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Have fun with hair accessories for every occasion. Hair accessories for girls include hair clips and hair bands while black hair clips are great school hair accessories. Style your wedding hair with bridal hair accessories such as pearl hair clips, while gorgeous gold hair accessories add bling to your eveningwear.

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What Are The Best Hair Accessories?
Hair accessories can be quite bound to the season. Styles change with each fashion season, and this can make choosing hair accessories a little trickier. That being said, there are some hair accessories that are pretty timeless, especially when purchased in neutral colours.

Always on-trend, at Hairhouse, you can shop a range of timeless hair accessories and hair clips to add to your personal collection including:

Butterfly clips
While they are not as applicable for adults at the moment, butterfly clips are actually timeless for children. You can even get them in bold colours, as more colourful styles for children's hair clips are far from unusual. They can be used as school hair accessories, or simply as everyday hair clips.

Pearl hair clips
Evidently, pearl hair clips are some of the most popular bridal hair accessories. They are also popular hair accessories for girls overall, especially for more formal events. Pearl is a brilliant choice for wedding hair accessories, as they look fancy and relatively neutral to match all different kinds of wedding fashion.

While pearl is more neutral, there are more elaborate options such as gold hair accessories. If you choose this kind of accessory for a wedding, always make sure that the gold does not clash with your chosen outfit.

Claw hair clips
Claw hair clips are pretty timeless too. They can be used to create an everyday look, but also prove remarkably useful for hair sectioning. Instead of purchasing sectioning clips, some people simply use claw hair clips to keep their hairs in the right area. The best thing is that they work on all types of hair too, from curly hair to thinner locks.

Headbands and hair bands
Headbands and hair bands saw a rise in the seventies and have been popular ever since. While styles of headbands and even materials can vary, they never truly go out of style. Of course, it is always best to buy them in neutral colours to ensure they can be combined with lots of different fashion styles.

Basic hair ties
If you have longer hair, you cannot go through life without some basic hair bands and hair ties. They are great for an everyday ponytail, but you can also use them as a base for a more styled look.

Hair scrunchies
Those who have long but brittle hair should consider hair scrunchies over hairbands. Since scrunchies have a weaker elastic and an additional layer of fabric, they are less likely to damage your hair when you remove the scrunchie.

How To Use Hair Accessories?
The use of hair accessories depends on the type of hair accessory you have. However, in most cases, you should always brush your hair and make sure your hair is fully dry; this ensures that the accessory does not get tangled in the hair or cause any form of damage.

Evidently, some Australian hair accessories are more suitable for certain styles than others. For example, there are dedicated hair accessories for braids and even short hair. So, always make sure you have the right accessories for the job.

What Hair Accessories Are In Style?
While the timeless accessories mentioned above will always be in style, the difference usually lies with the colours and the design of your hair accessories. So, the best thing is always looking at trendy colours for the season and matching them up with popular hair accessories available today.

Of course, some hair accessories do not really change because of traditional styles. This is very much the case in wedding fashion. Pearl hair accessories for example. They also have a pearl white colour and often used in silver materials to make them look more elegant and formal.

How To Use Hair Accessories For Short Hair?
Hair accessories for shorter hair can be trickier, as there is less hair to clamp onto. In addition to that, the wrong accessory can take over a look and wear you instead. Fortunately, there are a bunch of accessories that look trendy on short hair. These accessories include bobby pins, a stylish headband, barrettes, small hair clips, pearl clips and some silk flowers. So, short hair does not mean you cannot benefit from hair accessories.

Where To Buy Hair Accessories?
Hairhouse has an incredible collection of hair accessories. In the collection, you will find hair accessories from established and trendy brands, including Patricia The Label, Invisibobble, and Shhh Silk. In short, there are many brilliant options to choose from.

In addition to hair accessories, you can also count on Hairhouse for the best hair styling tools, this includes hair clippers , curling wands, flat irons, hot air brushes, and so much more. Hairhouse also stocks haircare products online and in store to ensure your hair is always the best it can be. With our collection of hair tools, accessories, and products for both men and women, you never have to shop anywhere else again!