Ideal for all hair types, Invisibobble elevates up-do’s for the modern girl. Simple and chic, this spiral-shaped styling tool has revolutionised everyday looks for all hairstyles, allowing you to keep your look easy and breezy, with no more kinks, bumps, or lumps.

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The ideal hair tie for all hair types, the Invisibobble hair accessory lets your hair be the hero. Banish bad hair days in just seconds! This revolutionary stretchy, spiral design has seen these hair grips take over the world as one of the biggest hair trends in years! A cult favourite, this simple hair tie can secure any hair type in an up-do without snagging, dragging, or coming loose. And it can tame even the thickest of hair without pulling or tearing at the hair.

What is Invisibobble?
The Invisibobble hair tie has taken over from traditional hairbands, becoming one of the world's most sought-after hair accessories. So, what's the secret of this super simple design?

It all lies within the unique spiral-shaped design, which securely holds hair in any up-do without pulling too hard or leaving creases and kinks in hair texture.

From messy buns and complex braids to high ponytails and half-up, half-down styles, this hair tie is amazingly compatible with any hair type or texture - even the finest hair grips and holds all day and all night with an Invisibobble band!

Are Invisibobbles Better for Your Hair?
Invisibobble hair accessories don't just look good, they are great for your hair too! Experts agree that Invisibobble hair ties allow you to hold any updo in place for long periods without slipping or coming loose. The unique spiral design works with – not against – any hair type to gently guide it into place without grabbing or snagging. Regular hair bands can pull hair uncomfortably and cause breakage during styling, but Invisibobble glides easily onto hair and can be easily slid out of your style to remove.

The best part is that the spiral shape prevents dents and creases from forming in the hair, which keeps it shiny, healthy, and perfectly manageable! It's ideal for after blowdry's or salon styling sessions to keep hair back before the big event too! Get a second day out of your style by loosely gripping it in an Invisibobble while you sleep! No bumps or dents the next day!

How Does Invisibobble Work?
The magic of an Invisibobble hairband lies in its design. Created using artificial resin polyurethane and a multiple coil design, similar to an old-fashioned telephone cord, the band places uneven pressure around a ponytail or up-do when used in hair, allowing secure hold without discomfort. The spiral design also leaves more space between individual hair strands, so there are no dents when removed. The Invisibobble is also non-absorbent, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and heat reactive, and it lasts! If your Invisibobble stretches over time, hold it under a hairdryer and watch it spring back to shape!

How do You Use Invisibobble Hair Ties?
Choose from a world of Invisibobble options to suit your hair type and styling needs. The best Invisibobble for you will depend on what style you are trying to achieve!

Here are some Invisibobble options for you!

The Power Invisibobble is great for tying hair up during intense workouts as it has an extra firm grip and is non-absorbent. Invisibobble Slim is ideal for high-level, everyday comfort.

Invisibobble Basic is the one to have on hand when you want your hair ties to be barely there.

The Invisibobble Nano is great for fine hair or for holding up smaller sections of your style.

The Invisibobble Waver pin is an ideal alternative to bobby pins, keeping hair in place without the bumps and dents caused by regular hair clips.

Go old-school with an Invisibobble scrunchie that combines the original spiral design with a range of soft fabrics in creative designs.

Summertime is all about sun, sea, sand, and swims! The Sprunchie Swim With Me Santorini pack is your go-to for those gorgeous warm days.

The Invisibobble headband is the ideal option if you love headbands but hate the headaches that come with them! Integrated with the iconic Invisibobble spiral hair ring design, it stays in place and can also be used to tie up your hair when you need it.

Create any style, on any hair type, with Invisibobble hair bands. Here's how!

1. The Messy Bun: Perfectly imperfect, the messy bun starts with a ponytail. Divide hair into three sections and twist each section into a loose bun shape. Secure the ends inside your Invisibobble loop!

2. The Half-Up Braid Bun: Place hair up into a half-ponytail and secure with a band. Then create a basic braid and wrap it into a bun when you reach the ends of the hair. Tuck the ends into a loop of the Invisibobble and let the rest of the hair remain down.

3. Multi-Loop Ponytail: Section a triangle of hair in the middle section of your head and gather the remaining hair into a low ponytail. Pull the area up, loosely knotting it, and wrap it around the ponytail base, using the loops to secure the ends.

What are the Benefits of Spiral Hair Ties?
Whether you have fine hair, curly hair, thick hair, or just a sensitive head – Invisibobble makes it easy and pain-free to wear updo's anytime you want. Major benefits include:

• The Invisibobble secures hair firmly without pulling or feeling tight
• The Invisibobble doesn't leave any kinks or creases in hair
• The Invisibobble helps you avoid split ends and breakage by not rubbing against hair
• The Invisibobble can be worn all day or slept in all night without causing headaches
• The Invisibobble doesn't get tangled in hair like regular hair bands
• The Invisibobble has non-absorbent, hypoallergenic, and antiseptic properties!
• The Invisibobble can spring back into shape with heat.

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