Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt texture sprays are styling products for wavy hair. Sea salt sprays create and retain beachy waves with a light hold. They are suitable for all hair types including fine hair, with kelp extracts to boost hair growth. Add sea salt spray to wet hair before air drying or blow drying with a diffuser.

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What is Sea Salt Spray?
If you love that gorgeously tousled, just-come-out-of-the-ocean look and crave it all year round, a sea salt texture spray is for you. Sea salt hair products are a type of styling spray that can add loads of casual texture and volume to hair and give you the envious appearance that you have just spent a long day at the beach.

The secret to a salt spray lies in the ingredients. They are commonly made with a basic formula of water, sea salt, and Epsom or other salts. Many brands also include extra ingredients such as coconut oil to nourish and soften hair while leaving a tantalisingly tropical scent behind.

The way that hair salt sprays work is quite simple. The natural water molecules in the hair are attracted to the sea salt and absorb it through the hair cuticles. This causes them to dry out and shrink the strands which creates a tousled, wavy effect that also adds volume while providing a flexible hold.

A saltwater hair spray is amazing when used on naturally wavy hair as it builds on the wave pattern you already have and adds more body. However, you can also use sea salt spray on straight hair and fine hair to give it a boost and create some lived-in texture to make your hair appear fuller. At Hairhouse, you can find sea salt hair spray for men and women by iconic brands like Eleven Australia, Nak Hair and Alfaparf.

How Do You Use Sea Salt Spray?
Saltwater hair products are designed to give you casual, surfer-style tresses that look natural and effortless. Like most styling products, there's a right way to use them so that you get the best results possible.

Sea salt for hair actually performs better when used on slightly unclean hair. This is because unwashed hair has more texture and grip for the beach waves spray to cling onto and add even more body. If your hair is a bit oily, try using a dry shampoo beforehand to refresh it.

To use a sea salt spray, follow these super easy steps:

1. Start with damp hair that has been towel-dried
2. Run a comb through your hair to remove tangles and separate the hair follicles in preparation
3. Shake your chosen sea salt spray bottle well and spritz your hair in sections. Pay close attention to the roots if you are looking for volume
4. Start styling by scrunching up your hair and twisting the hair strands to create sexily tousled waves
5. To set your waves, you can dry your hair with a blow dryer set on cool. Use a diffuser to keep the waves separated if desired. You can also just leave your waves to dry naturally. Apply a hair spray for further hold.

Is Sea Salt Spray Good for Your Hair?
A natural sea salt spray will create divine texture and body in both coarse and fine hair. For coarse hair, it adds more thickness and makes it more manageable to style. For fine hair, the sea salt plumps the strands to make them appear fuller and gives a lift that can last through the day. If you have oily hair, the salt will absorb excess sebum and help you to go longer between washes.

For those with dry, damaged, or frizzy hair, you need to choose a spray that is designed with your hair type in mind. The sea salt in a saltwater spray absorbs the natural oils in your hair which can leave it feeling drier and more frazzled. As such, the best salt spray is one that is also infused with botanical oils and other moisturising ingredients that can nourish and hydrate the hair while still giving you the look you want.

Goldwell StyleSign Curls & Waves Surf Oil is an excellent choice. Pureology Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray is another great alternative to sea salt spray that uses Tuberose, Almond Milk and Cedarwood to soften hair and Antifade Complex to prevent fade in coloured hair.

You can also try using a leave-in conditioner, hair mask or other hair oil to counteract any dryness that may occur while using a sea salt spray for hair.

Who Should Use Sea Salt Spray?
Salt spray for hair can be used by both men and women but it's important that you choose a product best suited to your hair type. If you're wondering what the best sea salt spray for you is, check out this handy buying guide on how to pick a salty hair product that matches your needs.

• Best sea salt spray for curly hair – Curly hair needs extra TLC. Schwarzkopf OSiS Beach Texture Sugar Spray is a gentle and ultra-fine spray that provides movement and messy texture without the crunch.
• Best texturizing spray for beach waves – Accentuate your waves with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray. This is the best wave spray for creating touchably-soft tousled tresses full of body.
• Best sea salt spray for fine hair – The best beach wave spray for fine hair plumps up hair follicles without adding weight. Alterna Caviar Professional Styling Sea Salt Spray uses Dead Sea Salt to add volume and impart a natural shine.
• Best sea salt spray for men – Get some gritty textural waves and volume into men's hair with Modern Pirate Superior Crystal Sea Salt Spray. It's the best salt spray for hair of any type or length.
• Best sea salt spray for hair that's vegan – The evo Salty Dog Salt Spray is vegan, gluten and cruelty-free plus free from sulphates and parabens which makes it great for coloured hair.

Embrace your inner surfer and discover what a sea salt spray can do for your hair. Find your perfect match at Hairhouse by visiting your nearest store or shop online today and receive free shipping when you spend over $50 Australia-wide!