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Hair styling products are must-haves for beautiful hair. Styling wax, hair gel, pomade, defining paste and hair putty –they all work with short hair, long hair, curly hair and straight hair to define your hairstyle. Hair wax and styling products provide control, smoothness and shine when you apply to dry hair.

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What is Hair Wax and Pomade?
Whether you want to build texture, add shine, create movement, or hold a style in place – a good hair wax or hair pomade can help you to achieve it. Both are popular types of styling products that can be used on all hair types, from short hair and curly hair to long hair and straight hair.

But, what's the difference? With the extraordinary amount of styling products available, it can be difficult to tell the difference between hair gels, pomades, style waxes, pastes, and more. To help you pick the right product, here's a quick summary of what you can achieve with each major hair product:

1. Hair Wax – Waxes are the preferred choice for adding messy texture and choppy movement to hair and are great for holding hair styles in place. They tend to dry out over a few hours which makes them more suitable for oily hair and they can be reworked throughout the day.

2. Pomade - Pomade for hair is either a water-based pomade or oil-based pomade. Traditional pomade is made from petroleum and can be used to add shine and hold to hair styles. They're popularly used to create classic pompadours and quiffs that can be reshaped and combed as needed. Modern pomades are water-soluble and can be washed out with water. They can be used to achieve the same slick look as oil-based but with less shine and more versatility.

3. Hair Gel – Gels can be used to provide intense hold and texture for hours on end. They can set the hair until it is rock-solid and leave it looking shiny and wet.

4. Hair Mousse – Mousses are aerated creams that can be applied to wet or dry hair. They are typically used to add volume or to create subtle texture that can be brushed out easily.

5. Clays – Hair clays are like waxes but are made with clay ingredients. They have a thicker, grittier texture and can be used to add hold and movement to short hair. With no shine at all, clays provide a softer, more natural look.

6. Hair Sprays – A hair spray is used to put the final finishing touch on a hair style. Use it to hold your style in place, add extra volume, and smooth down flyaways for ultimate perfection.

Which is Better – Hair Wax or Pomade?
The answer to this will depend on the hair style and finish you want to achieve. If you want a relaxed, modern look with plenty of texture and movement, go for a hair wax. If you prefer a sleek, classic look with shine and not a hair out of place, a pomade can help you to achieve it.

Hairhouse has the best hair wax and pomades for creating any hair style you need. We have men's hair wax and hair wax for women by brands, including Paul Mitchell , Juuce , Nak Barber, and American Crew. Pick up some Nak Barber Surf Wax for a messy beach look or try Paul Mitchell Dry Wax to create a natural look with medium hold. Dial-up the texture with a wax spray, such as Juuce Wake Up Wax with a matte finish or Pure Oomph Wax Spray with ultra-firm hold and messy volume.

For a sleeker look, try one of our pomades. Uppercut Deluxe pomade comes in a range of holds and finishes, from light and casual to tough and shiny. Shop Deluxe Pomade for a strong hold and high shine or choose Matte Pomade for a medium hold and no shine. We also have Pure Original Pomade which is barber-grade with a super strong hold, Davroe Matte Pomade for a timeless look with low sheen, DAPA Pomade and more.

Is Pomade Stronger than Wax?
Hair wax generally holds better than pomades. However, you can find pomades with a superior hold that will give you the height you need when creating a timeless hair style, such as a pompadour. It can also add a flattering shine to your hair and remain reworkable throughout the day while hair wax will eventually dry. If you're looking for a pomade with strong hold, check out Pure Original Pomade, KMS Hair Stay Moulding Pomade, or American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade.

Is Pomade Good for Your Hair?
A high-quality pomade is typically fine to use every day without damaging your hair. It's important to note that a water-based pomade will wash out easily, while an oil-based pomade will stay in your hair and can lead to clogged hair follicles. Make sure you use a good shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair and remove residual build-up, such as V76 , Redken , American Crew and System Professional.

Can Hair Wax and Pomade Damage Hair?
These days, hair wax and pomade formulas are expertly crafted to be gentle and nourishing for hair while providing ultimate hold and style flexibility. At Hairhouse, you can even find products that are free from harsh chemicals, such as sulphates and parabens, as well as being vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. These include evo Shebangabang Dry Spray Wax, Nak Hair Dry Zone Matte Wax, and Paul Mitchell Soft Style Foaming Pomade with natural oils and extracts to pamper hair while you style!

How do You Use Hair Wax and Pomade?
To use a hair wax to create a casual look, follow these steps:

1. Scoop a small amount of wax into your palm and rub your hand together to warm it up
2. Start applying it to the back of your head, working your way up to the front.
3. Use your fingers to style your hair as you like – add texture, spike it up, or slick it down. Keep building more volume until you're happy.

To use a hair pomade to create a timeless look, follow these steps:

1. Warm up a small amount of product in your palms and apply to towel-dried hair.
2. Use your fingers to work it into the roots first, then use your palms to distribute it evenly along the ends.
3. Take a comb and run it through your hair until you have the desired height and look.
4. You can use a hair dryer to set the style in place and hair spray for extra support.

Can You Use Pomade on Facial Hair?
As pomade provides shine, it's best kept to the hair as it can make facial hair appear greasy and weighed down. Our American Crew Moustache Wax was specially formulated to be used on facial hair. Made from beeswax, it can be used to tame, nourish, and style moustaches with a strong hold and pleasant fragrance that lasts.

Find this and other hair wax for men at Hairhouse, along with our pomades to help you create flawless looks that never go out of style! Shop them online now with free delivery over $50 or visit your nearest Hairhouse and let our friendly team assist you.