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Make hair is proudly Aussie and 100% vegan, too (woohoo!). Stress your pretty little head no more because Makes's products are entirely free from parabens and sulphates! Absolutely bursting with botanicals, proteins and hair-loving oils, the Make haircare range is a must-have in your haircare regimen.

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Behind the Brand

Adopting a 100% vegan ethos, the Make hair product collection is free from sulphates and parabens, harnessing the finest elements of nature to deeply rejuvenate and hydrate hair. Through the potency of wheat proteins, natural extracts, and silk oils, hair is revitalized, stimulating growth and reinforcing strength. Tailored to suit distinct hair types, Make presents a range of shampoos and conditioners, accompanied by nurturing hair masks, treatments, and styling products, all designed to cater to the unique requirements of every hair texture.

Are Make hair products any good?

Proudly Australian-made, Make hair care products are bursting with healthy, natural ingredients infused with botanical extracts, proteins, amino acids and a range of hair-loving essential oils. This expert formulation is 100% vegan, sulphate and paraben-free, using nature's best to deeply nourish and hydrate hair.

The result? Wheat proteins, natural extracts and silk oils work together to stimulate hair growth, detangle strands and strengthen hair, leaving it healthier and more manageable. The Make collection caters to all hair types, offering a range of shampoos and hair conditioners designed for specific needs, along with nurturing hair masks, hair treatments, hair oils and styling products.

Hairhouse clients rate Make products very highly. Five-star reviews indicate how good they are, as do the reviewers' comments such as, "Best conditioner I have EVER used," "This cream is amazing!" and "I'm so in love with this shampoo!"

Are Make hair products vegan?

Absolutely! Make hair products are proudly 100% vegan and free from sulphates and parabens. The formulation is totally hydrating and nourishing for hair while being ethically sound and chemically safe.

At Hairhouse, you'll find a great selection of natural haircare and cruelty-free products from top haircare brands that are also free from harsh silicones and preservatives. We give you plenty of gentle, effective options to keep your hair looking its best without compromise.

Are Make hair products good for damaged hair?

Of course! Make hair products are filled with botanic ingredients that help fortify and protect colour-treated hair, dry hair, damaged hair and even normal hair. They incorporate essential oils and amino acids to combat common hair issues, such as hair loss, breakage and dryness.

Make shampoos are gentle cleansers designed to care for damaged hair. They effectively remove dirt and build-up while restoring nourishment and moisture.

For colour-treated hair, try the colour shampoo that’s formulated for vivid colour. It contains shine-inducing proteins to provide intense colour depth and vibrancy while giving added moisture and protection.

One of the best options for damaged hair from Make is the hydrating shampoo. It uses wheat proteins and avocado oil to combat dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

To repair and restore damaged hair, follow your Make shampoo with the appropriate hair conditioner and use weekly hair masks for rebellious hair or hair treatments for total hair rehabilitation. These steps help further smooth the cuticle and provide anti-frizz benefits.

When styling damaged hair, use heat protectant sprays to minimise the damaging effects of high heat. Make offers a protective spray ideal for spritzing onto damp hair before styling so that your hair gets styled, not fried. Equally good for heat protection is the leave-in conditioner with UV protection specially formulated to lock in moisture while repairing hair and delivering thermal protection.

Which Make hair product is best for my hair type?

Hair that has been colour-treated will appreciate the nurturing properties of our colour shampoo and conditioner designed to prevent fading, frizz and flyaways. If you're a blondes-have-more-fun kind of girl, then our blonde shampoo and conditioner will keep the fun going by adding violet pigments to neutralise brassy, yellowing tones in your luscious blonde locks.

If your hair is dry, damaged and downright drab, our hydrating shampoo and hair conditioner will help bring it back to life. For those with lifeless and limp or flat and fine hair, our volumising shampoo and conditioner, along with our fabulous styling hair cream, will add the necessary oomph and volume.

For an extra touch of nourishment, our Make Argan oil is perfect for providing that essential moisturising care and lustre to your locks. Those with curly hair can benefit from our curly cream that’s specially formulated to enhance curls and fight frizz.

Sometimes, our hair has more than one issue at a time. Perhaps it is both fine and colour-treated or oily with dandruff. If you are confused about which aspect of your hair concerns to focus on, chat with the professional staff at your local Hairhouse salon for some advice. They have the know-how to guide you to the right products.

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Where to buy Make hair products online?

While there is a growing list of Hairhouse salons right around Australia, there may not be one in a convenient location for you, or perhaps you simply prefer the ease of online shopping. If you'd like to shop for your luxurious Make haircare products online, along with a vast trending range of styling tools and accessories, and have everything delivered straight to your door in no time, use our easy online shopping platform.

At Hairhouse, you'll enjoy hassle-free delivery, and a variety of payment options are available for your convenience, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, PayPal, Afterpay and Zip Pay. The checkout process is simple, easy to navigate and always prompt!