Maintain your hair colour, keep it looking vibrant for longer, and eliminate unwanted brassy tones with hair toners. At Hairhouse, we have a variety of hair toning products and purple shampoos to suit every hair colour and hair type.

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What does a toner do for hair?

If you've bleached your hair, you might have noticed it sometimes gets brassy. That's because of the red and orange pigments in your hair. Bleach works to remove these, but getting that perfect blonde shade doesn't usually happen in one go. And let's face it, bleaching over and over can really damage your hair.

That's where a blonde hair toner comes in. It helps get rid of those brassy tones, bringing you closer to the blonde you want.

Toning shampoos and conditioners are also helpful. They’re gentle on bleached hair, so they’re an excellent choice for keeping that blonde fresh without more bleaching.

Does toner make your hair lighter?

If you’re wondering if hair toner can lighten your hair, the answer is toners are more about tweaking your hair colour than lightening it. They're great at removing orange and yellow tones in blonde, brown, and grey hair to make your hair colour look fresh and natural.

Toners help your hair colour stay true and prevent it from fading. They can also keep colour-treated hair in optimal condition by making it feel softer, look shinier, and stay hydrated. While they don't exactly lighten your hair, they do a fantastic job of enhancing and maintaining your current colour to keep your hair looking its best.

Is toner better than hair dye?

Choosing between hair toner and hair dye depends on what you want for your hair.

Hair toner is excellent for adjusting the shade of your hair, hydrating it, and adding a touch of shine. It works wonders on blonde, brown, and grey hair, especially if you have a platinum-blonde look. It also helps make your hair look smoother and more even by addressing brassiness, split ends, and frizz.

For a more dramatic hair transformation, it’s better to choose hair dye. It's used for lightening or depositing new colour, covering greys, and making a more permanent change to your hair colour.

How do you use a toner?

Hair toner removes unwanted yellow or brassy tones and can even add a subtle twist to your current hair colour. To use it, follow these simple steps:

  • Wait until your hair reaches the right shade after bleaching. Toner works best on hair that's lightened to the correct level.
  • Choose the right time to apply toner, ideally when your hair is freshly bleached and clean.
  • Start with damp hair. This helps the toner spread more evenly.
  • Apply the toner evenly across your hair, focusing on areas with unwanted brassiness or uneven colour.
  • Leave the toner in your hair for the recommended time on the product instructions.
  • Rinse out the toner thoroughly and follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Touch up your toner as needed, depending on how often you wash your hair and the longevity of the toner.

By following these steps, you'll be able to keep your hair colour looking fresh and vibrant, just the way you like it! When using a toner at home, always read the instructions and do a patch test first to make sure it’s all good for your hair.

If you’re new to toning, consider a salon visit for the first application. They can help you get the exact shade you want.

How often should I use hair toner?

The best time to apply a hair toner is after you've coloured your hair or when you start noticing any unwanted tones. Wait for at least 48 hours after colouring your hair to let the colour settle before you apply the toner.

How long your toner lasts depends on the health of your hair, how often you wash it, the quality of your nourishing hair care products, if you use heat styling tools a lot, and even factors like swimming or certain medications. Generally, toner lasts between 2 to 6 weeks.

How do you target dry hair after bleaching?

To prevent problems with dryness and breakage after hair bleaching, choose the right hair care products. Applying a moisturising hair mask within one week after bleaching can do wonders. You can also use hair oils and serums containing nourishing ingredients like keratin and argan oil to bring moisture back into dry hair.

Styling damaged hair needs a little extra care. Opt for gentle hair brushes that won't tug or pull at your hair and turn the temperature down on your hair straightener or other hair styling tools to allow your hair to repair itself.

If you're considering a new hair colour but are worried about the condition of your hair, a semi-permanent hair colour is a gentler alternative. It may not offer as drastic a change as bleaching, but any experienced hairstylist will tell you it will definitely be kinder to your hair.

What is the best toner for hair?

The best toner for your hair depends on what you're aiming to achieve. For blondes, a purple shampoo like Olaplex No. 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo is a top choice. It's great for turning yellow undertones into a cool, ashy blonde, thanks to its purple pigments that neutralise yellow tones common in blonde hair. For brunette hair, a blue toner can enrich the brown shade and eliminate unwanted red or orange undertones.

If you're going for a dark colour after bleaching, you might need something stronger, like an ammonia-based toner. Eslabondexx's Hair Color Cream Toner range is ideal for this. It's important to match the toner colour with the hair colour you're aiming for.

Silver shampoos, like De Lorenzo Novafusion Silver Shampoo, are another great option for those with grey or silver hair colours. They can also be used by blondes to eliminate brassy tones. Keep in mind that some hair colours, like rose gold, actually benefit from brassy tones, so toners are mostly used for achieving cool blondes and silver shades.

For pastel hair colours, your blonde base needs to be really light to avoid brassiness. The DARE Temporary Hair Colour - To Pearl Toner & Pasteliser is excellent for creating soft pastel shades on lightened hair. It makes sure your pastel hair colour looks vibrant without any unwanted tones.

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