Shampoo Bar

Try eco-friendly and convenient alternatives to traditional liquid shampoos. Our shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals, providing a gentle and effective cleansing experience for your hair. With various options available for different hair types and concerns, our shampoo bars lather luxuriously and leave your hair feeling clean, nourished, and refreshed. Browse our collection and discover the benefits of switching to a shampoo bar for healthier, more eco-conscious hair care.

What Makes a Solid Shampoo Bar Stand Out?
Solid shampoo or shampoo bar soap is perfect for all hair types. They're incredibly travel-friendly due to their solid form, which means no more worries about leakage or liquid restrictions at the airport. More than a practical option, shampoo bars have been praised for their performance. They lather beautifully, clean your hair thoroughly, and rinse out easily.

A solid tip: Change doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you’ve got the O&M Charcoal Shampoo Bar 70g on your side. Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but it’ll remove any nasty build-up and refresh your scalp! Did we mention it’s also free of any parabens, silicones, and sulphates?

Are there benefits to using a shampoo bar?
Using a shampoo bar isn't just about reducing waste. Many shampoo bars are loaded with natural ingredients that offer impressive benefits for your hair. They're often free from harsh detergents and artificial additives, which means they're gentler on your scalp and hair. Plus, with a shampoo bar, you apply the product directly to your scalp and hair, ensuring a thorough clean.

Can you choose the right shampoo soap for your hair type?
Just as with traditional liquid shampoos, it's essential to choose the right shampoo soap for your hair type. If your hair is dry or curly, a shampoo bar with moisturising ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil can be a good choice. If you have oily hair, look for a shampoo bar with clarifying ingredients like tea tree oil or citrus extracts. There are even shampoo bars designed to address specific concerns like dandruff, thinning hair, and colour-treated hair.

How do you care for your shampoo bar?
To make the most of your shampoo bar, it's important to store it properly. Keep your bar in a dry place away from direct streams of water to make it last longer. You can use a soap dish with drainage to prevent your bar from sitting in water. If you're travelling, you can wrap your shampoo bar in a dry towel or use a special shampoo bar container.

How can I transition from Liquid to Solid Shampoo?
If you're new to shampoo bars, it's essential to know that your hair might need a little time to adjust. This is particularly true if you've been using conventional shampoos with harsh detergents that strip your hair of its natural oils. Initially, your hair might feel a bit different but don't worry. This transition phase is temporary, and you'll soon start to see the benefits of your shampoo bar.

For anybody still feeling a little sensitive about the switch from liquid to solid shampoo, the KMS Head remedy Solid Sensitive Shampoo 75g is here to alleviate your concerns. This ultra-mild solid choice is infused with soothing rosemary and chamomile and will turn you into a shampoo bar convert in no time

The Sustainable Choice: Shampoo Bars
Shampoo bars are clearly more than a passing trend. They're a sustainable choice that can help you significantly reduce your plastic waste, all while ensuring your hair looks its absolute best. So why not give them a try? With so many benefits, it's no surprise that more and more people are making the switch to solid shampoo. Your hair (and the planet) will thank you!

What's Your Favourite Shampoo Bar?
Whether you're new to shampoo bars or a seasoned user, we'd love to hear about your experiences. What's your favourite shampoo bar? What tips do you have for first-time users? Share your thoughts, and let's continue the conversation about these eco-friendly hair care heroes. After all, good hair days are worth talking about!