Poni cosmetics specialises in cruelty free and vegan makeup, delivering beauty products that are kind to animals and humans alike! Shop from popular makeup products such as the Poni White Knight Mascara, Brow Serum, Lash Serum, and the exquisite Eyebrow Brush at Hairhouse!

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Is PONi cosmetics a good brand?
PONi Cosmetics is a fantastic range of high quality professional make up made in Australia. It's completely cruelty free, mostly vegan, fashion oriented makeup that gives amazing results to both beginners and professional make-up artists.

Hairhouse stocks an extensive range of PONi Cosmetics so that customers have access to cruelty free makeup that suits their skin tone and colouring. From Brow Stencils which guide the user to create the perfect line whether you are after a thin brown or a thicker curved arch, to Brow Setting Wax to help you maintain your look all day lay, we have everything you need. PONi Cosmetics also has Brow Pop, a concealer product to use under your eyes to hide dark circles or as a highlighter to make your eyebrows 'pop'.

PONi Cosmetics also produces a number of kits in different shades. Each kit comes in a reusable box and contains a brow powder, a setting wax a brow highlighter/concealer, a tiny mirror and a brow brush. This is great for beginners or professional makeup artists as everything you need to create the perfect brow can be found in one place.

If you're in doubt, read a few PONi Cosmetics reviews online and see for yourself how much customers love this Australian brand of cosmetics.

Is PONi cosmetics cruelty free?
Yes, PONi Cosmetics Australia is a beauty brand which is deliberately cruelty free. At PONi, they love animals so much that their eyebrow products are named after horses; Chestnut, Thoroughbred and Palomino. Animal welfare is taken very seriously and is super important to the team. In fact, most of the PONi Cosmetics products are vegan (exceptions are Brow Pop, Mane Stain, Brow Magic and White Knight Mascara). PONi cosmetics are committed to producing cosmetics that are not cruel to animals.

What PONi cosmetics products are worth buying?
The PONi Cosmetics Brow Magic is a universal shade brow pencil which means it suits everyone and can be used to quickly create natural looking eyebrows. Brow magic is so simple to use that even make up beginners find it easy to create the look they want. The dual eyebrow brush shapes and fills sparse eyebrows and also includes the growth ingredient biotin, a natural growth stimulator, to encourage your fine hairs to grow. The long lasting colour means that you can apply your makeup and feel confident that you look good all day or night. Brow Magic is cruelty free and paraben free.

White Knight Tubing Mascara is one of the best mascaras on the market. It's smudge proof, volumising and can even be used on eyelash extensions if you have them. This product has not been tested on animals and is designed for sensitive eyes. The dual brush creates extra length and volume. The PONi Cosmetics White Knight Mascara washes off easily with makeup remover.

PONi Cosmetics Lip Magic is a lip balm that moisturizes and nourishes your lips to keep them healthy and smooth. The gentle pink shade of this lip balm is appropriate for any colouring as it adjusts to your skin’s PH level. Use it every day, as needed, as a base for other lipsticks or just to prevent cracking lips.

Where to buy Poni cosmetic?
Hairhouse stocks the PONi Cosmetics range. There are stores all over Australia. Simply click on the store finderlink up on the top left hand side of this page and enter your postcode and you will see your closest stores on the map. Our friendly professionals will guide you when purchasing from the PONi Cosmetics range, helping you find the product that is perfect for you.

Alternatively, browse through our online store, add your preferred items to your cart and check out online. Your beautiful makeup will be delivered to your nominated address within days.

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