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Maintain healthy hair with our range of gentle hair styling tools that are kinder on your hair. At Hairhouse, we’ve got professional kind-on-hair electricals like hair dryers, hair straighteners, and heated brushes that promote hair health and minimise the risk of heat-damaged hair.

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What are the causes of heat damage?

Switching up hair looks is fun — perhaps you’re flaunting beach waves one day and sleek, straight hair the next. It's great to have options, but when you style your hair frequently, you might be concerned about heat damage.

Heat-damaged hair often happens when you regularly reach for heat-styling tools like blow dryers, hair straighteners like flat irons, and hair curlers such as curling irons, especially at high temperatures. That’s because heat takes away your hair's moisture. Over time, too much heat can weaken your hair shaft and disrupt your hair cuticles, leading to dryness, breakage, split ends, frizz, and even hair loss.

How can I tell if my hair is heat-damaged?

Frequent heat styling can take a toll on your tresses. Here's how to spot the signs of heat-damaged hair.

  • Dryness and dullness: Healthy hair should feel smooth and look shiny. If your hair looks lacklustre and feels like straw, it's a sign that the hair cuticles are damaged, and your hair isn't holding moisture as it should.
  • Split ends: When your hair loses its elasticity, it's more prone to splitting, especially if you're a fan of the blow dryer or straightener.
  • Hair breakage: If you find more hair than usual in your brush or around your home, it might be due to weakened hair strands.
  • Frizz and tangles: Frizzy and tangled hair show that your hair's structure is compromised, and that makes your tresses harder to manage and style.
  • Changes in hair's texture: When your hair's texture starts to change, it's often a sign of hair damage. Overuse of hot tools and exposure to high heat can alter the natural structure of your hair. Curly hair might lose its bounce, and straight hair might not seem as smooth as before.
  • Hair colour retention problem: If you've recently coloured your hair, pay attention to how it holds the hair colour. Heat-damaged hair often struggles to keep its colour vibrant, leading to faded or uneven shades.

Can you repair heat-damaged hair?

Heat-damaged hair is a common concern, especially if you love a good blow dry or use hot tools often. When hair is exposed to high heat, especially wet hair, it can lead to further damage. This hair damage usually shows up as frizzy hair or split ends.

But don't worry — with the right hair styling tools, hair treatments, hair care products, and hair styling choices, you can nurse your locks back to health and repair heat-damaged hair. Hair products with keratin, argan oil, aloe vera, and coconut oil are fantastic for hydrating and repairing hair.

Using leave-in treatments, conditioning treatments, nourishing conditioners, and hair oils can also help restore your hair's natural health. Just remember to avoid harsh chemicals like sulphates and acids. You can also give your hair a break from heat and try air drying more often. A silk pillowcase can work wonders to reduce friction and prevent breakage. If you're not sure how to manage and recover from heat damage, talk to your hairstylist.

Can heat-damaged hair go back to curly?

Curly hair is beautiful, but it's also prone to damage, especially when exposed to heat styling tools. If you're wondering whether your heat-damaged curls can bounce back, the answer is yes, with the right hair care and hair products. It's all about choosing tools and treatments that encourage healthy hair growth and revitalise your natural curls.

Kind-on-hair electricals like the Halo Farrah Titanium Hair Straightener can also help nurture your hair. This hair tool is perfect for you if you’ve got thick, coarse, or curly hair and want to achieve sleek styles while maintaining the integrity of your curls. Its 25mm titanium floating plates are designed to handle even the most coarse hair gently. The straightener's Nano Titanium Technology uses the high heat conductivity of titanium for smoother, faster styling and reducing the risk of further damage.

To dry your hair while enhancing your curly hair’s natural health and beauty, the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer in Iron/Fuschia is a great option. With its digital motor and intelligent heat control technology, you can dry and style your hair quickly and achieve a smooth, shiny finish. The different attachments, including a diffuser and wide-tooth comb, suit various styling needs.

What is the best way to prevent heat-damaged hair?

Preventing heat damage starts with the right approach to styling and the use of quality hair products. It's important to nourish and protect your hair with products like leave-in conditioners, conditioning treatments, and hair oils. This provides a protective barrier, helps maintain the health of your hair follicles, and supports hair growth.

When it comes to styling, the tools you use are vital to protect your hair from heat damage. The Dyson Corrale™ straightener excels in this aspect. Its innovative flexing plates adapt to your hair, provide control, and reduce the need for high heat. This means you can style your hair with less risk of heat damage. With three precise heat settings and intelligent heat control, it makes sure your hair is never exposed to excessive heat.

Another great option is the Halo X42 Ceramic Extra Wide Hair Straightener. Its extra-wide ceramic floating plates provide even heat distribution to reduce the risk of hot spots that can cause hair damage. The advanced ionic generator and far infrared technology minimise external hair strand damage while offering maximum shine.

For styling on the go, the ghd Unplugged™ Cordless Hair Straightener in Matte White is an excellent choice. Its ceramic and dual-zone technology ensure consistent heat distribution at a safe styling temperature of 185° Celcius. The cordless design and USB charging capability make it incredibly convenient to touch up your style wherever you are. This straightener is ideal for all hair types, providing up to 20 minutes of continuous styling to maintain your hair look without further damage.

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If your hair has lost its shine, feels dry, breaks easily, and struggles to keep its style or colour, it might be a sign of heat damage. The good news is that you can turn things around with a mindful hair care routine and the right products. Incorporating nourishing conditioners, hair masks, and heat protectants into your regimen is key to reviving and protecting your hair, especially if you have fine or dry hair. Remember, your hair's health is as important as its style!

To help your hair bounce back and prevent future or further damage, check out our range of kind-on-hair electricals at Hairhouse. We've got everything you need to keep your natural hair looking fabulous and feeling healthy. Explore our selection by visiting the nearest Hairhouse store or browsing online to find the perfect match for your hair care needs!