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How to wear hair clips? With attitude! Our hair accessories range includes pearl hair clips, claw hair clips, gold hair clips, bridal hair clips and more! Hair clips style your hair to suit the occasion and your attire. Amongst others, flower hair clips and alligator hair clips make cute hair clips for kids.

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What are Hair Clips Used for?
When it comes to hair accessories, the humble hair clip is one of the most useful and versatile, having been around since the beginning of time in one form or another. These days, hair clips come in all types, sizes, shapes, and colours and can be used for a variety of purposes, from holding hair in place to adding the final touch to an outfit.

At Hairhouse, we're obsessed with these accessories and stock a fantastic range of hair clips for styling any type of hairdo! There are many different types of hair clips all designed to do different things.

There are hair claw clips that are primarily used to hold hair up and typically sit at the back of the head. These come in large hair clips which can hold all of the hair in place or smaller clips that can be used to secure a half-up hairstyle or to pin back shorter layers.

There are hair side clips that are placed onto the side of the head to hold a piece of hair in place or simply to add a bit of bling. They can have different designs, such as a snap clip or bobby pins, and can be plain or decorated with pearls, beads, and more.

Alligator hair clips help to pull hair back from the face and are commonly used by hairdressers to stop hair from getting in the way during styling.

Another popular type of hair clip is the geometric minimalist clip. These have a thin, bobby pin style of backing but snap into hair like a French barrette. As they can't hold much hair, they are typically used as a decoration and are adorned with fun and simple shapes.

What are the Best Hair Clips?
You can find any type of hair clip you need at Hairhouse. We have big hair clips for thick and coarse hair, small and colourful girls hair clips, pearl hair clips, floral hair clips, snap clips, claw clips, and much more! Take a look at some of our favourite brands:

1. Patricia the Label – As the undisputed queen of vintage glam, Patricia the Label clips are delicate and classy which make them ideal for weddings and special occasions. We have gorgeous hair clips with pearls, classic tortoiseshell clips, and sparkling diamante clips in different styles and designs with a gold or silver alloy finish.

2. Mermade Hair – Mermade claw clips are made for women who want to sweep up their mane and hold it in place all day. At 11cm, the Mermade Claw Clip in Clear is perfect for securing thicker hair into a messy bun or ponytail.

3. Valet Studio – Our fun and bright Valet Studio range is for girls and women who love to stand out in the crowd. From small diamante flower clips and mermaid-inspired shell clips to 70s style bling clips and beautifully marbled claw clips – Valet Studio elevates any hair style!

How do You use Hair Clips?
The way you choose to use your hair clip will depend on what type you have and what you're trying to achieve.

To use a side clip to add decoration to your hair, just slide or snap it into the spot where you want it to be seen. It's as simple as that! The claw clip is more versatile and can be used to create a whole bunch of interesting hairstyles. Get creative and try some of these styles:

1. Half up-half down – This one is super easy. Just use a comb to divide your hair into top and bottom, pull the top half upwards, securing it with the claw clip. Done!

2. French twist – Gather your hair into a low ponytail and twist it until half of the ponytail is tightly coiled. Lift the twisted part up and rest it against the centre of the back of your head. Take your clip and secure it there, letting the loose parts fall over the twist as desired.

3. Low bun – For a chic and modern bun, gather your hair into a low ponytail at the base of the neck. Twist it all the way to the end, then wrap it around in a circular bun shape and pin it using a stylish claw clip before finishing off with a hair spray to hold it all in place!

Are Hair Clips and Hair Claws in Style?
At Hairhouse, we believe hair clips and claw clips never go out of style! That's because our brands are constantly reinventing and improving them to reflect a modern girl's hair needs and current worldwide trends. We have bridal hair clips that are elegant and minimal to add that extra touch of beauty to a gown. We have silver and gold hair clips with diamantes, pearls, and stones to dazzle and delight. If you're after something more understated, go for one of our Valet Studio clips in Juliette, Laura, Jemima, and Rebecca for a classic marble look in soft neutrals.

Do Hair Clips Damage Hair?
You might have heard that hair clips are bad for your hair as they can stick into the hair shafts and cause dents and even breakage. This is true of older style hair clips, but they have come a long way since then. Our hair clips are expertly manufactured to have smooth edges so that they won't dig into hair or leave creases and are comfortable to wear all day long. It's important that you don't sleep in your clips, however, as this may damage the hair and scalp.

You can buy hair clips online at Hairhouse by Australia's favourite brands. Pick up a special one to accentuate your outfit or purchase our hair clip sets and combine your favourite ones. Whilst you're at it, you can shop our range of hair accessories, including:

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