Leave-in Treatments

The best leave in hair treatments nurture and fortify all hair types with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, argan oil and amino acids. Use leave in hair treatments withheat protectant on towel dried hair before heat styling to protect from heat damage, control frizzy hair, add shine and create healthy hair.

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What is Leave In Hair Treatment?
A leave-in hair treatment, or leave-in conditioner, is a product that you apply to your hair after you have washed it and before heat styling. For many, this product is their secret weapon to soft, silky, healthy hair that's radiating with shine and vitality. As the name suggests, a leave-in treatment is not made to be washed out. It's packed full of ingredients that are high in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for repairing, moisturising, and smoothing hair in preparation for styling.

A leave-in treatment can perform many functions. It can protect hair against heat damage, restore moisture, soothe a flaky scalp, add shine, minimise split ends and breakage, control frizz, detangle knots, and thicken the hair.

While all hair types can benefit from a leave-in treatment, dry and damaged hair works particularly well with them due to their high amount of hydrating ingredients. You can incorporate a leave-in treatment into your regular hair care routine or use it as a rescue remedy for when your hair is feeling frazzled and needs a little extra love and attention.

Hairhouse stock a fantastic range of leave-in conditioning treatments to tackle any hair concern. Browse our products by the most iconic local and international salon brands, including KMS, Davroe, Kevin Murphy , Kérastase , and Alfaparf, all at the most affordable prices!

How do You Use Leave-In Hair Treatment?
This kind of hair treatment typically comes in a cream or spray form. While you can use it in the shower instead of a regular conditioner, they work best when applied to clean hair that's been towel-dried and is still damp. Most leave-in treatments follow a similar process but be sure to read the instructions on your individual product. Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to use one:

1. Start by washing your hair with your chosen shampoo. You can follow up with a regular conditioner if you want, just make sure to wash it out thoroughly.
2. Next, towel-dry hair to remove excess water.
3. Apply the leave-in cream or spray to your hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb to separate your hair into sections and ensure you don't miss any strands. Comb through to evenly distribute the product from root to tip and remove any tangles.
4. Leave in hair to dry naturally or blow-dry if styling. Don't forget to use a heat protectant spray if you are drying, curling, or straightening your hair to provide extra protection against heat damage.

How Long Do You Leave Hair Treatments In For?
Conditioning treatments are specially formulated to be left in your hair until your next wash. This allows their powerful ingredients to work their magic, soaking into hair follicles and infusing them with all of the vitamins and minerals they need to be beautifully hydrated and silky. They'll continue to keep your hair moisturised, frizz-free, and protected against thermal heating and environmental damage until you wash them out.

How Often Should You Use Leave-In Hair Treatment?
This depends on your hair type and condition. A leave-in treatment for hair that is normal can be used once a week to maintain optimal hair health. If you have curly hair or hair that is dry and damaged, you may want to use them more often than this to control frizz and boost shine. If you find your hair is becoming oily, try using only when your strands are feeling course and dehydrated.

As a leave-in hair treatment is packed with healing ingredients, like argan oil, shea butter, and coconut oil, there's plenty of benefits to be had by including one in your regular hair care routine. They can:

1. Provide much needed moisture to dry and damaged hair
2. Reduce breakage and split ends
3. Control frizziness
4. Protect against heating tools, the sun, and environmental elements
5. Add a healthy shine to dull and lifeless locks
6. Thicken hair that's fine or limp
7. Soothe dry and flaky scalps

What is the Best Leave-In Treatment for My Hair?
At Hairhouse, you can find the best hair treatments to suit any hair type. Give fine hair a boost with System Professional Volumize Leave-In Conditioner. Its lightweight formula is full of creatin, volumising components and elastic conditioning polymers to put the bounce back into flat hair and protect it against humidity. You can also thicken each strand individually with the amazing Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment.

Control the curl with evo Lockdown Leave-In Smoothing Treatment. This leave-in treatment for curly hair works to smooth and detangle hair for styling while reducing frizz and adding a glorious shine for wonderfully defined, glossy curls. It's vegan, gluten and cruelty-free with no sulphates or parabens which makes it ideal for colour-treated hair, too. You can also use Muk Kinky Muk Curl Leave-In Moisturiser which envelops curls in a protective coating for long-lasting hydration and shine!

Try an aloe vera leave-in treatment by Paul Mitchell for some daily lightweight hydration. The Clean Beauty Everyday Leave-In Treatment is vegan and handcrafted with ingredients that are 94% natural origin, including aloe vera and argan oil.

For desperately dry hair, Eleven Australia Miracle Spray Hair Treatment is the remedy you need to strengthen weak and brittle strands and restore total moisture.

Do you have blonde hair? The Matrix Total Results Unbreak My Blonde has you covered. Keep your hair colour soft and vibrant with citric acid while strengthening strands that have been weakened from colouring. Schwarzkopf Professional Blondeme Detoxifying System Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray also adds a hydrophobic film to protect blondes against UV and environmental damage.

Find all these and more at Hairhouse. We've got the best leave-in products to restore, protect and manage your hair long-term. Shop online today with free shipping on orders over $50, visit your nearest store , or make a booking for some in-house advice from our hair experts!