Diva by name, not by nature! This brand of styling tools includes crowd favourites; ALLURE, MKII, and Pro Styler, which cater to all kinds of hair needs. From long, super thick lengths to curly hair and even short, fine styles, there is a DIVA designed just for you!

Founded in 2007, Diva Pro Styling has solidified its position as a premier UK salon-exclusive electrical brand, expanding its footprint across Europe. Catering to diverse needs in drying and styling, their product selection is synonymous with top-notch innovation at budget-friendly rates, making them the preferred choice among salon professionals for superior quality and value.

What is the best Diva hair straightener?
The Diva hair straighteners available from Hairhouse include the ALLURE model, the MKII model and the Pro Styler model. Which is the best? Like anything, that comes down to personal preference which is heavily influenced by your hair type. If you have long, super thick and curly hair you probably want different features in your hair straightener than someone with fine, slightly wavy hair.

If your hair is strong and healthy it will handle heated styling better than weak or damaged hair which might require a straightener with an adjustable temperature control to minimise heat damage. Long, thick hair may be easier to style using a styling iron with larger floating plates and if you change your style often a styling iron that easily straightens and curls could be the best one for you. Chatting with the professional stylists at your local Hairhouse salon might help you to decide which Diva hair straightener will work best on your hair type.

The Diva Allure is the perfect straightener for creating straight, sleek hair and long-lasting curls. This hair straightener gives great results by using exclusive Rapidtek advanced heating technology, ceramic plates and tourmaline technology to control frizz and coarse, unruly hair while holding the heat at an optimum 210 degrees Celsius.

Ideal for travellers, the Diva Allure features dual voltage for use anywhere in the world, auto shut-off technology for safety and comes with a handy thermal carry case. Reviews of the Diva Allure indicate that it is easy to use, heats to the optimum temperature very quickly and can be used to create both super sleek, straight hair and fabulous curls too.

The MKII Hair Straightener is available from Hairhouse in black, purple and pink. This Diva hair straightener features ceramic floating plates for snag-free straightening and also utilises infrared heat, tourmaline technology and generates negative ions to lock in moisture and control frizz.

The Diva Pro Styler also seals in moisture to create smooth and shiny, frizz-free hair. Hair is protected using advanced NANOTECH thermal protection technology; the styler heats up quickly and the optimum heat allows for one-pass effective straightening. This hair straightener is suitable for all hair types.

Check them all out at your nearest Hairhouse salon to decide which one will give great results on your hair.

What Diva hair straightener is best for thick, curly hair?
Good quality Diva hair straighteners have ceramic plates and use tourmaline technology - both of which are ideal for straightening thick, curly hair. Both the Diva Allure and the Diva MKII will easily create a smooth and sleek finish on thick and curly hair.

How to use Diva hair straightener?
Easy-to-use Diva hair straighteners are a fabulous straightening and styling solution for use at home and by professional hair stylists in leading, high fashion hair salons. Ceramic hair straighteners give great results while minimising heat damage.

Any styling iron should only be used on completely dry hair which has had a heat protectant spray applied. Section the hair with clips and pass the straightener through it from roots to tips, section by section, starting at the hair underneath and working your way up to the hair at the crown.

You can use your Diva hair straightener to add curls or waves as well by rotating the styling iron as you pass it through the hair from top to bottom - starting at the point along the hair shaft where you want the curl or wave to fall from.

Is ceramic Diva hair straighteners better?
Ceramic coating on the plates of hair straighteners help to protect the hair from damage caused by heat and the mechanical act of straightening the hair. The ceramic plates create a smooth surface for the hair to glide through easily, without snagging.

What Diva styling iron should I use to curl my hair?
You can both straighten and curl your hair using your Diva hair straightener. If you have straight hair already and just want to create gorgeous curls or waves, the Diva Curls Professional Curling Tong with a 19mm barrel will give you the luscious curly hair you want, while the 38mm barrel will create bigger, bouncier curls or waves and is ideal for long hair.

But why settle for one curling tong when you can have three? The Diva Session Styler has three interchangeable titanium barrels in different sizes to create a range of curly-haired looks. The Diva Session Styler is suitable for all hair types and will give you tight curls, waves, a beachy tousled look or beautifully big and bouncy curls. It features adjustable temperature control, rapid heat up technology, auto cut-off, dual voltage, infrared heat, and generates negative ions for frizz-free and long-lasting curls.

What is in a Diva value pack?
At Hairhouse you can find a wide range of high-performance styling tools and good quality hair care products bundled into packs to provide excellent value for money. The Diva value pack includes the Diva Pro Professional Hair Styling Iron for sleek, straight hair, the Speedy Supalite 22W hair dryer for quick drying and the high-performance Diva Luxe ceramic styling brush which will straighten, smooth and detangle all hair types.

Available in hot pink or black, the value pack makes a fabulous gift for a young person beginning to style their hair.

Where to buy a Diva hair straightener online?
Hairhouse is the place to shop online for your new Diva hair straightener as well as Diva curling irons and hair dryers. Our online store offers free delivery on purchases over $50 so it is quick, easy and affordable to shop for your Diva styling tools online. The checkout process is super easy and delivery is prompt!

Buying your Diva hair straightener online is easy if you know which one you want, but if you aren't sure which one to buy why not call into your nearest Hairhouse salon and have a chat with the professional staff? They'll help you determine which Diva professional hair straightener is the best one for your hair type. There are over 130 salons in our growing network of stores right around Australia. If you haven't visited a Hairhouse salon before, you can find stores within a specified radius of your location. It's easy to enter your postcode or suburb to find Hairhouse stores near you.

In store you will find a full range of professional salon services available, so why not get a trim, update your hairstyle, give your hair a rejuvenating treatment, a fresh colour or a beautiful blow-dry while you're there? As well as a wide range of hair care products Hairhouse have a great selection of styling tools too.