Paddle Brushes

A paddle brush is the perfect hair brush for gently detangling wet or dry hair. You can use a ceramic paddle brush for blow drying and a boar bristle paddle brush is ideal for use on thick hair. The best paddle brush for your hair type and more hair styling products are at Hairhouse!

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What is a Paddle Brush?
Paddle brushes are the secret to gloriously silky hair with a natural shine! A paddle brush is a wide, flat hair brush with soft, flexible bristles that's used to detangle, smooth and polish any type of hair. These brushes set themselves apart from regular brushes and detangler brushes by being a multi-tasker that can be used on both wet and dry hair. Use them to gently detangle knots in the shower, smooth hair while blow drying, eliminate frizz and condition the scalp and hair for optimal hair health.

The bristles of a paddle brush can be crafted using different materials that make them better in certain situations than others. A natural bristle brush, such as boar bristle, is ideal for thick hair and curly hair as the sturdy bristles can easily glide through texture without getting stuck. A ceramic brush is best for blow drying as it promotes even heat distribution.

At Hairhouse, we love paddle brushes of all kinds! Discover natural boar bristle brushes with a wooden handle by evo, as well as cruelty-free synthetic boar bristles by Wet Brush with added coconut oil for quick detangling. Wet Brush brushes with an oval cushion feature exclusive IntelliFlex bristles for superior detangling in a flash.

We have the evo Pete Ionic Square Paddle Brush with ionic pins for smoothing and the Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush with ionic and ceramic properties to speed up drying with a hairdryer and fight frizz.

The ghd Travel Size Paddle Brush lets you have great hair wherever you go and the Evy Professional SCHIMA Mixed Bristle Round combines natural and nylon bristles to achieve smooth, shiny hair without flyaways.

Shop them all today and receive free postage when you spend over $50 Australia-wide.

What is a Paddle Brush Used for?
Paddle brushes are great for all types of hair but they really shine when used on thick, curly and long hair types. There's loads of benefits to adding one to your daily hair care routine. They can:

• Quickly detangle wet or dry hair without causing breakage
• Reduce frizz and anti-static while smoothing hair
• Speed up a blow dry with ceramic and ionic bristles
• Improve circulation and stimulate the hair oils for a shiny finish
• Create super sleek styles or styles with volume and bounce

What Are Some Cool Hair Hacks When Using a Paddle Brush?
Paddle brushes are designed for a no-fuss styling session that gently removes knots and tangles and helps you style your hair the way you want. They can be used on dry hair before styling or wet hair before blow drying or leaving to air dry. While product details will give you specific information on how to use your brush, we've put together some handy tips on getting the most out of paddle brushes:

1. When detangling hair, always start at the tips and slowly work your way up to the roots.
2. Get a sleek, straight style by running your paddle brush down the underside of your hair and blow drying with a nozzle on the top. Use gentle downward motions to help seal hair strands.
3. For a wave at the end of your hair, twist the brush slightly towards you as you're blow drying to form a curl.
4. Create height and volume by drying your hair upwards and outwards with a focus on the roots.
5. Brushing and blow drying in sections can make styling your hair much easier.
6. Don't forget to wash your paddle brushes! Brushes can quickly form a build-up of product, oil and dead skin cells which can cause your hair to feel greasy. Soak them regularly in a mixture of vinegar and baking powder and leave them to dry completely before using.

Can a Paddle Brush Damage Hair?
If you find that your hair is breaking off a lot and becoming damaged, there's a good chance it's because you're using the wrong hairbrush. The beauty of paddle brushes is that they're actually good for your hair and can help you to reverse the damage caused by other hairbrushes.

The flexible bristles of a paddle brush means that you can detangle wet hair with ease while minimising breakage. They also massage the scalp to enhance circulation and release natural oils that condition your hair and give it a shiny finish. Frizziness and dryness – a major contributor to split ends – can be smoothed away with a paddle brush.

If you need extra nourishment, The Wet Brush Go Green Treatment & Shine Tea Tree Oil Cushion features a built-in natural hair oil treatment to enhance shine and moisturise dry hair. You can also protect fragile hair by using leave-in conditioner, hair masks or a hair serum once a week and always using a heat protectant spray before styling with hot tools.

Make the switch to paddle brushes today and discover the difference. With iconic brands like Curious Grace and evo, you can brush your way towards healthier, shinier hair with every stroke!