Experience superior eyebrow and eyelash tints thanks to the professional beauty products from Berrywell. Berrywell eyebrow tint transforms dull eyebrows into beautiful masterpieces! Whether you need something for your daily makeup routine or need something special, Berrywell brow and lash products have you covered!

Born in Germany, Berrywell is a leader in high-quality hair care and beauty products, safely enhancing your look with long-lasting results. Their dermatologically-approved range of lash tints is the perfect choice for when you want showstopping brows and lashes that look natural—completed in the comfort of your own home!

Berrywell brow and lash tints are cruelty-free and expertly crafted with plant-based ingredients that transform eyelashes and eyebrows with easy-to-follow instructions and stunning results that last up to 6 weeks. As an exciting alternative to wearing falsies, Berrywell tints make your lashes and brows appear fuller and thicker with a richer colour while nourishing them and adding a healthy shine.

Hairhouse has everything you need to get started, with tints in natural shades, developer and tinting accessories.

What is Berrywell?
Berrywell eyebrow and eyelash tinting products let you skip the salon and master professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting at home. Express yourself with gorgeously defined brows and full, dark lashes using premium tints approved by dermatologists and made with plant-based ingredients and no perfume additives to make them safe for all skin types.

Find your perfect shade with Berrywell's range of natural colours, from light brown to black, or have some fun with a blue tint that's perfect for parties. Each colour is richly pigmented for stunning results and lasts up to 6 weeks.

Eyelash and brow tints are ideal for when you want to cut down on your morning beauty routine. With your brows and lashes already looking full and fabulous, all you'll need is a quick swipe of mascara before heading out the door. They're also great for upcoming trips and special occasions when you want to look incredible with minimal fuss.

What products are in Berrywell's collection?
Hairhouse stocks all Berrywell products you need to tint your brows and lashes at home. You can use all the products to make the entire process simple and mess-free. We have:

- Eyebrow and Eyelash Tints: Take your pick from natural browns, blacks and fun colours. We have Light Brown, Chestnut, Blue Black, Black, and Blue.
- Eyelash Tint Activator: This is the magic ingredient you'll need to use with every Berrywell tint. Mix it with the dye to create high-quality, permanent colours for reliable results.
- Eyelash Tint Papers: Avoid making a mess and staining your skin with these essential tint papers. Specially made to stick to the under-eye area during tinting, these tinting tools will keep the colour on your lashes instead of your face!
- Lash Mix Bowl: While you can use any bowl, this small bowl is just the right size for mixing Berrywell tint products.

How do you use Berrywell Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint?
Berrywell has taken the hard work out of tinting lashes and brows at home by simplifying the process and using the highest quality products. Each tint comes with a detailed set of instructions for you to follow.

Here's a rundown of how to correctly prepare, mix and colour your lashes and brows using salon-exclusive Berrywell tints:
1. Start by thoroughly cleaning the eyelashes and eyebrows, ensuring they are free from residues like oil and makeup. Wipe eyelashes and eyebrows gently with a damp cloth.
2. Apply Vaseline or protective cream to lower lids.
3. Carefully place an eyelash pad treated with the cream on the underside of the eyelid.
4. Ensure the pad fits well on lashes without folds and lightly pressed on.
5. Choose your preferred tint shade and mix a small amount with 10 drops of the Tint Activator in the mixing bowl until a creamy paste has formed. Make sure you do this right before application.
6. Ask the client to close their eyes and brush the tint onto the lashes, saturating them with the product.
7. Apply the same colour to the brows in the desired direction, working slowly to avoid staining the skin.

What makes Berrywell a good choice?
The Berrywell brand is trusted worldwide for its premium lash and brow tinting products, making it easy to get salon results at home or anywhere. They're super easy to prepare and apply, give an instant effect with incredible colour, and last up to 6 weeks.

Where can I buy Berrywell?
You can shop Berrywell tinting products online at Hairhouse today with free delivery when you spend over $50 Australia-wide. On the hunt for more goodies to add to your beauty routine? We've got false lashes, brow gels, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows and so much more.