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Harper + Arlo

Harper and Arlo hair products are heaped with benefits, including silicon and paraben-free formulations, vegan and cruelty-free manufacturing, and 100% Australian-made products. Hair is left luxurious and soft, manageable, and nourished.

Introducing Harper & Arlo, a visionary haircare brand that embodies a perfect blend of nature's essence and modern expertise. With a commitment to elevating haircare rituals, Harper & Arlo offers a range of meticulously crafted products that cater to various hair types and concerns.

Why buy Harper and Arlo hair products?
There are so many reasons to buy Harper and Arlo hair products. Here are a few:
1. If you are keen to do your bit to help the environment, buying Harper and Arlo hair care is a great way to start. Their natural hair care products are silicone free, paraben free, PEG and sulphate free and they contain no artificial colours. These natural, biodegradable products are not only good for your hair, but they are helping you reduce the number of chemicals that end up contaminating our water supplies.
2. If you are against testing on animals, Harper and Arlo hair products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.
3. And if you're all about supporting Australian-made products, there's another fantastic reason to buy Harper and Arlo hair care products, made right here in Australia.

With all those boxes ticked, there is just one more important reason to choose Harper and Arlo. The Harper and Arlo luxurious hair care range leaves your hair feeling beautifully soft and manageable using certified organic extracts to nourish and nurture your hair the natural way.

Is Harper and Arlo all natural?
This range of vegan friendly hair care products is made with certified organic extracts like highly nutritious kale which is rich in vitamins and minerals, white nettle extract and bamboo and watercress leaf extracts along with rich, hydrating oils such as argan, olive and quince seed oils.

The selection of Harper and Arlo shampoo and conditioner products and treatments meet a variety of hair requirements such as moisture, colour care, volume and repair, using natural ingredients.

Is Harper and Arlo good for curly hair?
Curly hair can be tricky to manage depending on your hair type. Curly hair which is also prone to oiliness can have a tendency to look heavy and lank so the curls don't have bounce and vitality. Colour-treated curly hair can be the opposite - dry, flyaway and prone to frizz with curls which don't hold their form. It is important to find the right Harper and Arlo shampoo and conditioner for your hair type as your curls will naturally look good when your hair is healthy.

The Harper and Arlo Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with quince seed and olive squalene to replenish and rehydrate dry hair with intense moisture. It is ideal for medium weight curly hair as well as thick and coarse hair. Dry hair is enriched with the moisture that curls love and need to hold their form. Regular infusions of the Harper and Arlo Moisture Treatment provides powerful nourishment to dry, unruly hair, creating more spring and life in your curls.

For curly hair inclined towards oiliness and needing a little more oomph, the Harper and Arlo Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect. Hair feels clean and luxurious while the kale and white nettle organic extracts provide body and bounce to your curls and infuse them with endless shine. The Volume Shampoo and Conditioner also regulate oil production and seal in volume.

Does Harper and Arlo prevent and repair damaged hair?
Harper and Arlo's Repair Shampoo and Conditioner aid stressed and sensitised hair with bamboo and watercress leaf extracts. These natural ingredients help to restore damaged hair and fight frizz using intense moisture and hydration for stronger, naturally healthier, soft and shiny hair. These Harper and Arlo natural hair care products are ideal for coloured and chemically treated hair.

Where to buy Harper and Arlo products online?
Hairhouse is the perfect place to buy your luxurious Harper and Arlo hair care products with certified organic extracts.

Of course, you can pop into your local Hairhouse salon if you want to chat with the qualified and experienced team of stylists about Harper and Arlo hair products. There is a growing network of 130+ Hairhouse salons right around Australia so there is sure to be one near you. If you're not sure where the closest salon to your location might be, simply use our store locator and enter your postcode or suburb to see a list of Hairhouse salons within a specified radius of your location.

If online shopping is easier for you, you'll love our comprehensive online shopping facility providing plenty of information about the beautiful Harper and Arlo hair products.

When you place your order online and spend a minimum of $50 you will receive free shipping. If you buy the Harper and Arlo Blonde, Volume, Moisture or Repair shampoo and conditioner in a duo pack however you make such fabulous savings that your order will be less than $50. To get free shipping simply add the Harper and Arlo Repair Treatment, Moisture Treatment or Blonde Treatment to your order. Your hair will thank you for it!

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