Hair Combs

Hairhouse have wide tooth hair combs for curly hair, the best hair combs for thick hair and hair combs for fine hair too! Whatever your hair type, we have a hair comb for you. Special razor combs are handy for close shaves so guys, we have hair care combs for you too!

What are the Different Kinds of Combs?
Hair combs are a super versatile hair tool that most people will have in their hair care collection. Like hairbrushes, combs can be used to detangle wet or dry hair in preparation for blow drying as well as help to create a wide range of hairstyles, from sleek ponytails to messy buns and hairdos with height and volume. Hair combs are made for both men and women and come in different shapes to suit different hair types and purposes. You can also find combs made from different materials, including plastic, bamboo, and metal.

Check out some of the most popular types of combs you'll come across:

• Fine tooth – A fine tooth comb has very thin teeth that are placed close together and can be used to create neat and straight hairstyles.
• Tail comb – This type of comb has a long, thin handle that can be used to make parts and divide hair into sections while the comb section can be used to detangle and style hair.
• Rake comb – A rake comb has thick teeth that are widely and evenly spaced like a rake. They're great for getting through big knots and working with thick, voluminous hair.
• Shower comb – This comb can be used to detangle wet hair in the shower or to evenly distribute conditioner when washing your hair. The teeth are widely spaced to prevent breakage and the handle is typically curved for hanging on shower hooks.
• Cutting comb – A cutting comb is used to assist hairdressers while they are cutting hair. They have very thin teeth that are closely spaced to detangle and straighten each section.
• Detangling comb – These are wide-toothed combs made to detangle and remove knots from damp or dry hair without breaking strands.
• Wide-tooth combs – This is a comb with widely spaced thick teeth that's specifically made to remove tangles from hair when it's wet.
• Razor combs – Razor combs are used by barbers while they are cutting men's hair. They have a razor inside them to cut and shape the hair while creating texture.
• Comb dress – This multi-tasking comb has fine teeth on one end and broader teeth on the other end for working with both fine and thick hair types.

Are Combs Better for Your Hair Than Brushes?
Combs and brushes are two of the most popular hair tools that are used to prepare and style hair for the day. When it comes to which one is better for you, it depends on your hair type and what you want to do with your hair.

Combs are ideal for when you want to detangle wet hair after washing and remove any knots in preparation for styling. Wide teeth will glide easily through hair that is wet and smooth it out without breaking any hair strands. A brush has many bristles which increase the chance of breakage.

Those with curly or short hair should also use combs for styling purposes as a brush can cause curls to go frizzy and will be unable to achieve precision in shorter lengths.

After the hair is smooth and tangle-free, a brush can help you to create any hairstyle you want. Different brushes can even enhance hair health, such as a boar bristle brush that massages the scalp and releases natural oils to increase smoothness and shine.

It's important to understand the correct way to comb your hair to avoid damaging it. A wide-tooth comb or detangling comb should always be used on wet hair as it reduces the chance of breakage and will glide through tangles with ease. Be gentle and start at the ends before working your way up to the roots. To help combs run through hair more easily, you can use a detangler to increase smoothness and provide nourishment.

To clean combs, swirl your comb in a basin of water mixed with soap or antiseptic liquid, then rinse thoroughly.

Are Combs Better for Curly and Thick Hair?
If you have curly hair, a comb will be much more effective at smoothing and styling your hair than a brush. Brushes have many bristles that can separate curls and result in frizziness. The best type of comb for curly hair is a wide tooth hair comb as it will detangle curls while holding their natural shape and bounce. A curl enhancer will also help to add definition and shine.

If you have thick hair, you need a sturdy comb that will slide easily through knots and tangles without pulling your hair. The best combs for thick hair are ones with wide teeth, such as rake combs and detangling combs. Avoid combs with fine teeth as they will struggle to get through very thick hair and may break.

Which Combs are the Best for all Types of Hair?
At Hairhouse, we have the best hair combs in Australia to suit every type of hair and need. Discover a hair comb that is made for you with these beauties:

• Best for curly hair – Tame curly hair with Eleven Australia Neon Orange Comb with anti-static wide teeth for reducing frizziness or go for a black comb with the gentle Hi Lift Afro Comb made for afro hair.
• Best for fine hair – A tail comb is excellent for smoothing and styling fine hair. The evo Truman Tail Comb and the durable Kevin Murphy Tail Comb can be used to detangle and tease hair for more volume while the long handle can be used for sectioning and detailing!
• Best for styling-on-the-go – The Mason Pearson Pocket Comb is the perfect size to fit into pockets and has tapered teeth with smooth tips to glide effortlessly through hair without pulling.
• Best for men – Look your best all day long with the Uppercut Deluxe CT7 Flip Comb, a pocket-sized comb with foldaway teeth for restyling hair all day long. The Kevin Murphy Cutting Comb is ideal for cutting hair and has fine teeth that will help you achieve a clean and precise haircut.
• Best for wet hair – The Hi Lift Shower Comb is made for detangling wet hair in the shower with big, widely spaced teeth and a hooked handle for easy storage.
• Best for smoothing hair – Our evo comb for all hair types is made from wood and has wide teeth for detangling and reducing static that causes flyaways.

Shop our range of combs today by leading brands at Hairhouse! Buy online and receive free delivery when you spend over $50 Australia-wide or visit your nearest Hairhouse for expert advice on how to choose a comb to suit your hair type.