Hair Removal

Say no to unwanted hair with the best hair removal products from Hairhouse! Facial hair removal products include hair removal creams and wax strips, tackling hairy upper lips and also bikini lines and legs. Hair removal creams and wax strips are great for underarm hair removal, with some brands made for sensitive skin.

What is the Best Hair Removal Product?
Hairhouse has the most effective hair removal products for removing unwanted hair and giving you silky, smooth skin. We have hair removal wax kits and waxing essentials for banishing body and facial hair, including wax pots, wax warmers, and wax strips by leading professional brands like Hi Lift.

Our range of Italian-made Hi Lift Professional Strip Wax is a home wax kit that's perfect for beginners and pros. Strip wax is a type of soft wax that's fantastic for both large areas and more sensitive areas. We have Hi Lift Tuscan Olive Oil Professional Strip Wax with olive oil to nourish and soothe skin while removing even the shortest and coarsest of hairs. Hi Lift Bianco Professional XXX Strip Wax and Hi Lift Sicilian Berry Professional XXX Strip Wax both contain titanium dioxide for reducing redness and inflammation, while being super flexible with a strong grip.

If you prefer hard wax, we have Hi Lift Bianco Professional XXX White Hard Film Wax beads. These little beauties are great for waxing smaller areas, such as the bikini, face and underarms. They contain titanium dioxide for minimising redness and remove hair from soft areas quickly and as painlessly as possible.

We've also got all of the hair removal products you'll need to work with your wax. We have hair removal devices for warming hard wax safely with the Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot. Choose from the 1L and 1L twin pot or go for the 500ML and 1L device if you need less wax. Both devices have removeable inserts and work with all kinds of wax.

Pair the Hi Lift Strip Wax with our Hi Lift Italian Spun Lace Epilating Strips. These Italian-made fabric strips are non-fraying and super absorbent. They can be used on both sides to reduce wastage and get the most out of each waxing session.

What is Hair Removal Wax?
Hair removal wax is specially formulated wax that has been made to remove facial and body hair. You can pretty much wax any part of your body that has unwanted hair growing on it.

There are two different types of hair removal wax – hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax typically comes in the form of wax beads and needs to be melted using a wax warmer, such as our Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot, or a microwave. It's applied to the skin warm using a spatula and removed without the use of a fabric strip. Hard wax makes the best facial hair removal wax and is great for other sensitive skin areas, such as the bikini line, as it only attaches to the hair and causes less irritation.

Soft wax or gel wax is applied as is using a spatula and fabric wax strips. It spreads easily and thinly, making it ideal for larger areas like the legs. Though when it comes to Brazilian waxing, soft wax is actually more effective than hard wax as the hair is courser and grows in different directions.

Unlike shaving, waxing is a more long-term solution to hair removal. While a shaver removes hair by cutting it off at the skin surface for a smooth feel, waxing pulls out the hair follicle from the root which means the area stays hair-free for longer. When the hair does grow back, it is usually lighter and finer. There is also much less of it each time you wax!

Here are the main benefits of choosing wax hair removal:

1. Less hair regrowth
2. Less ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation
3. Longer-lasting results
4. Smoother, more flawless skin with no stubble
5. Minimised redness which disappears faster
6. No nicks or cuts
7. No chance of developing razor rash
8. No itching when hair starts to grow back

How do You Use Wax for Beginners?
How you use your hair removal products will depend on the type of wax you are using. It's best to wax hair that is shorter, so trim hair first if it's too long. To get started with strip wax, follow these easy steps:

Exfoliate the area 24 hours beforehand to remove any dead skin cells.
• Just before waxing, use a good body or facial wash to clean the skin.
• Take your chosen Hi Lift Professional Strip Wax tub and your pack of Hi Lift Italian Spun Lace Epilating Strips.
• Use a spatula to slowly glide the wax over the treatment area, keeping it as thin as possible.
• Take a cloth strip and lay it over the wax, pressing down firmly and rubbing it with your fingers to ensure adhesion.
• Hold skin taut and remove quickly with your free hand, pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Remove any leftover hair with tweezers to avoid going over the same spot numerous times.
• After waxing, soothe skin with a nourishing moisturiser and apply a sunscreen when outdoors, like Balense UV Defiance SPF50+.

For hard wax, you'll need to start by warming the wax in the Hi Lift Twin Kompact Wax Pot. Follow the instructions on the box to do this. Once you have hot wax, apply using the same method. You won't need a fabric strip as you will just pull the wax off the skin by itself.

Can You Reuse Hair Removal Wax?
Soft wax is not able to be reused and it is generally not advised to reuse hard wax either as wax can generate germs and bacteria which make them unsafe. However, if you are using hard wax at home, it may be safe to reuse it a number of times if kept to one person.

How Long Should you Wait Between Waxes?
This depends on what you are waxing as hair growth affects body parts differently. Most people can expect to wait around 2-3 weeks when using face hair removal wax, 2 weeks for underarms, 3-4 weeks for the bikini area and 3-4 weeks for legs and other areas.

Discover the best hair removal products at Hairhouse today for silky skin at home, including hard wax, strip wax, and warming devices. Shop online with free delivery on orders over $50 or pop into your nearest store!