Volumiser & Texturiser

Hair texturisers are styling products that add natural texture to all hair types. Use a finishing spray to create beachy waves, shaped curls and relaxed hairstyles using hair texturiser sprays and powders. Women's and men's hair texturiser creams provide definition and a messy or sculpted look.

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What are hair volumisers and texturisers?

Volumisers and texturisers are both styling products that give your hair lift, definition and shape. A volumising product adds some oomph to your locks and makes them feel fuller so that you can create styles with height and body. A texturising product separates the hair and gives you a messy, piece-y look that can be used to create everything from beachy waves to a tousled bob and frizz-free curls.

These two products work on all hair textures and types, but they work particularly well on those with fine or flat hair who struggle to get their locks to cooperate and hold shape during styling and throughout the day. There are many different types of volumisers and texturisers to choose from, including sprays, pastes, creams, mousse and powder, with options for both natural hair and colour-treated hair.

What is the difference between hair texturising spray and hair volumising spray?

Volume and texture are key to creating big, beautiful hairstyles with minimal effort. A volumising spray can help you achieve this by thickening the hair strands to give you fuller hair with more height and instant body and bounce. A volumising spray works by using humectants to attract moisture and swell the hair for a more voluminous look and feel. The polymers inside the formula coat each fibre and add a subtle stiffness that makes styling super easy. These products are perfect for those with flat hair who need an extra lift.

A texturising spray can give your hair more definition and separation and is lightweight to prevent weighing it down. A dry texture spray is a multi-tasker and works similarly to both a sea salt spray and dry shampoo to absorb oil from the roots while providing volume and gritty texture for sexily undone hair that's long-lasting.

Many volumisers and texturisers overlap in their benefits with products being able to deliver both lift, fullness and separation in one bottle, such as NAK Hair High Volume.

What are the most popular hair volumiser and hair texturiser brands?

Hairhouse stocks the most exciting brands in hairstyling with the latest volumisers and texturisers to banish bad hair days for good. When it comes to choosing the right product for you, you'll need to consider your hair type and hairstyling goals. Check out some of our bestsellers for men and women:

  • Best for fine hair: Fine-haired beauties can plump up their mane with Biolage Full Density Thickening Spray. This leave-in treatment works from roots to ends to thicken hair with biotin, zinc PCA and Gluco-Omega blend and increases the diameter of hair strands by up to 9%. Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam is another top pick with a one-pump formula to thicken, condition and hold finer hair in place. Add a burst of volume with muk Fat muk Volumiser, which is perfect for targeting flat areas and enhancing shine.

  • Best for flat hair: Those looking to give their hair some more height can provide a major lift with Sexy Hair Big Root Pump Plus. This mousse uses a spray formula to give even the flattest hair some serious volume and body with bonus humidity resistance! You can also apply the L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Volume Lift to your locks for a supple yet volumised look.

  • Best for curly hair: If you want to give your curls volume while taming frizziness, Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream is a top choice. This product conditions and detangles curls and waves by replenishing moisture while adding volume, definition and shine.

  • Best for wavy hair: Creating natural beach waves will be a breeze with a product like evo Salty Dog Salt Spray. Simply mist this vegan spray over your locks for touchable waves with loads of messy texture. Make Salty Spray is another great choice. It contains added botanicals, proteins and hair oils to nourish and hydrate hair while styling.

  • Best for colour-treated hair: Want to keep colour vibrant and give your hair unbelievable volume and texture? Do it all with products like Davroe Voluminous Spray, Body Volume Texture and Construct Gel with Colour Protect Complex. Perfect your beach waves without sun damage with the Pureology Style + Protect Texture Finishing Spray, which has a nourishing blend of almond milk and tuberose to boost shine, prevent colour fade, add texture and shield against heat damage.

  • Best for men: A molding hair cream like D:Fi D:Struct will make styling men's hair quick and easy with cactus extract and sugarcane to moisturise hair, improve elasticity and give it pliable texture all day. Kevin Murphy Night Rider will also provide maximum hold for creating choppy, highly textured styles with a matte finish.

How do you use hair volumiser and hair texturiser products?

Most volumiser and texturiser sprays and mousses can be applied to damp hair before styling. Simply dry your hair with a towel after shampooing and conditioning, spritz in sections, then blow-dry your hair and style as desired. Using heat can help add extra volume and texture with products such as O&M Atomic Thickening Spritz.

Dry texture sprays are applied to dry hair. Hold the bottle 6-8 inches from the hair and spray in circular motions for even distribution. If your hair is flat and needs a boost, section the hair with a comb and spray underneath each section, focusing on the roots. A dry texture spray is also great for finishing off hairstyles, as it's lighter than hairspray and won't leave any residue.

To use a powder-style volumiser and texturiser, like Kevin Murphy Powder Puff, just sprinkle the product on your roots for instant height and grit on the go.

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