Dry Shampoo

Oil absorbing dry shampoo works by soaking up oil and odours to cleanse and refresh your hair and scalp. These hair products typically contain rice starch to lighten, refresh and remove dark tones caused by excess oil. Using dry shampoo is the perfect way to eliminate grease between wet washes.

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What is dry shampoo?
Dry shampoo is like a refreshing pick-me-up for your hair, a leave-in shampoo and styling product all in one. It is the lifesaver you reach for when your hair is looking a little greasy but washing your hair simply isn't featured in your busy schedule.

You might tie your hair up when it's in need of a wash, but that doesn't alleviate the look of oily, dull hair around your face. You can put on a hat, but a hat isn't suitable attire everywhere you go. The answer? Washing your hair with dry shampoo!

Dry shampoo will cleanse your hair and scalp, absorbing excess oil and odour while adding light texture and volume to your style. Using a leave-in shampoo eliminates bad hair days, helping you to make it to the day when washing your hair becomes a priority. It is the ideal styling product to use between washes for instantly cleansing, refreshing, and restyling your hair.

What is the best dry shampoo in Australia?
Tough question! Like most haircare products, it is a matter of finding the dry shampoo which best suits your hair type, particularly the thickness, degree of oiliness/dryness, and hair colour.

At Hairhouse you will find all the leading haircare brands and a range of dry shampoos for men and women. Whether your love the products made by Redken, Matrix, Moroccanoil, Fudge, Sexy Hair, or any others, there is a leave-in shampoo that will cleanse your hair, absorb all the excess oil, and give you a refreshing look in an instant.

Which one is the best dry shampoo in Australia? Hard to tell, as they have different properties to suit different requirements. But we love the following dry shampoos:

Instant Rockstar Dirty Weekend Dry Shampoo is available in light, medium and dark shades to cleanse fair, mid or dark hair and give it hair a boost between gigs.

Matrix Total Results Miracle Extend Dry shampoo is a flake-free dry shampoo that will add texture and volume while instantly absorbing oil and refreshing your hair.

Moroccanoil makes a tinted dry shampoo with two formulas, one for darker hair tones and one for light hair tones. The Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones contains oil-absorbing rice starch to remove build-up and odour, and keep your hair fresh. The formula contains UV protectants and conditioning argan oil and leaves no residue in dark hair for a fresh, healthy look.

Fudge Dry Shampoo has unique, spray-on powder technology infused with apricot kernel oil which guarantees clean, soft and manageable hair. It has a beautifully fresh apple and coconut fragrance too!

De Lorenzo Essentials Absorb is a popular dry shampoo for men and women with an organic flavour. Bamboo extract and organic rosehip clean and control oily hair while rice starch instantly absorbs grease and adds fullness.

At Hairhouse the range of dry shampoos for men and women also includes products from other leading brands such as Sexy Hair, Redken, Nak, L'Oreal, Muk, and KMS so check them all out and find the best dry shampoo spray for your hair. In addition to our selection of dry shampoo, we also carry a range of shampoos from top brands that will cleanse, nourish and hydrate your hair, including:
● Kérastase shampoo
● Blonde shampoo
● Kevin Murphy shampoo
● Olaplex Shampoo
● Hair loss shampoo Australia

How to apply dry shampoo
Leave-in shampoo is designed to absorb excess oil, so it should be applied to the roots where a greasy build-up tends to be heaviest.

You should always shake dry shampoo spray well before spraying onto your roots from approximately six inches (15 centimetres) away. Give it a moment to dry, then massage it lightly into the scalp before brushing it evenly throughout your hair.

Put the finishing touches on your hairstyle if needed, then set it with a waft of your favourite hairspray. Voila! Ready to go!

How well does dry shampoo work?
Leave-in shampoo is a very effective method of absorbing excess oil and lifting the roots for visible fullness without oily residue. Fabulous for controlling oily hair between hair-washing days, the best dry shampoos will also lift and refresh the roots in dry hair as they become flat and greasy. Simply spray sparingly and massage lightly into the roots. If your hair is dry it is best not to brush dry shampoo powder right through to the ends of the hair.

Dry shampoo sprays tailored to light, medium or dark hair are ideal for lightly cleansing the hair between washes, and if they are applied correctly and brushed through, there should be no annoying flaky bits or residue, just like your good quality hair spray.

Dry shampoo powder vs mousse?
Dry shampoo absorbs excess natural oils in the hair to give you a fresh look without having to wash your hair in the shower. Dry shampoo powder is great at absorbing moisture in your hair, however, it tends to leave a residue, which can be particularly obvious in darker hair. Dry shampoo mousse or foam, on the other hand, doesn't leave a residue so might be the better option for those with darker hair. Everyone's hair is different, and what works for some might not work for others, so the best way to find out what works for you is to try different types.

Where to buy dry shampoo?
The beauty of shopping at Hairhouse is you can find all the leading brands in professional salon-quality hair care systems at realistic prices. If you are unsure which brand or product to buy, or what might best suit your hair type, the expertly trained professional staff are available to help with advice on all cleansing, conditioning, and styling products - as well as the best dry shampoos in Australia.

Since the first store opened in Melbourne in 1992, Hairhouse has become the leading Australian retail provider of hair care products and has won many awards for its salons and their service. Now boasting over 110 stores and salons right across Australia, it is easy to shop either online or at a store near you.

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