A celebrity favourite, Ardell lead the charge with lust-worthy lashes. Make-up artists and beauty lovers around the world can't do without theirs - and neither should you! From the iconic Wispies -and beyond - Ardell has a lash style for every season.

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Behind the Brand

Ardell is the lash brand of choice for celebrities, beauty lovers and makeup artists everywhere with their high-quality false lashes and superior eyelash glue. Whether you choose the iconic Demi Wispies for a natural daytime look or the Mega Volume for sweeping lashes with full-blown flare and drama, you’ll find Ardell lash products for any look and occasion. 

Ardell is the lash brand of choice for celebrities, beauty lovers and makeup artists everywhere with their high-quality false lashes and superior eyelash glue. Whether you choose the iconic Demi Wispies for a natural daytime look or the Mega Volume 255 for sweeping lashes with full-blown flare and drama, you'll find Ardell lash products for any look and occasion.

Founded in 1971, this brand makes faux lashes that look and feel natural. Ardell products are bestsellers in the false lash industry, with their popularity skyrocketing over the decades.

Browse the Hairhouse range today and discover the perfect lash for you, from individual and magnetic lashes for day-to-day wear to glamorous showstoppers that turn heads all night long!

What are Ardell products?
Ardell is a household name with quality false eyelashes that transform your eyes while looking and feeling like natural lashes. The range includes strip and individual lashes, as well as eyelash kits and eyelash glues to safely and accurately apply the lashes.

Duralash are individual eyelashes that attach to your eyelashes and fill in the gaps for a thicker, bolder look. Our Duralash Starter Kits are waterproof and weightless, perfect for when you want a little extra fullness without committing to a complete set of faux lashes. The Soft Touch Trio Lashes feature a knotted lash cluster applied to the lash line for a flirty look that's super soft and luxurious.

There are plenty of lash looks to choose from when it comes to a fluffy set of lashes. The iconic Wispies range is available in everything from light and delicate to faux mink and clustered. There are also Natural Lashes for everyday use, Edgy Lashes for the outer corners and 3D multi-layered Mega Volume Lashes for when you really need to make a bold entrance!

Magnetic lashes have soared in popularity in recent years thanks to their easy-to-apply and remove nature. Add Accent Lashes to the edges of your lash line for a natural lift, or choose magnetic Wispies for special occasions, which give you a confidence boost.

What is Ardell's bestseller?
At Hairhouse, we've got all of the bestselling Ardell lashes that customers rave over. Ardell eyelashes are either made from 100% sterilised human hair or synthetic materials and are hand-knotted and feathered for a gorgeously natural look and comfortable feel with the perfect shape. Check out some of our most popular Ardell lashes for every occasion:

- Demi Wispies: These are Ardell's most iconic eyelashes that embody their signature style. They offer a subtle, textured enhancement that's versatile enough to wear every day or for a fun night out.
- Double Wispies: Super soft and fluttery, these lashes are double layered to provide extra lash extension and volume with a magnetic strip that easily secures to the lash line with the Magnetic Lash Applicator.
- Faux Mink Wispies: Faux mink lashes look natural, but are 100% cruelty-free and crisscrossed for a fluffy look. Choose 814 for a long, flared style or go for glamour with Faux Mink Wispies.
- Naked Lashes: Ardell Naked Lashes are soft and feathery for creating real-looking lashes that enhance the eye for any occasion.

How long does Ardell Lashes last?
Ardell lashes are re-useable and can be worn up to 15 times if you don't coat them with mascara. If you prefer a mascara finish, your lashes should last up to 5 times of repeat wear. You can extend the lifespan of your falsies by gently washing them after each use in a bowl of warm water with some antibacterial wash or makeup remover.

How often can you use false lashes?
While Ardell false lashes are superior quality and made for repeat use, don't wear any false lashes for longer than 12 hours at a time to avoid potential irritation to your eyes. Whether you rock them all day or all night, remember to take them off, clean them and give your eyes a good rest before putting them back on.

1. It's super easy to apply Ardell strip lashes with this quick guide:
2. Choose your favourite pair of lashes.
3. Align the band with your natural lash line to check the fit.
4. Carefully trim any excess lashes if too long.
5. Apply a thin line of Ardell adhesive along the lash strip and wait 30 seconds.
6. Secure the lashes by placing them as close to the lash line as possible, pressing down on the centre section first, then laying down the inner and outer corners until fully attached.
7. You can also follow the instructions listed on each individual packet.

How do you properly remove false lashes?
Incorrect removal of false eyelashes can ruin your product, and even worse – pull out your natural eyelashes. The best way to safely remove Ardell lashes is with the Ardell Lash Remover. This lash glue dissolves the semi-permanent Ardell LashTite adhesive used to apply individual eyelashes. For the LashGrip temporary adhesive, use an oil-based makeup remover and gently tug off the lashes.
To use LashTite lash remover, follow these easy steps:

1. Take two cotton swabs and lightly soak them in remover.
2. Place one swab on the upper lash line and gently move back and forth along the eyelashes until they loosen and fall off.
3. Repeat with the second swab on the lower lash line.
4. Clean the lashes thoroughly to remove any residual adhesive.

Where can I buy Ardell?
You can shop Ardell lashes at Hairhouse with our fantastic range of false lashes and lash accessories for making every occasion a special one. While you're there, check out our range of makeup essentials, including foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadows by your favourite brands. Shop online and receive free delivery to your doorstep when you spend over $50!