Hair Bands

Hairhouse hair accessories include elastic hair bands for creating fabulous up-do’s as well as super cool headbands for men and women. Women’s hair bands in gorgeous colours, men’s hair bands for ponytails and man-buns, and even 80’s hair bands are available at Hairhouse with our range of hair accessories.

How do You Wear Hair Bands?
Hair bands are popular hair accessories that are used to secure hair back or up in a huge variety of different styles for different occasions. While hair bands are most commonly associated with women's hair, they're also great for guys who have a longer mane and want to pull their hair back into ponytails, man-buns, and more.

Hair bands come in a range of hair band styles and colours to suit every personality and hair type. You can find basic elastic ones for quickly sweeping the hair off the face and into an up-do pre-workout. There are bold scrunchies for making a statement and clear hair bands for when you don't want the band to be noticeable. These ones are great for work or formal occasions.

There are spiral hair bands that don't crush the hair or leave dents after you take them out. These are perfect for when you need to wear your hair up for long periods of time. Black hair bands are classic and subtle, making them a top choice when it comes to hair bands for men. Pink hair bands are always a popular pick when it comes to hair bands for women, but you can also find animal prints, vibrant and pastel shades, metallic, rainbow, and much more.

Hairhouse stocks a fantastic selection of hair bands in Australia at affordable prices. We have women's hair bands and men's hair bands to take you from a messy bun or casual ponytail to glamorous up-dos fit for weddings, parties, evening events, and a night out.
Buy hair bands online or visit your nearest Hairhouse store and let our professional team help you to find your perfect match!

What are the Different Types of Hair Bands?
Hair bands are super versatile and the best accessory to use for tying your hair up in style. They come in different types which work best for different hair types and occasions. Some of the most popular hair bands include:

• Elastic hair bands – Hair elastics are the most common type of hair band and are versatile and affordable. They can be used for thick or thin hair but are generally quite tight so they may not be suitable for fragile hair or those who plan on wearing them for a long time.
• Spiral hair bands – These hair bands look like an old-fashioned phone line and are amazing in all types of hair. The unique design grips hair securely without pulling or causing pain which makes them ideal for long-time wear. They also won't leave dreaded dents or bends in the hair when taken out. These are great for straight hair, fine and fragile hair, thick hair, and curly hair.
• Scrunchies – Scrunchies are the ultimate 80s hair band! They're lined with soft fabric which makes them ideal for thin or dry hair types and comes in a huge range of materials, colours and patterns. Those with short hair may struggle to keep scrunchies in and should stick to smaller elastic hair bands.
• Bow hair bands – These put a cute spin on the traditional elastic hair band by adding a bow. The bow can be attached to a simple elastic band or to a spiral hair band for added benefits and style, like the Invisibobble Bowtique True Black hair band.
• Headbands – Headbands are definitely back in vogue. These bands are made using fabric and are perfect for keeping the hair off the face. You can wear them with your hair up or down. Those with curly hair or thick hair will be able to keep a headband securely in place all day long!

What is the Difference Between a Hair Band and a Headband?
A hair band twists around the length of your hair and ties it back off the face or up into a ponytail or bun. A headband is a piece of fabric that fits around the head to keep the hair away from the face without tying it up. Unlike hair bands, headbands for women and men allow you to wear your hair down if you prefer while still preventing stray hairs from getting in the way.

You can find headbands for every occasion at Hairhouse, including the Beautiful Hair Everyday Narrow Headband – a gorgeous black headband with bow for looking cute any time of the week!

What are the Most Popular Types of Hair Bands?
At Hairhouse, you can find the most popular brands and hair band types that effortlessly combine function with style whether you're at home, at the gym, or out and about. Check out some of our bestsellers available now:

Invisibobble Sprunchie – The Sprunchie takes the traditional scrunchie to the next level. It features the signature Invisibobble spiral hair band inside a range of fabrics so that you can have the beauty of a scrunchie while keeping your hair healthy and dent-free. Go wild with Sprunchie Purrfection or pull it back with true black and ballerina pink.
• Invisibobble Circus Original – This iconic spiral hair band leaves no trace on your hair and provides a strong grip without tugging or damaging hair. Find it in fun colours like pink and mint green in a set of 3.
• Invisibobble Slim – This hair band is a slimmer version of the classic spiral hair band and is perfect for understated up-dos. It's hygienic, won't soak and gently holds hair without tangling it.
Mermade Hair The Pony Kit – For an all-in-one solution, the Pony Kit ticks all of the boxes. Complete with thick and thin hair bands, spiral bands, scrunchie, comb, claw clip, bobby pins, clear elastics, Pony Gel for keeping hair in place and travel case, you'll never be caught having a bad hair day again!

You can find hair bands online or in-store at Hairhouse, as well as hair clips, hair brushes, hair ties and more by the biggest brands like Tangle Teezer, Curious Grace and Mason Pearson. Shop online today and receive free delivery when you spend over $50 Australia-wide.