Blonde Hair Shampoo

Whether you’re a dyed blonde, cool blonde, or platinum blonde doesn’t matter –all blonde hair needs intensive care. Start with the best blonde shampoo to cleanse blonde hair and control yellow tones, and follow with a blonde conditioner for nourishment. Try toning shampoo with violet pigments to combat brassy tones in blonde hair.

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What Is Blonde Shampoo?
Have you ever been to the salon and had your hair dyed the perfect shade of blonde, only to go home and notice your fab colour has dulled to a brassy yellow a few weeks later? You're not alone! It's a common problem for many of us with blonde hair and one that a good blonde shampoo can easily fix.

A blonde shampoo, or silver shampoo, is a purple-coloured shampoo that distributes violet tones throughout your hair to eliminate the yellow, reddish and brassy tones that happen when the salon toner wears off and your natural undertones start coming through.

The purple colour acts as an at-home toner to cool down the unwanted warmth and keep blonde hair looking bright and fresh. Purple shampoos can be used on any light shade of blonde, from platinum blonde and cool blonde to icy blonde.

Brassiness can also affect people with white or silver hair. Purple shampoo is perfect for those with white hair, silver or ash grey hair as it neutralises yellow undertones and will keep your colour soft and vibrant.

How Does Blonde Shampoo Work?
When you go to the salon to get that gorgeous shade of blonde put into your hair, your hairdresser will add a toner that gives it a vibrant, creamy blonde colour that looks fresh and fantastic.

The problem is that this toner typically comes out over time and you'll start to see unwanted yellow tones peeking through which can make your hair look dull and lifeless. There are a few things that can speed up this process, including:

1. Styling – Heat tools such as blow dryers, curlers, straighteners and hot brushes can turn blonde hair brassy. Always remember to use a heat protectant spray first to minimise the damage! Other styling products, such as texture creams and waxes, hairspray, and the wrong shampoo and conditioner can also cause it to happen.

2. Environment – Too much sun and pollution can give your blonde a yellowish tinge. If you're a swimmer, the chlorine in swimming pools is also a common cause of brassiness so it's best to wear a cap.

3. Tap Water – The iron in tap water can turn blonde hair yellow. Additionally, water that's too hot can actually dry your hair out and cause blonde shades to fade to a dull colour. Try installing a filter and rinsing your hair in cool water to protect the hair cuticles and lock moisture in.

Of course, the best prevention of brassy hair is to use a blonde shampoo, blonde conditioner, and blonde hair treatment. Blonde hair care products contain violet pigments to counteract the brassiness in blondes and let you maintain its vibrancy at home.

If you're wondering why purple, this colour sits opposite yellow on the colour wheel so it's the perfect choice to cancel out yellow tones and keep your blonde locks looking fresh and cool.

Can You Use Blonde Shampoo on Balayage Hair?

Absolutely! In fact, a blonde shampoo with toner is highly recommended for balayage hair to keep the light blonde strands looking rich and creamy in between salon appointments.

This is also the case for those with foils, highlights, streaks or any other situation where you have sections of light blonde hair that are subject to brassiness. A purple shampoo won't affect the darker shades of colour in your hair – it'll just keep the blonde bits looking cool and ashy instead of yellow or gold.

How Does Blonde Shampoo Lighten Your Hair?
Blonde shampoo and conditioners are loaded with violet pigments that have been crushed and added to the product to create an intense purple hue. This colour acts as a toner to blonde, bleached or coloured hair to neutralise warm undertones that can make the hair appear gold or yellow.

Blonde shampoo and conditioner colour corrects brassiness and gives your blonde a lighter, fresher and cooler tone in between salon visits.

Does Blonde Shampoo Work on Natural Hair?
If you're a natural blonde bombshell, you can still use a purple toning shampoo to give you bright locks and cool down any warm tones in your hair for a lighter, ashier look.

At Hairhouse, we stock a huge range of blonde shampoos and conditioners by leading brands, such as Juuce, Kerastase, Paul Mitchell and Nak Hair, who infuse their products with native botanicals and nourishing oils. Using these products once a week can also boost the hydration in natural blonde tresses and keep hair looking healthy, strong, and glossy!

How Do You Use Blonde Shampoo?
Using a blonde shampoo is slightly different to using a regular shampoo. To start with, it's unlikely that you'll need to use it every day of the week. It's best to begin using a purple shampoo 1-2 times a week and only use it more often if you're still seeing brassiness in your blonde that you want to eliminate.

You'll also need to leave it on longer than regular shampoo to ensure the purple pigments have enough time to neutralise the yellow tones in your hair. If it's your first time using blonde shampoo, follow these easy steps:

1. Wet your hair in the shower and squeeze a good amount of shampoo into your palm.

2. Massage through hair, ensuring you coat every section thoroughly.

3. Leave on hair for an amount of time to let the product work its magic. Usually between 2-10 minutes but check your specific product instructions for the correct time that's recommended for you.

4. Wash out and dry as usual.

Does Blonde Shampoo Damage Your Hair?
If you have read this far, you'll know that blonde shampoo simply neutralises yellow tones in blonde hair. Using it too often shouldn't damage your hair, but it could start over-toning your hair and could start giving your hair a violet hue. So, if you're looking to maintain your ash-blonde hue, make sure you are using your blonde shampoo the recommended amount of times per week for the best effect.

How Long Does It Take For Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner To Work?
Again, this can vary from product to product, and it is best to follow product-specific directions for the best effects. However, in general, you will need to leave it on for between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on how much toning you want to do.

Will Blonde Shampoo Lighten Brown Hair?
While blonde shampoo is traditionally used to help lighter locks stay bright and brass-free, it can actually work wonders on brown hair as well. Blonde shampoo works by depositing pigments on the hair shaft that counteracts unwanted yellow tones, and this can be just as effective on brown hair as it is on blonde. Using blonde shampoo on brown hair regularly can help to keep it looking vibrant and rich, while also preventing colour fade.

What Are the Best Blonde Shampoos?
Hairhouse has a huge range of blonde shampoo and conditioners for you to shop online or in-store. Whether you're a natural or coloured blonde, you'll find a product to eliminate brassy tones for good and keep you looking fresh out of the salon!

We've got De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo to tone, cleanse and prevent fade and Nak Blonde Shampoo with added coconut oil, aloe vera and pear extract to tone blondes and greys while strengthening and enriching locks.

Try the Fudge Blonde Shampoo for a clean blonde look that also protects hair from UV damage with natural protein. For dry, damaged hair, the Juuce Silver Blonde Shampoo and Ultra Blonde range is infused with argan oil to condition and rehydrate, while our Kerastase Blonde Shampoo includes hyaluronic acid for moisturising and replenishing brittle blonde strands.

If you're looking for a sulfate-free purple shampoo that's natural and won't harm the planet, the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash is for you. This blonde shampoo is cruelty-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free and lavender-scented for divinely scented, fresh blonde hair without the brassiness.

Shop all of these blonde shampoos and conditioners and more at your local Hairhouse or pick them up online and enjoy free postage over $50 Australia-wide!