Embrace the strength of authentic, Australian-made grooming essentials with Burly. Infused with a unique fusion of amino acids, botanical actives, and natural extracts, our non-animal-tested products are designed to restore, repair, and reduce excessive hair fall. Burly is the ideal choice for men looking to uphold their majestic features with top-quality solutions, fortified by the genuine spirit of Australian grooming traditions.

Behind the Brand

Step into the realm of authentic and robust grooming with Burly, an embodiment of Australian masculinity. Committed to providing high-quality hair care and skin solutions, Burly is an Australian-made brand fortified with the mission to restore, repair, and enhance the natural allure of men's grooming.

Does Burly test on animals?
Burly firmly stands against animal testing. Our products are only tested on men with majestic features, thus ensuring that the creatures of the natural world are unharmed.

What sets Burly apart from other grooming brands?
Burly prides itself on the authenticity of its Australian roots and the use of amino acids, botanical actives, and natural extracts in its products. We don't merely sell products; we offer a comprehensive grooming experience designed to maintain and enhance the natural masculine features.

How to use Burly products?
Burly products are user-friendly and designed for daily use. For the best results, follow the instructions provided on the packaging of each product. Feel free to mix and match to find the perfect combination that suits your grooming needs.

Where can I buy Burly products?
You can explore and purchase a wide range of Burly products at Hairhouse, both online and in-store. From our Australian Made Styling Clay to our Natural Beard Balm, Hairhouse is your go-to place for all Burly grooming essentials.

What Burly products are recommended for creating a natural look?
For a natural, light hold with a matte finish, consider using Burly's Australian-Made Matte Styling Creme or Sea Salt Spray. These products offer a subtle, relaxed style that enhances your natural look.

Which Burly products should I use for a classic slicked-back look?
For a traditional slicked-back look with a firm hold, try the Australian Made Matte Styling Paste. This product ensures your style stays intact throughout the day.

What Burly products can help with a stronger hold?
The Australian Made Styling Clay is designed for a stronger hold with a matte finish, perfect for those who want a resilient hairstyle that lasts all day.

Which Burly products are suitable for creating texture?
The Australian Made Sea Salt Spray is excellent for creating texture. It offers a light hold with a natural finish, perfect for casual, tousled styles.

What Burly products can I use for beard care?
For the care of your beard, Burly offers the Australian Made Natural Beard Balm and Beard Oil, designed to soften, hydrate, and nourish your beard, promoting healthy growth and shine.

What are some of Burly's finishing products?
To finish off your look, you can use the Australian Made Sea Salt Spray or the Australian Made Matte Styling Creme. These products offer a light hold, perfect for adding the final touches to your grooming routine.

How can I style my hair with Burly products at home?
Starting with the Australian Made Sea Salt Spray for initial hold and texture, you can then choose from Burly's diverse range of styling cremes and clays depending on your preferred style and hold. With Burly, you can explore different combinations and discover a unique style that suits you.