Exclusive to Hairhouse, Dare provides fast, funky and semi-permanent hair colour for the young at heart. Apply, mix and experiment with kaleidoscopic colour that requires little commitment but brings loads of confidence! Keep life vibrant and dare to be different with Dare today!

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Behind the Brand

Exclusive to Hairhouse, DARE provides fast, funky, and semi-permanent colour for the young at heart. Apply, mix, and experiment with kaleidoscopic colour that requires little commitment but brings loads of confidence! 

How long does Dare hair colour last?

Dare hair dye is made with an ultra-endurance formula, making it an at-home hair colouring that truly lasts! With a lifespan longer than other temporary hair dyes, Dare semi-permanent hair colour can keep your locks vibrant for up to 30 washes. Get more out of your temporary hair colour with Dare!

The success of your Dare colour starts with your haircare routine. While Dare's formula boasts extended wear compared to other temporary dyes, some colours last longer than others. This can be linked directly to your hair type, the hair colours you use, the water temperature used during washes and your styling habits.

Permanent hair colours are one thing, but temporary and semi-permanent colours work differently. Although they have a shorter lifespan than permanent options, you can still enjoy vibrant and brilliant colours with the right care.

Always using a heat protection product when styling coloured hair with heat styling tools is super important! This will help prevent colour fading and heat damage.

Dedicated products designed for coloured hair are your new BFF. This includes stylist-approved shampoos, conditioners, serums and hair treatments that will ensure you get the most from your semi-permanent dyes. For those with damaged hair, incorporating a leave-in conditioner or a keratin treatment can further protect and rejuvenate your locks, enhancing the vibrancy and longevity of your colour.

Hairhouse stocks all the products you need to increase the lifespan of your semi-permanent hair colour. You can also shop countless styling tools and even hair accessories that will help you complete the look you are lusting after without frequent visits to the hair salon!

How to use Dare hair colour

Using Dare hair colour correctly can enhance your hair's vibrancy and longevity. Here’s our simple step-by-step guide to achieving brilliant results at home:

  1. Use a deep cleansing shampoo before applying any semi-permanent or even permanent hair colour dyes. Avoid conditioner, as this can hinder some of the dye from fully adhering to your hair, making the colour less vibrant and bold.
  2. Once you have washed your hair with a cleansing shampoo, make sure you dry it completely. If you have thick hair, section it when blow-drying to prevent wet patches. Any dampness can make the final result of colour treatment hair patchy.
  3. Next, take your chosen Dare temporary hair colour and apply it evenly across your hair as directed on the packaging.
  4. Use a comb to spread the dye evenly through the hair, ensuring thorough and uniform saturation.
  5. Once the product is applied, cover your hair with a plastic cap and gently heat it with a hair dryer to enhance the product's processing ability. Do not keep the hair dryer in the same place for too long since this could cause burning and patching.
  6. Allow the hair dye to develop for at least 30 minutes. Then, rinse the hair thoroughly with cool water. This will seal in the pigment of the hair treatment. Hot water will reduce the vibrancy of the final product.
  7. Once the hair is dyed, it is essential to use an appropriate colour care conditioner for hair strengthening. This bespoke conditioner will nourish the hair and give it that nice, shiny finish. When rinsing it out, make sure to use cool water as well.
  8. When styling your coloured hair, always use heat protection before applying heat hairstyling tools. Any heat tool that goes over 180 degrees Celsius can remove the colour from your hair, so don't risk it!

Following these steps will help you achieve a professional-looking colour at home without frequent hairdresser visits. With the right care and styling, your new hair colour will look vibrant and beautiful!

Is Dare hair colour vegan and cruelty-free?

Dare hair dyes are formulated to be cruelty-free, meaning they don't test their products on animals. However, they are not vegan.

If you're looking for a brand that covers both, Hairhouse carries a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free products. We also have a variety of paraben-free and sulphate-free options that can help protect your colour-treated hair.

Where to buy Dare hair colour

Hairhouse offers a fantastic range of Dare hair colours. Choose your kaleidoscopic adventure with vibrant shades. Whether you're in the mood for a subtle change or a bold transformation, we've got you covered with options ranging from soft greys to vivid reds and purples.

Not only can you find the perfect shade to express your unique style, but you can also count on us for a comprehensive selection of haircare products. These essentials are designed to nourish and style colour-treated hair, so your new look stays fresh and vibrant.

Dare to be different with Hairhouse! Shop online and hit checkout for ultimate convenience, or visit our welcoming Hairhouse stores across Australia during our opening hours and experience our amazing products firsthand. We bring together a diverse range of Australian and global brands, all conveniently under one roof!