Round Brushes

Use a round brush and hair dryer for blow drying fine hair and thick hair into straight hair styles. Vented brushes speed up blow drying times while ceramic round brushes or round brushes with boar bristles are ideal for thick hair. Use a hair dryer round brush combo to create lift and volume too!

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What are Round Brushes Used for?
If you want to create volume and height while using your blow dryer blow dryer, round brushes are your best friend. These miracle workers make hair styling much easier and allow you to create a professional salon-quality blowout at home. Not only can they fast-track the drying process and give your roots a boost, but they can also create curls, flicks and waves, smooth frizz, straighten hair, and seal cuticles for a shiny, healthy finish.

What Type of Round Brush is the Best?
The size and type of your round brush will determine what kind of hairstyle and finish you can achieve. Check out our handy guide to decide which brush is best for your needs –

1. Best for blow outs: The best round brushes for blow drying and styling medium to thick hair are vented brushes. These round styling brushes have open holes along the barrel where hot air can pass through to speed up the drying process. Ceramic round brushes are perfect for blow drying as they heat up fast to the perfect temperature and allow you to style hair easily and quickly to minimise damage. We have Moroccanoil ceramic brushes with ionic features to condition hair, add shine and apply even heat distribution. You can also shop evo Ceramic Vented Radial Brushes with ionic nylon bristles to smooth frizz and a wooden handle for a comfortable grip.

2. Best for fine or curly hair: If your hair is on the finer side or is curly and prone to frizz, you'll want a natural round brush made with boar bristles. These brushes are made to glide easily through hair without pulling to prevent breakage. They also work to massage the scalp and promote blood flow for healthier, stronger hair. The bristles help to distribute natural oils through the hair which will help to seal the hair cuticle, creating a gorgeous shine and silky texture. Shop boar bristle brushes at Hairhouse, including our Curious Grace Boar Nylon Ceramic Round Brush range.

3. Best for straightening hair: Large round brushes are ideal for smoothing hair down to a glossy mane or for adding a subtle wave. If you have shorter hair, try smaller barrelled round blow dry brushes, such as Curious Grace Ceramic Hot Tube Brush XS or Moroccanoil Ceramic Brush 25mm.

4. Best for men: The best round brush for men is one that will allow you to create lift and shape your hair the way you prefer. A quiff brush will help you get the height you need for a classic pomp or achieve a more relaxed quiff with volume. The Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller can be used with a hairdryer to create and set your desired style.

5. Best for long-lasting results - Round hot brushes, or hot tube brushes, are a great way to get a style that lasts through the day. The hollow barrel made out of metal or ceramic allows air to circulate while drying which heats up the brush and lets you create curls and waves similar to a curler or hot rollers . Shop Curious Grace Hot Tube brushes and Silver Bullet Black Velvet Porcupine Hot Tube brushes in various sizes.

6. Best for long hair – To help you detangle, dry, and style long hair, you'll need a round brush with courser bristles. The Ghd Natural Barrel Brush range has natural radial brush bristles that help you to create soft waves and curls, sleek and straight styles, or add height for up-dos.

Are Round Brushes Good for Your Hair?
Round brushes make excellent tools for blow-drying and styling your hair. They can add lift and help you to build volume, while giving you the freedom to create dreamy curls, waves, kinks, and flicks. Natural round brushes with boar bristles can stimulate your scalp and improve blood flow which may promote hair growth. They can also help to release natural oils in your hair for a healthy shine. Round brushes with ionic properties also enhance shine, as well as seal hair cuticles to tame frizz, speed up drying time, and improve manageability.

If your hair is fine or weak and prone to breaking, it's best to avoid ceramic and metal barrels that can damage your ends with heat. Instead, choose a natural boar bristle brush that is gentler on hair, such as the evo Bruce 22 Natural Bristle Radial Brush.

How do You Style Hair with Round Brushes?
To dry and style your hair using a round brush, follow these easy steps:

1. Start by applying a heat protectant and combing through hair. You can also add your favourite styling products to help you achieve the look you want, including detanglers, curl enhancers, volumizers, and texture gels, creams or mousse.

2. Partially dry your hair with the blow dryer. Round brushes work best if the hair isn't completely wet.

3. Choose your brush and divide hair into four sections. Use a hair clip to keep the other sections from getting in the way.

4. Place the round brush at the roots and roll down to the ends while blow-drying. Switch up the angle of the brush towards the ends to create flicks and curls. Make sure you are drying your hair both vertically and horizontally.

5. Blast each finished section with cool air to set it.

6. Once done, apply a hairspray or serum to smooth flyaways and hold the shape for longer.

How do You Use a Round Brush Without Tangling?
Round hairbrushes can be tricky to use at first, particularly if you have curly hair. If you've ended up with your hair knotted around a round brush – don't panic! We have a few simple tips you can try to help you master the at-home blowout like a pro.

1. Try detangling first. Use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to detangle wet hair in the shower.

2. Next, rough dry your hair until it's about 80% dry.

3. Divide hair into smaller sections. Large sections of hair tend to get tangled more easily and take longer to dry.

4. Adjust the blow dryer nozzle to be parallel to the hair to close cuticles and create a polished finish.

Hairhouse stock round brushes for hair of all types. We have Ghd round brushes ranging from 28mm-55mm, plus eco-friendly Kevin Murphy round brushes, smoothing brushes, and detailing brushes with a 100% bamboo brush handle and boar bristles. We also stock a huge selection of Moroccanoil and Curious Grace ceramic brushes, as well as evo boar brushes with nylon pins for smoothing and polishing.

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