural shine.

It's one of the best root touch up sprays for covering grey roots with an easy application and natural colour that washes out with shampoo. Plus – you get all of the added benefits of a keratin treatment at the same time!

Does Root Touch Up Spray Wash Out?
A hair root touch up spray that is temporary will come out easily the first time that you wash your hair with shampoo. Until then, it should hold fast to your roots and not flake off or transfer onto hands or clothing.

Can You Shampoo After Root Touch Up?
If you're using a permanent product to retouch hair, it will be safe to wash your hair 3 days after you have applied it. This will give the dye time to settle and bond correctly to your hair. Temporary sprays, powders and other types of products are designed to come out fully when you shampoo your hair. You can keep your hair fresh and clean for longer by using a dry shampoo until you're ready to wash out your root concealer.

Do Root Touch Up Kits Work?
A root touch up kit is a great way to save some money as it contains everything you need to get started in the one purchase which is both convenient and cost-effective. A typical root touch up kit will include the root touch up product and a comb or application brush for more thorough root coverage.

One of the best root touch-up kits you'll find at Hairhouse is the Hi Lift Hair Building Fibres Kit. This is a fabulous product for men and women who have thinning or fine hair and want to bulk it up while concealing their roots. The blonde root touch up kit distributes fibres that adhere seamlessly to roots and resist sweat, wind and rain for a thicker, fuller look instantly. You can also find it in black, light brown and medium brown shades.

Applying an at-home root touch-up kit is super easy. For the Hi Lift Hair Building Fibres Kit, simply apply to dry hair and work through gently with your fingers or a comb. To use Goldwell powder, follow these steps:

1. Choose your matching shade
2. Use the sponge provided to pick up a small amount of product
3. Carefully apply to hair and work into the roots for full coverage

To use a spray application, such as Keratherapy or L'Oreal, follow these steps:

1. Start with completely dry hair
2. Select your shade and shake the bottle well
3. Hold the bottle 15-25cm away from your visible roots
4. Spray with a steady movement until completely covered
5. Leave to dry for 2-3 minutes before styling

The next time you need to cover up pesky roots, reach for a bottle of root touch up to get the job done quickly and effectively at home. Shop at Hairhouse online today and receive free delivery on orders over $50 or come into your nearest store and let our team assist you!