Travel Size Hair Products

When travelling we still need shampoo and conditioner, hair styling products, hair gel or hair spray. Travel size hair products meet airline requirements for carry-on baggage and are small, light and convenient. The range of Hairhouse travel size hair products include hair treatments and dry shampoos to keep your hair feeling soft and fresh.

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What travel hair products do I need?
Whether it's a balmy beach holiday, a last-minute weekend getaway, or a business trip, your hair deserves the same amount of TLC while you're away as it gets when you are at home. You'll still need to keep it clean with a good shampoo and conditioner, while styling products will help you recreate your favourite hair dos on the move. If your hair becomes frazzled with humidity or dry from lack of moisture, a hair treatment will restore it back to health.

Travel size hair products are smaller versions of your much-loved hair care and hair styling products that are ideal to use while you're travelling. Packaged into bottles no bigger than 100ml, they fit easily into luggage and can be taken on the plane with you for a quick refresh.

From perking up your hair to calming it down, Hairhouse has got the best brands to keep your hair looking incredible no matter where you are. Shop mini shampoo and conditioner, hair oils, leave-in treatments, hair sprays, texturisers, hairbrushes, mini hair dryers, and more by evo, Tangle Teezer, Moroccanoil, Kérastase, Ghd, De Lorenzo, and Davroe.

How do you pack hair products for travel?
Travel size hair products are the perfect size to fit into your luggage with the right amount of product to see you through a short trip. However, packing for a getaway is an art so we've got some tips and tricks to help you travel with your favourite hair products and keep your clothes safe from the dreaded shampoo explosion!

1. Choose your carry-on products wisely. Bottles must be under 100ml and all fit into one sealable plastic bag.

2. Use packing cubes to compartmentalise your luggage and keep everything organised.

3. Wrap curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers up in jeans or a soft shirt to protect them.

4. Add a layer of cling film underneath the lid of shampoo and conditioner bottles to stop them from leaking everywhere.

Can I put travel hair products in my luggage?
Travel size hair care can be tucked into your carry-on bag if it is 100ml or under. If you plan on taking your liquid, gel, spray, or cream hair products on the plane with you, make sure you only pick the essentials as they all must fit into one transparent plastic bag. Other items such as hairbrushes and combs can be packed into a different section of your carry-on. For hair care items that are over the 100ml limit, you can still bring them along in your checked luggage where you can pick them up once you've landed.

Are travel hair products allowed on a plane?
Whether you need to refresh your hair mid-flight with some dry shampoo or fix up a messy hairdo before landing, it's always good to have some trusted hair care and styling products in your bag to whip out when you need them.

Liquid, cream, spray, and gel products can be brought on board if they are in a 100ml bottle or less with the cap firmly on. They need to be placed into a clear sealable bag and placed in your carry-on luggage. Hot styling tools, combs, brushes, and hair accessories can also be taken on the plane and don't need to be sealed. If you wish to bring along hair products greater than 100ml, you'll need to check them instead.

Our travel-friendly hair products are all 100ml and under which meets the requirements for carry-on luggage.

What are the best travel-sized toiletries?
When deciding which toiletries for travel you should take with you, think about your hair type, hair needs, where you will be going, and how long you will be away. Hairhouse has travel-size hair care products to have your hair in stunning condition the whole time. Cleanse, treat, and style your hair with these products:

1. Hair Shampoo and Conditioner – Pack a mini shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair clean and shiny. We have evo hair products travel-size in 30ml shampoo and conditioner bottles, including Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo for weak and brittle hair, and Gluttony Volumising Shampoo for fine hair that needs a lift. We also have evo dry shampoos for a quick and convenient way to absorb excess oil. Blondes can keep brassiness from ruining a holiday by packing a bottle of purple shampoo, such as Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo or Juuce Silver Blonde Shampoo.

2. Hair Treatments – Keep your hair hydrated, frizz-free , and manageable when travelling with a leave-in conditioner or treatment. We have Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Oil to nourish, soften, and add a radiant shine to your hair. We also have Kérastase Serum Extentioniste in 50ml to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth, and KérastaseNutritive 8H Magic Night Serum in 90ml to revive dry hair while you sleep. Pop a 30ml Nak Hair Colour Fix bottle into your bag to prevent colour fading and keep the flyaways at bay with O&M mini hair masks, including Seven Day Miracle Moisture Mask.

3. Styling Products – We've got the best travel-size hair products for curly hair to keep your locks bouncy and frizz-free. Shop evo Total Recoil Curl Definer and Mermade Mist Mini to protect and hold curls and waves. Lock your style in place with Ghd Perfect Ending Hair Spray, smooth frizz with Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal Anti-Frizz Shine Spray or add shine with American Crew Grooming Cream for men.

4. Travel hair kits – Save time and money by packing a mini travel hair care set. We have Pure Duo packs, Davroe Travel Pack Blonde Senses, and Alterna Replenishing Moisture Ritual kits with 5 travel-size essentials, including shampoo, conditioner, CC cream, hair spray, and leave-in conditioner. It also comes with a stylish travel bag for hair products!

Hairhouse is your one-stop-shop for the best travel-size hair products to style and protect your hair while on the move. Pair them with our beauty products for travel for a reliable, fuss-free way to look incredible wherever you are in the world! Shop them and more hair styling products online now with free delivery over $50 or visit your local Hairhouse .