Permanent Colour

Get a beautiful colour lift with permanent hair dye! Our exciting range of ammonia-free permanent hair colours includes blue permanent hair dye and pink permanent hair dye for a fun new look. Permanent hair dye offers long-lasting colour intensity which grows out, whereas semi-permanent hair colour washes and fades out.

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What is permanent hair dye?

Permanent hair dye is hair dye that permanently changes the natural pigment of your hair and its structure. It will last until your hair grows out or you decide to change up the colour.

This process is called oxidation and is achieved when the combination of ammonia and typically hydrogen peroxide is added to a colouring agent. When applied to hair, it opens up the hair cuticles and injects them with dye for long-lasting, vibrant colour and shine.

Semi-permanent hair dye and demi-permanent hair dye are colours that are ammonia-free and wrap the hair cuticles in dye rather than penetrating them, resulting in more of a colour stain. These colours are temporary and will gradually fade out over time, usually around 6 weeks, with regular washing and air exposure.

There are a bunch of benefits to choosing to colour your hair with permanent hair dye, including:

  • Long-lasting full coverage: Yep, permanent hair colour is permanent! That means you won't have to worry about rushing to the salon every 6 weeks for a professional hair colour or a touch-up. In fact, achieving grey coverage is a breeze with permanent dye as it completely changes the grey colour to your colour of choice, rather than just staining the greys with semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye.
  • Colour options: When going permanent, you have a smorgasbord of virtually endless colours to choose from. This includes natural hair colours like black, a range of browns from dark brown to golden brown, light ash brown, natural brown, medium brown, and chocolate brown, as well as blondes such as golden blonde, dark ash blonde, and very light ash blonde. Vibrant tints are also available, including blue black, and every shade of red, along with playful colours like pastel, silver, purple, and pink permanent hair dye.
  • All hair types: From very dark hair to the lightest of blondes, greys, reds, black, and anything in between, permanent hair dye works on all types of hair to give you an intense colour that's rich and long-lasting. Unlike semi or demi-hair colour, most permanent dyes contain hydrogen peroxide, which can lighten uncoloured hair up to 2 shades.

How to permanently dye hair at home?

While most people get their professional hair colour done at a salon, doing it yourself at home is possible if you're not lightening your hair more than 2-3 shades. Anything more than this, and you'll need to strip the colour from your hair with a colour lifter like hair bleach.

Bleaching hair at home is trickier and can spell disaster if not done correctly, so it's best to visit a professional if it’s your first time. This is particularly true if you're going from dark to blonde, as hair can turn orange or brassy if the underlying pigment isn't lightened to the right shade.

However, if you're looking to enrich your natural hair colour with a similarly coloured deep, vibrant hue, our Eslabondexx hair dye is a great place to start. With rich pigments and plenty of amino acids for super soft hair, it makes dyeing your hair at home easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Pick your chosen colour. If you're stuck, consider your hair texture. Curly or frizzy hair tends to absorb colour faster and turn dye into an ash colour, so it's best to pick warm colours that are slightly lighter than your natural hair. For fine, straight hair, choose cool-tone hair colours that are a shade darker than your natural hair.
  2. Mix the Eslabondexx Smooth Catalyst oxidising agent with your chosen dye at a ratio of 1:1.5.
  3. Divide dry hair into sections and apply colour to the hair.
  4. Leave to sit and develop for 30 -35 minutes.
  5. Once done, rinse your hair well with warm water and apply shampoo and conditioner as usual.

It's always best to do a patch test before permanently dyeing your own hair to avoid potential allergic reactions. Swab a bit of dye on your inner wrist and leave for 24 hours to see if there's any redness, itching, or swelling.

Is permanent hair dye damaging?

Permanent hair dyes can scare some people off as they generally need to use stronger ingredients and stay on the hair longer to give it an intense colour that can withstand many washes. However, permanent hair colour won't wreak havoc on your hair if you use high-quality products and follow up with the right hair treatments to maintain your hair's health and vibrancy.

Hairhouse has a great range of hair colour products from trusted brands like Colour Royale, Wella, Yellow, and Goldwell that can give you long-lasting colour and shine without the harsh chemicals that can be loaded into other products.

For intensely coloured hair that's lustrous and soft, try our Colour Royale range of hair dyes. With low ammonia levels, they're infused with nourishing oils such as argan oil and aloe vera to give a glossy sheen to your locks and keep them moisturised and healthy.

Combat brittle strands by using a hair mask with keratin once a week to stop ends from drying out and breaking. You can also use hair care products like leave-in treatments, moisturising hair cremes, and hair oils and serums to keep your hair silky.

Can you remove permanent hair dye?

If you've made a mistake permanently colouring your hair or the colour just isn't working out for you, all is not lost! A permanent hair colour remover can be used to reverse the oxidation process. It may not return your hair to its original state, but it can lighten it enough for you to recolour it using the right shade.

This product can be drying though, so make sure you follow up with a good shampoo and conditioner to revitalise and protect your strands.

Does permanent hair dye fade?

While temporary hair dye is semi-permanent and will fade out over 6 weeks, permanent hair dye colours are made to stick around for the long haul and grow out slowly with your hair.

To keep your colour as fresh and vibrant as possible, use a colour shampoo, colour conditioner, and colour care hair treatment designed to keep your gorgeous colour locked in for longer. A toner is also essential for preventing blondes from turning brassy and brunettes from going orange. Try a purple or silver toner for blonde hair and a brown toner for dark hair.

To prevent your hair from losing its shine over time and appearing dull, try a leave-in conditioner packed full of healthy oils, such as coconut and argan.

Can you buy permanent hair colour at the store?

Absolutely! Hairhouse is your go-to destination in Australia for buying permanent hair colour online or in-store at your nearest Hairhouse store. Our hair colour is permanent, gentle on locks for a brilliant shine and loaded with colour for a look that's straight out of the salon!

We've got the highest quality hair colour for men and women in every colour and shade, from something fun and funky like blue permanent hair dye to brilliant red permanent hair dye, bleach blondes, warm browns, and velvety blacks. We've also got everything you need to maintain that gorgeous shade with colour shampoos and conditioners, toners, hair masks, oils, serums, root touch up kits to easily handle regrowth. Plus, we offer a range of hair styling products and hair care essentials from leading brands like L'Oréal Paris, Schwarzkopf, and Hi Lift.

Shop online or in-store with us today and enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 at checkout! Not sure what hair colour to choose? You can always book an appointment at your nearest Hairhouse salon and receive expert tips from our friendly hair specialists!