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Heat styling causes damaged hair. Luckily Hairhouse have a huge range of hair oils and serums to prevent damage if you blow dry or straighten your hair. Argan oil is popular, but hair oils such as coconut, macadamia and even Kalahari melon seed oil are fabulous oil treatments for dry and damaged or coarse, thick hair.

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What Is The Best Hair Oil?

The best hair oil for you will depend on what condition your hair is currently in and what you ultimately want to achieve. Whether you want to smooth frizz, hydrate brittle locks, encourage hair growth or protect your strands from heating tools, there's a hair oil for you that will help you reach your hair goals. Here are the top 5 ones you should know about:

1. Argan oil – This oil treatment is the most popular one used in the hair industry and works amazingly on all hair types. It's full of antioxidants, such as vitamin e, that work to repair damaged hair while taming frizz and adding moisture to dry hair and scalps.

2. Coconut oil – This oil is incredibly versatile and is commonly used in hair, skin care, cooking and even cleaning! It's high in lauric acid which makes it easily absorbed into the hair shaft and is excellent at reducing protein loss which means you get softer, smoother, healthier hair.

3. Seed oil – Kalahari melon seed oil is very lightweight which makes it a great option for those with fine hair. It's also the least greasy oil you can buy so it won't clog hair follicles or pores while being rich in omega 6 fatty acids to protect and nourish hair.

4. Jojoba oil – Jojoba is a heavier oil that is full of vitamins, zinc and copper. It's incredibly nourishing and is praised for its ability to coat hair follicles to prevent hair loss, as well as encouraging hair thickness, strength and shine.

5. Marula oil – Marula oil is beautifully fragrant, lightweight and packed with protein and amino acids to strengthen hair and give it a gloriously healthy shine. Its hydrating properties replenish moisture in dry locks without the greasy look.

Hairhouse has a stunning selection of high-quality oils, serums and treatments by leading brands, such as Moroccanoil, Paul Mitchell, Kérastase and Agadir. We've got oils for dry and brittle hair, thin hair, hair oil for men and oils to tame frizz, repair damage, boost shine and promote an enviously healthy, silky mane.

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How Do You Use Hair Oil?

There's a lot of different ways to use an oil treatment on your hair and the technique that's right for you will come down to what you want your hair to do. Try these easy application methods to get a range of amazing results:

1. Wash hair and towel dry. Squeeze a small pea-sized amount of oil into your hands and massage it through the strands, focusing on the ends if you have dry hair. Grab a comb and run it down your hair to ensure each strand is evenly coated. This will detangle hair and also prep it for heat styling!

2. Use as an overnight treatment by following the same steps as above and wrapping your hair in a towel to sleep in to prevent oil from staining your pillow. Wash with shampoo and conditioner in the morning.

3. Eliminate frizz by spritzing or smoothing your favourite oil onto dry hair with fingertips to settle those flyaways.

4. For naturally beautiful curls with an extra bit of bounce, rub some oil into your palms and scrunch up your hair while it's damp. Leave to air dry.

Is Hair Oil Good For Your Hair?

Hair oil is commonly used during heat styling with blow dryers, curlers and straighteners. It acts as a heat protectant to protect your hair from high temperatures and prevents it from drying out and becoming damaged.

However, hair oils and serums are also a fantastic product to include in your daily hair routine regardless of your styling techniques. They boast a whole load of fatty acids and powerful antioxidants that adds shine and replenishes dry locks, leaving your hair feeling soft, manageable and healthy.

The benefits are countless, including providing much-needed nourishment and moisture to brittle hair, strengthening hair elasticity to prevent breakage and reducing frizz.

Hair oils can also act as a shield for treated hair and keep colour in longer, as well as protecting hair from harsh UV rays, heating tools and environmental damage.

What Is The Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth?

Hair oils are excellent for growing a thicker, longer mane of hair – faster. This is because they're high in antioxidants and nutrients that aim to strengthen hair shafts and prevent breakage, which in turn promotes more hair growth.

One of the best hair growth oils you can use is canola oil. This oil is loaded with vitamin e, minerals, proteins and antioxidants which support keratin and promotes stronger, healthier hair.

Try applying a small amount of it onto your palms and massaging it into the scalp. This will help to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage baby hairs to grow.

Should I Use Hair Oil?

When it comes to a holy-grail hair styling product, many people put hair oils and serums at the very top of their list. Not only do they moisturise your locks and protect from damage, but they also detangle, de-frizz, add shine and greatly contribute to the long-term health of your hair.

The kind of oil you choose is important. For dry hair, choose a thicker oil like coconut oil which is deeply moisturising and able to be absorbed into the hair strand better than most oils for ultimate hydration.

If you're worried about weighing finer hair down, go for an oil that's light, like our range of marula oil by Paul Mitchell. A spray bottle of oil that can be lightly spritzed onto hair will also help prevent greasiness.

Hairhouse stock hair oils, treatments and hair masks for every hair type. From argan oil by Agadir, Muk and Babyliss Pro to weightless sprays, nourishing creams and overnight serums – we've got what you need to rescue your hair and transform it from dull to dazzling. Shop our range in-store or online now!