Hair Ties

Hair ties are essential items unless you have super short hair. Hairhouse have all the best hair ties including spiral hair ties, hair tie scrunchies, hair elastics and ponytail holders. Spiral hair ties leave no kinks while clear hair ties are unobtrusive. Secure your gorgeous up-do with hair ties from Hairhouse!

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What are Hair Ties?
Unless your hair is very short, chances are that you have a number of hair ties lying around the home ready to tie your hair up and out of your face. These essential hair accessories, also called hair bobbles and elastic hair bands, are a must-have for keeping your hair from getting in the way and for creating any type of stylish up-do for the day or night.

There are plenty of different types of hair ties with some being more suited to certain hair types and needs than others.
You can find regular hair elastics that are simple and can be bold or clear for an inconspicuous look. There are ponytail holders and ribbon hair ties that wrap around buns and ponytails with a fabric ribbon attached that hangs down. Spiral hair ties are excellent at securing hair comfortably without leaving any dents or damage when you remove them.

Scrunchies are a type of elastic hair tie that is covered in fabric and can be large or small with a wide range of patterns, textures, and colours. There are also silk hair ties and silk scrunchies which are softer on hair and can help to keep hair moisturised and prevent breakage.

Hairhouse has a great selection of hair ties for women and hair ties for guys to suit your style and hair type with leading brands at the best prices, including Invisibobble and Shhh Silk!

Which Type of Hair Tie Should I Use?
The type of hair tie you use will depend on a number of factors, including your type of hair and styling preferences. For those with fine hair, the best hair ties are ones that won't pull too tightly or break fragile hair follicles. The Invisibobble range of hair ties is an excellent choice. The telephone cord style of the design allows your hair to be comfortably secured without being damaged or creased. They will also slip easily out when you want them to without becoming tangled. Check out Invisibobble Power True Black, go bold with Power Pinking of You, or choose the Marblelous Original Pinkerbell set for 3 spiral hair ties in pastel pink.

Scrunchies are one of the best hair ties for thick hair because they are typically larger and fuller than regular rubber hair ties. The Style Dry Original Glitter Scrunchie is a top choice and can comfortably hold the weight of thick or curly hair without causing damage or knots.

Clear hair ties are great when you want an inconspicuous way to tie up your hair. Invisibobble Basic Crystal Clear is a thin hair tie holder that's strong and stretchy for holding hair up and back off your face without being seen. There's also the Invisibobble Power Crystal Clear for those who prefer a spiral hair tie.

Can Tying Your Hair Up Damage Your Hair?
While everyone loves a casual up-do, the truth is tying your hair up can damage it if you use the wrong hair tie. A tight ponytail worn for a long period of time can risk fraying or breaking hair follicles and harming the roots which can lead to hair loss. Not to mention, when you finally let your hair down, you'll likely have those dreaded dents and creases that can happen when your hair is up for too long!

The best hair ties to prevent damage to the hair are coiled hair ties or spiral ties, such as our Invisibobble hair bands. These beauties are uniquely designed to securely hold hair up without damaging it and can provide several benefits:

• They are comfortable to wear for hours on end
• They won't pull or snag the hair
• They prevent breakage by not pulling the hair too tight
• They don't leave creases in the hair when taken out
• They are slip-proof which makes them great for fine, silky hair

Another fantastic choice is Shhh Silk scrunchies. Silk has a wonderful effect on hair. It doesn't soak up as much oil or moisture from your hair as cotton hair ties can so your hair will be left feeling softer and more hydrated. It also glides on hair which prevents breakage, prevents frizz, and tangles, and won't leave hair looking creased when you take them out.

How do You Style Your Hair With a Hair Tie?
Hair rubber bands are incredibly versatile and can be used to create an almost limitless number of gorgeous up-dos for any occasion. Check out these quick hairstyles to try out at home:

• Low-slung loop – Gather your hair at the nape of the neck and tie your hair into a low ponytail. When you get to the last turn, don't pull the hair all the way through so that it forms a large loop and leaves the ends sticking freely out of the band.
• Knotted ponytail – Divide the hair into an upper and lower ponytail and secure. Make a hole above the lower ponytail and pull the upper ponytail through, moving it to the side. Make a hole above the upper ponytail and pull the lower ponytail through in the opposite direction to form a knot.
• French braid with low bun – Part your hair on one side with a comb. Divide the top part of the fullest side of your head into 3 small sections and do a French braid down to your ear, then continue into a regular braid. Gently loosen the braid to give it more volume. Use a hair tie to secure all of the hair, including braid ends, into a ponytail, and then twist it into a messy bun secured with bobby pins.

Discover everything you need to create dreamy up-dos at Hairhouse! Shop online and receive free delivery when you spend over $50 or visit your nearest Hairhouse store to add a new favourite hair tie to your collection.