Hair gel for women is available for all hair types, including curly hair. The best hair gels provide varied hair styling from baby hair gel through to firm hold gel and wet look hair gel. Aloe vera hair gel has fortifying ingredients while curly hair gel won’t weigh your curls down.

What is Hair Gel
Hair gel, also known as styling gel, is a hair product designed to set your hair and keep it in place all day long. While traditional gels have a bit of a bad reputation for creating super-slick hairdos that won't budge, modern hair gels are creamier, more versatile and even nourishing for your locks. They'll let you set your style in place while still offering plenty of movement and softness for reworking your hair throughout the day.

At Hairhouse, you can find men's hair gel and hair gel for women for all hair types that provide everything from a light and flexible hold to a strong hold for maximum control. Whether you want to achieve the perfect pixie cut, rock some spikes, define your curls or create a sleek updo that's free from flyaways, hair gel can help you do it.

There's plenty of different types of gel to choose from. A curly hair gel is specifically designed to tame curls and add gloss and definition. Juuce Angel Mist is an easy-to-apply hair gel spray that hydrates hair, controls frizz and defines curls instantly.

A product such as American Crew Light Hold Gel will give you light control with plenty of natural movement while Oribe Rock Hard Gel will give you intense hold for shaping spikes and other hairstyles without stiffness or flaking. It's also a wet look hair gel for sleek styles that have a shiny finish.

Gel wax and gel pomade combine two different hair products into one. Gel Pomade by V76 is water-soluble for easy rinsing and delivers high shine hair that's reworkable. Gel Wax by Innovative is non-greasy and boosts hair while keeping it soft with a subtle shine. For even more height, Sexy Hair Big Blow Dry Volumizing Gel is your secret weapon to a voluminous blowout. Use it with your hairdryer to give your fine hair a lift and create big hairstyles with medium hold.

How Does Hair Gel Work?
Hair gel is made up of particles known as polymers that swell up in the liquid to form a jelly-like consistency. When you apply a hair gel, the polymers are deposited onto the hair surface where they use capillary force to attract adjacent strands to each other, causing your hair to stick together in clumps.

When the water evaporates from the hair, the polymers dry to a clear film which is what keeps your hair in place until you brush it, touch it or shampoo it out.

When it comes to the hair gel vs. wax debate, the right product for you will depend on the look you want to achieve. A hair wax is more pliable than hair gel and will give you a more textural result with a matte finish. They are best for creating natural hairstyles that are choppy with loads of definition and are applied to dry hair. Hair gels are typically applied to damp hair and are ideal for when you want maximum lift and hold. A hair gel can secure even the most extreme styles in place and is also key to mastering the hair gel wet look. It's also the best choice for adding a healthy gloss to curls and making fine hair appear thicker and fuller.

What Makes a Good Hair Gel?
Gone are the days where hair gel left your locks crunchy and unmoveable! Today, a good hair gel is one that uses high-quality ingredients with a formula to hold hair in place while still offering softness, flexibility and the ability to rework your hair throughout the day as needed.

With an increasing focus on clean hair care, organic hair gels and eco-friendly hair gels are skyrocketing in popularity. Natural ingredients that nourish the hair and are kind to the planet are more important than ever. De Lorenzo Elements Densify is Australian-made with certified organic ingredients to hold, control and lift hair without causing damage or stickiness. Davroe Construct Gel is vegan with Quinoa Protein to strengthen and protect hair. Paul Mitchell hair gels are also safe for colour-treated hair. Vegan, gluten and paraben-free, these multi-tasking gels provide light to firm holds while thickening, lifting and adding shine.

Is it Safe to Use Hair Gel Every Day?
It's safe to use hair gel every day if you choose a product that also nourishes your hair and helps to maintain hair health. This is even more important for those who have curly hair as using hair gel daily can dry out curls. Look for a product that's packed with moisturising ingredients to keep your curls hydrated and nourished. Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel is a popular pick that delivers defined, frizz-free curls without parabens, silicones, mineral oils or other artificial nasties that can cause damage to hair. For seriously dehydrated curls, Matrix Total Results Curl Please Super Defrizzer is infused with Jojoba Oil and Wheat Protein to control frizz and restore a lustrous shine back to your curls.

When using hair gel daily, make sure to use a cleansing shampoo and conditioner to prevent product build-up in hair.

How do You Style Your Hair with Hair Gel?
If you're wondering how to use hair gel, it's easier than you think! Follow these simple steps:

1. Start with damp hair that's been towel-dried
2. Take a small amount of gel in your hands and rub together
3. Apply the gel to your hair. For a separated, spiked look, use a strong hold gel and rub pieces of the hair together. Smooth upwards and arrange as desired. For a sleek look, use a comb to run the gel from the roots to the tips and press down any flyaways. For curls, evenly distribute the gel through your curls and either air-dry or use a diffuser while blow drying for bouncy locks with epic shine!

You can shop hair gel online at Hairhouse with free delivery over $50 or visit your nearest Hairhouse store and let our friendly team give you professional advice for your hair type. Looking for hair gel alternatives? We've got plenty of other hair styling products to help you conquer any style, including pomade, cream, mousse, sea salt spray, hairspray, and much more.