Hair Growth & Thickening

Promote hair growth and improve hair thickness with the best hair growth products for all hair types from the leading brands. Anyonecan experience thinning hair, but hair regrowth treatments can help nourish hair follicles, restore damaged hair and create thicker hair. Visit Hairhouse for hair growth products that work.

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What are Hair Growth Products?
Hair loss and thinning hair don't just have an impact on your physical appearance, it can also cause a massive dent in your confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, there is something you can do about it! Hair growth products are products that have been specifically designed to promote hair growth and create the perfect scalp environment for increasing hair thickness and volume. Formulated with ingredients that can slow down the process or even stop it altogether and reverse the damage, these hair care products can restore your mane back to its former glory and help to support long-term hair health.

What Kind of Natural Products Stimulate Hair Growth?
Many hair growth products contain artificial ingredients that, while effective, may not be suitable for those with sensitive scalps and can trigger side effects, such as redness and irritation. A product made with natural ingredients is much gentler on the hair and can be just as effective at promoting hair growth as more potent products.

When it comes to botanical ingredients that improve hair growth and minimise thinning, some stand out more than others. These powerhouses are praised for their nutrient-rich properties that can encourage hair to grow thicker and fuller:

• Tea tree oil to cleanse the scalp
• Nettle extract to thicken hair and prevent breakage
• Oleanolic Acid to fortify and strengthen hair roots
• Baobab fruit extract to moisturise and repair damaged hair
• Ginseng to stimulate the hair follicles
• Kakadu plum to strengthen fragile hair
• Coconut oil to add protein into hair shafts
• Aloe vera to reduce dandruff, unblock hair follicles and soothe irritated scalps

What Makes a Good Hair Growth Product?
Growth products support healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp so that new hair can grow freely while strengthening, conditioning and repairing your existing hair to make it feel thicker and prevent breakage. The key to a hair growth product that actually works is an innovative formula that's loaded with active ingredients proven to promote hair growth and minimise hair loss.

Our brands at Hairhouse boast highly effective formulas with quality ingredients that can restore health and volume to your hair. We have anti-thinning shampoo and conditioners by Paul Mitchell, multi-step systems to boost hair growth in any hair type by Nioxin, plumping treatments by Kevin Murphy and thickening fibres by Bosley to give you fuller-looking hair in an instant!

What are the Most Effective Hair Products for Growth?
Hairhouse have the best hair products for men and women with thinning hair and hair loss by brands you know and trust.

Start your journey towards fuller hair from within with a hair growth supplement from Trico.lab. Good Hair Vitamins is bursting with amino acids, like collagen and selenium, to promote healthier hair, skin and nails. With added zinc, vitamin C and biotin, these capsules send essential nutrients directly to your hair and scalp to hydrate, improve elasticity and strengthen hair follicles while encouraging new growth.

Kérastase has thickening treatments for men and women. The Spécifique Spray Stimuliste can increase hair density in one spritz, while Densifique Fondant Densité is a lightweight conditioner made to thicken and add texture to fine and thinning hair. Men will love the Densifique Bain Densité Homme cleanser which beefs up fine hair and leaves scalps refreshed!

Nioxin is the number one choice for hair and hairline growth products. With a multi-step system, these treatments can restore scalp health and regrow hair with clinically proven ingredients like Minoxidil. There's a kit for every hair type, including System 1 for lightly thinning hair, System 2 for progressed thinning, System 3 for colour-treated hair and System 6 for thinning medium to course hair.

If you have natural hair that's thinning, L'Oreal Serioxyl Shampoo is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive scalps.

For a no-fuss way to boost hair volume, try a Kevin Murphy product. Plumping Rinse is a thickening conditioner, while Body Mass and Thick Again are leave-in treatments to give you lusciously full locks from root to tip.

What are Some Basic Hair Growth Tips?
Hair loss can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender. While some hair loss is hereditary, other people may experience it as a result of stress, poor diet, hormone imbalance or other health issues. Hair growth products can be effective at promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss, but there are also some other things you can do to slow down or reverse the process and encourage your hair to grow.

Check out our very simple tips for creating a healthy scalp that boosts hair growth and prevents hair breakage:

• Massage the scalp regularly to promote blood circulation
• Use a soft hairbrush with natural bristles, such as boar bristle brushes
• Choose ceramic or ionic hair dryers and hair straighteners
• Avoid tight hairstyles. Spiral hairbands are gentler on hair
• Use electricals on a low setting and apply a heat protectant first
• Avoid harsh chemicals and limit the use of hair dye
• Use a mild shampoo that's suited for your hair type

Hairhouse has the best hair regrowth products in Australia to restore your hair and your confidence! Shop our range online today with free delivery when you spend over $50 or visit your nearest Hairhouse and let our hair experts help you to put together a tailored treatment plan.