What is the best Mother’s Day gift?

What is the best Mother’s Day gift?



The best Mother's Day gift should perfectly match the unique personality and needs of your mum, and Hairhouse is here to help with that. As Australia’s leading haircare destination, we have the perfect present for all mums: from the one who juggles it all to the one who values a decadent self-care moment—or the mum you simply don't know what to get.

Sunday 12 May is about sharing the love we have for every type of mother in our lives, and we believe the perfect gift goes beyond a generic gift shop find. Whether you’re in need of a last-minute Mother's Day gift or celebrating a very first Mother's Day, discover the best gift to spoil mum this Mother's Day.

Take your pick below from our gift guide, and give your mum a big hug on our behalf. Along with your heartfelt gift, include a Mother's Day card and perhaps a keepsake to cherish the memories made on this special day.

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Best Mother’s Day gifts for busy mums

The Non-Stop Mum could put a professional circus performer out of business because she can seriously juggle. If there were a Busy Mum Club, she’d be the president. She’s usually found in a rush (yet still calm and collected), dropping kids at school in pyjamas with a strong latte in hand and tackling frizzy hair while on the go. A tote or handbag is her best friend, crammed with everything from snacks and spare clothes for the kids to her trusty makeup bag.

She’s everything to everyone, all at once: personal chef, giver of hugs, taxi driver, shoulder to cry on—whatever you need! Her time is limited, so she needs beauty solutions that fit her chaotic schedule.

How to spoil her:

Schedule much-needed ‘me-time’ into mum’s chaotic calendar with a curated haircare gift set or an on-the-go styling product that seamlessly slots into her day and leaves her feeling a million bucks. We’re talking quick fixes (that don’t compromise on quality), a streamlined haircare routine (no more than three steps) or a compact tool that can keep up with her busy schedule (and save her strands when things get a little too windswept). 

Our product recommendation:

The Non-Stop Mum works hard, but ghd’s unplugged™ Cordless Hair Straightener In Matte Black works harder. Like its older corded sibling, unplugged™ harnesses dual-zone technology with ceramic heaters with ease of use anywhere, anytime! Mum can expect sleek, shiny results sans extreme heat–while its advanced, long-lasting lithium-ion battery keeps the tool charged in just 2 hours from your plug, car or laptop. Now that’s handy!

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Best pamper gifts for Mother’s Day

​The ‘needs a moment’ mum understands the significance of self-care. She prioritises pampering. But, like all mums, she’s busy, yet still makes time to appreciate rich and luxurious ingredients, seeking products that help her escape the daily chaos. ​She understands that it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup, so this mum turns to self-care to take the load off and beat burnout. She appreciates the finer things in life: think rich textures and serene scents that transport her. She also seeks products that pamper, and help her pause and take a breath.

How to spoil her:

Make Mother’s Day extra special with a gift box filled with indulgent hair masks, blissful candles and refreshing eye masks. Think of gifts that encourage relaxation and calm—anything that can help her recreate a home spa experience. These skincare goodies are a perfect way to show her you care and give her a much-needed moment of pampering.

Our product recommendation:

The power of scent should never be underestimated. It can immediately shift a mood, help recall a memory or gently transport you to another place or time. Gifting a scent might seem like a simple gesture, but if you know a mum who needs a moment to feel grounded and relaxed in her space, then it’s both thoughtful and beautiful. We love the Peppermint Grove Freesia & White Musk Mini Diffuser[LINK TBC]. A diffuser is a nice idea for a mother with a young child who wants to fill her space with a gorgeous scent but a candle could be risky around little hands. This one by Peppermint Grove offers long-lasting aromas of fresh, slightly summery freesia and sensual white musk. The natural rattan reeds provide optimal absorption and diffusion so she can enjoy the calming atmosphere in her home for many days to come.

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Eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts

Here we have a nature-loving, environmentally-conscious mum who values products with sustainable, natural, and eco-friendly ingredients. She's passionate about contributing positively to the environment and prefers brands that align with her values.​ She’s a friend of the planet who gravitates towards haircare made mindfully, inside and out. From natural, vegan, and eco-friendly ingredients to sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging—it’s important to her that she reaches her hair goals with products that don’t cost the Earth.

How to spoil her:

Let mum know you care about her and Mother Nature with conscious haircare. It’s the thought that counts, and what’s more thoughtful than a unique Mother's Day gift that’ll transform her hair and align with her values? There are plenty of Australian and global brands to choose from that approach their products with a sustainable and environmentally-conscious lens, making them a great gift for the eco-conscious mum. We know this mum will be chuffed with anything you choose, but here's a perfect Mother's Day idea to get you started!

