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Curly hair products include leave-in conditioners and styling creams for different curl types. Curl-defining creams with moisturising shea butter, coconut oil or argan oil can help reduce dryness and frizz, manage curls and add the perfect level of definition and shine.

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What are the best curly hair products in Australia?

If you're blessed with curly hair, you'll know that you need the right curly hair products in your haircare routine to fight the frizz, keep your curls moisturised and manage your hair every day effortlessly. Luckily, we have the products that every curly girl needs to transform curls into the smoothest, glossiest, healthiest shape they've ever been in.

The three main curl types are coily, curly and wavy. Once you work out which type your hair falls into, it will be easier to choose hair treatments and other hair products that can help you get the most out of your hair type.

You've got plenty of choices when it comes to taming frizz and hydrating, defining and protecting your curls from humidity, hot tools and other factors. At Hairhouse, we have a fantastic range of curly hair products from the biggest hair brands.

These haircare and styling products are must-haves in a curly girl's hair routine:

How to choose curly hair products in Australia

The best way to find your holy grail hair product is to choose the ones based on your hair type.

For fine hair, go for a lightweight spray or mousse that won't weigh your locks down. If you have dry hair or damaged hair, choose an indulgent hair cream like Davroe Curlicue Curl Balm, which moisturises with avocado oil.

Wavy hair types will love De Lorenzo Elements Barrel Wave, while Redken Curvaceous Ringlet Lotion is better for tight spirals and coily hair.

Most hair creams and lotions are best applied to damp hair before styling or leaving to air dry. This helps lock in moisture and keep your curls looking their best.

What is the best shampoo for curly locks?

Shampoo for curly hair is loaded with hydrating ingredients that infuse your locks with moisture and keep them soft and glossy. The best one for you will depend on your curl type.

Some of our favourites include Paul Mitchell Curls Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Shampoo that's free from sulphates, Davroe Smooth Senses Anti-Frizz Shampoo that moisturises deep into hair cuticles and Wella Nutricurls, another sulphate-free shampoo specially made for wavy hair.

If you notice that your hair is thinning, you could try a hair loss shampoo. We have a range of hair growth shampoos from top brands like Kérastase, Nioxin and Paul Mitchell.

What are the best curly hair creams?

Curling creams are another hair product that curly girls should keep in their arsenal. They are made to define curls, hydrate hair, tame unruliness and reverse dryness.

The best creams will do all of this and more! We love NAK Hair Curls Creme, a nourishing and hydrating cream that defines curls for bounce, body and shine while enriching them with a vegan formula of coconut oil, aloe vera, hydrolysed rice protein and more.

What are the recommended leave-in conditioners for natural curls?

If your hair is dry, a curly hair treatment should be added to your haircare routine. These hair products use natural oils rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals to penetrate deep into the cuticles and reverse the damage. You can find hair masks, oils, serums, creams and leave-in conditioners.

One of our favourites is Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler, which is packed with mango seed butter to instantly smooth out curls while moisturising, smoothing and protecting against thermal damage.

Another top pick is Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream, which uses argan oil to fight unruliness and keep curly and wavy hair feeling touchable, soft and healthy.

Hairstylist tips for caring for your natural curly hair

Using the best products for curly hair and practising a curly haircare routine can help you maintain gloriously defined, glossy curls that are healthy and easy to manage. To get you started, we've put together some tips on how to care for your curls:

  1. Don't overwash your hair, as this can strip natural oils and lead to dryness. Use a dry shampoo or co-wash with water and a moisturising conditioner. If you have dry hair, use a curling cream to enhance your curls and nourish, hydrate and strengthen your locks.
  2. Gently detangle curls using a wide tooth comb and a leave-in conditioner, working from the ends back up to the roots.
  3. Use a diffuser to blow dry your hair to keep your natural curl pattern intact, or let it air dry.
  4. Always use a heat protectant before using hot styling tools.
  5. Start applying products when your hair is still wet, and remember to scrunch up your curls when using hair creams, gels and mousse to add volume and definition.
  6. Try the Curly Girl Method. This method involves using a curly hair conditioner and a gentle hair cleanser that are free from silicones and other harsh chemicals. It minimises damage and keeps your curls healthy.

How do you style curly, textured hair?

Curly and textured hair isn't the easiest hair type to manage, but with a few tips and tricks from our Hairhouse experts, you'll be a pro in no time:

  • Use a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush designed for curly locks to remove knots without breaking the cuticles. Always start from the ends of your hair and work upwards!
  • Slather on a rich hair mask once a week to quench your curls and banish dryness. Look for hair treatments with natural ingredients like coconut oil and grape seed oil, which are known for their intense conditioning properties.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner or a curl-defining cream on your ends right before hairstyling or using hair curling products to tame flyaways and address common hair concerns.
  • Try mixing a hair oil with your chosen curl cream or mousse, then apply it to your hair. The curl-defining cream or mousse will help shape and hold curls in place, while the oil will hydrate the curls and prevent them from feeling crunchy!
  • Touch up your curls with a curling iron. If some of your curls are a bit flat, spring them back to life using a curler with a thin barrel.
  • Add texture and volume to your hair with a sea salt spray for that just-back-from-the-beach look all year round!

Top products to manage frizzy, curly hair

If you're sick of fighting dryness that disrupts your curl definition, a good anti-frizz product can help you win the battle. You should start with a shampoo and conditioner for curly locks, such as Juuce Miracle D-Frizz Shampoo, which removes buildup, prevents breakage and uses smoothing agents to combat dryness and tame the hair cuticles.

Frizzy hair is often a sign of dryness. When your curls lack moisture, they try to absorb it from the air, which disrupts their natural pattern. You can minimise this by using hair treatment products like hair creams, oils and serums made for smoothing the hair cuticles and preventing split ends.

Check out products like Wella Nutricurls Curlixir Balm, evo Baby Got Bounce Curl Treatment, O&M Original Mineral Guru Styling Cream, Oribe Curl Control Silkening Creme and muk Kinky Muk Extra Hold Curl Amplifier. These are excellent options to help you achieve manageable, well-defined curls with a healthy bounce.

For those looking for extra care, we also offer a range of cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, organic and natural haircare products that are great for managing unruly curly hair while being kind to the environment and animals.

What are the trusted brands for curly hair?

We've got the Australian and international haircare brands that curly girls swear by for lusciously soft, smooth and tangle-free curls every day! Check out iconic products by ghd, NAK Hair, evo, Davroe, Make, Sexy Hair, Olaplex, Kevin Murphy, Paul Mitchell, Moroccanoil, Oribe, KMS and many more.

How can I bring out my natural curls?

Curly hair products that enhance your curls, like curl-defining creams applied before using with your hair curler or hair rollers, are the best way to bring out your natural curl pattern and get glossy, defined curls, coils, kinks and waves. These must-have products do everything from delivering moisture to the hair, adding shine and giving you a light hold to keep your curls looking bouncy all day long. We love Davroe Curlicue Curl Activator, Sexy Hair Curl Enhancing Cream and muk Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier, which support a curly natural hair structure.

Want more tips and product recommendations? Our Hairhouse team can help! Visit us in-store for a chat, and check out our FAQs for more info. Shop online and enjoy free delivery on orders over $50. Let's make your curls look their best!