Floractive, a Brazilian company founded in 2010, is on a visionary mission to revolutionise the hair straightening market with groundbreaking solutions for all hair types. Recognising the limitations of traditional methods, Floractive set out to redefine beauty standards. Using organic ingredients, Floractive continues to improve, harnessing the power of nature to enhance your beauty.

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Behind the Brand

Floractive was born from the passion and dedication of a visionary couple who worked tirelessly to develop what we now know as Nanotechnology, particularly our famous Nanoplasty Solution. But our innovation doesn't stop there. We offer a range of Home Care products, oils, hair treatments and masks suitable for all hair types and hair colours, including brown & dark hair and blonde & gray hair. These products are capable of restoring hair with just one use.

Blending science with technology, Floractive has been at the forefront of innovation in the straightening market, leading the way worldwide with our exclusive Nanoplasty technology. But that's not all—over our 14 years of existence, we've developed a range of products to meet diverse hair care needs.

Which Home Care products should I use after a Nanoplasty by Floractive treatment?

It is not compulsory to use sulphate-free products after the treatment. However, we offer a premium solution in Home Care with our Floractive W One Shampoo and W One 3-in-1. This unique product serves not only as a conditioner but also as a leave-in and a mask, combining three technologies in one. W One Home Care has been specifically developed for chemically treated hair. Its formula includes an active derivative of Brazilian palms. With consistent use, it strengthens the hair by acting on the outer layers of the cuticle, restoring its properties. This regimen helps maintain and prolong the effects of hair straightening after the Nanoplasty procedure, nourishing, repairing and even aiding in hair styling.

For those with blonde or gray hair looking to maintain or enhance their colour post-treatment, the Perfect Blonder Toning Shampoo and Mask are specifically formulated to neutralise unwanted brassiness and enhance colour vibrancy. This range complements the Floractive W Two Plex Nanoplasty, which provides the same revolutionary Nanoplasty technology with added ultraviolet pigment protection for blonde and gray hair.

We also offer The Urban, a secondary line for home care, which features various solutions tailored to different hair types. Rich in essential oils and incorporating fruits and organic ingredients, The Urban provides deep hydration and nourishment for optimal hair health.

For an extra boost of straightening power and hydration, the Nanoplasty Organic Nano Gel is an excellent option, especially for oily hair. This straightening power gel contains rose water, floral extracts and organic acids to further enhance the results of Floractive W One Premium Nanoplasty, which is designed for brown and dark hair. The Marroco Golden Plus Mask also gives a luxurious deep hydration experience for all hair types, promoting nourishment and shine.

By following a consistent routine with Floractive, you can maximise the longevity and health of your beautiful, straight hair.

How can I use the Moringa oil in the most effective way for my hair?

Moringa oil can be used in various ways to effectively benefit your hair:

Scalp Massage: Apply a few drops of Moringa oil to your fingertips and massage it gently into your scalp. This helps stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth.

Overnight Treatment: Apply about 20 pumps of Moringa oil to dry hair, brushing it through until you feel the oil has spread evenly around the dry and knotted areas. Leave it on for a minimum of 12 hours. Afterwards, use our Home Care line to wash your hair and enjoy silky, tangle-free strands.

Leave-in Treatment: After washing your hair, apply a small amount of Moringa oil to the lengths and ends of your hair as a leave-in treatment. This helps tame frizz, add shine and protect your hair from environmental damage. Split End Treatment: Apply Moringa oil to the ends of your hair to help repair and prevent split ends.

How long should I wait before colouring my hair after a Nanoplasty by Floractive treatment?

Colouring can be done immediately after the Nanoplasty treatment, as long as the hair is washed first. For bleaching, we recommend waiting a minimum of two weeks before or after the treatment. It's advisable to consult with your hairdresser regarding the timing for colouring or bleaching to ensure the best results and care for your hair post-treatment.

How long will my Nanoplasty by Floractive treatment last?

The average duration is around 6 to 8 months, with the possibility of extending it to 12 months if your hair is not too frizzy at the roots. To enhance the treatment and maintain the right amount of nutrients in your hair, we highly recommend using the Home Care line by Floractive for optimal results and longevity.