Our product recommendation:

From ORI Lab—an organic haircare brand that uses powerful skincare ingredients sourced sustainably from nature to create science-backed formulas—comes the Restore Trio. In it are three key products that help preserve and protect colour-treated or fragile hair. So if you’ve got an eco-conscious mum in your life whose coloured hair needs some TLC then this is the trio for you! A three-step routine all wrapped and ready to gift, it cleanses, moistures and treats, leaving moisture content and softness enhanced. Plus it has built-in UV protection to keep your hair healthy all year long. This could be the perfect addition to your Mother's Day gift ideas list!

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Trending Mother’s Day gifts

The trendsetting mum is always up-to-date with beauty technology and seeks transformative solutions for her hair concerns. She craves innovation, education, and advanced tools to enhance her routine.​ If there’s a trend or a bestselling product, she’ll know about it—maybe even before you! She’s not like regular mums, she’s a cool mum. Some things that really spark her interest include trending ingredients, next-gen formulations, and new technology: you name it, she already knows everything about it. This mum soaks up advice from her stylist and loves learning the ins and outs of achieving healthy hair.

How to spoil her:

Make mum’s day with a thoughtful Mother's Day present that takes her perfectly curated routine to the next level. Imagine the latest styling tools with buzz-worthy technology and haircare heroes with TikTok-trending ingredients. Yes, this mum is most likely on TikTok, that’s how ahead of the curve she is!

Our product recommendation:
Wrap up OLAPLEX’s Take Home Bond Smoother Kit ready for Sunday 12 May and this mum will be chuffed. We also have a feeling she’ll be well-versed in OLAPLEX and aware of its notoriety in the haircare world. Containing a full-size shampoo, conditioner and leave-in styling cream, this essential set restores and repairs dry and damaged hair. We’re talking an OLAPLEX No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner and OLAPLEX N°6 Bond Smoother—each one formulated with the brand's clever Bond Building chemistry to ensure broken bonds are repaired and hair’s strength is restored. There’s a great range of Mother’s Day gifts to spoil mum on her special day, but this gift pack is sure to impress any mum who loves to stay ahead of the haircare curve.

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Spoiling your my mum on Mother’s Day

For ‘only the best’ mum, luxury is a non-negotiable. She’s all about high-end brands and quality ingredients —and is willing to invest in premium products across the board.​ She always looks groomed, glossy and gorgeous, with not a hair out of place. Her bathroom is her haven: a sanctuary where you’ll find a treasure trove of high-end haircare bursting with efficacious active ingredients and transformative tools that make styling hair an art form.

How to spoil her:

When less than luxe won’t do, make mum’s day special with a showstopper of a gift. We’re talking about a lavish treat guaranteed to make her smile, bring lustre to her hair and look beautiful on her bathroom vanity as well. This type of gift may be an investment, but you’ll rest easy knowing she’ll enjoy its magic (and the hairstyles it creates) for many, many years to come.  

Our product recommendation:

There’s a wide range of gifts available to suit every mum's taste, but for the luxury mum, how could we not suggest a Dyson product? After all, she is the ‘only the best’ mum, and an Airwrap™ Complete Styler Long Ceramic in Pink/Rose Gold is one of the best! You know the drill: beautiful, bouncy curls and waves without the use of extreme heat, plus three attachments that harness the Coanda airflow (a feature unique to Dyson products) to help your mum achieve whatever style she desires. This is a luxury gift she'll treasure and use for years to come!

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What is a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day?

She knows she should upgrade her shampoo, but where to begin? Put in the groundwork for her, and if you're not sure either, start here. This mum can feel lost when building the right regime for her hair but cares about finding the right products. She can be indecisive but values thoughtful gifts.​ Caring for you? She’s Supermum. Caring for her hair? Sometimes she has no idea! This mum is ready to embark on her healthy hair journey but doesn’t know where to begin. She finds the world of haircare bewildering and needs a helping hand curating a routine that’s right for her and her hair. Long story short, if you’re not sure what to gift this type of mum (and she’s equally as unsure) you’ve come to the right spot. 

How to spoil her:

Gently lead her in the right direction when it comes to her haircare routine. There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed by choice—sometimes too many products can deter this mum from doing anything at all, and we can’t have that! Your best bet is a simple gift set that ticks all her haircare boxes—preferably something that can cleanse, hydrate and treat her concerns.  

Our product recommendation:

De Lorenzo Rejuven8 Mothers Day TrioDe Lorenzo Rejuven8 Mothers Day Trio because it helps take the guesswork out of gifting. It will also help simplify this mum’s haircare routine and free up some space in her shower caddie. Designed to lock in colour and replenish lost moisture, this trio offers a three-step routine spiked with strengthening Baobab Protein and hydrating Berry extracts.