Colour Care Treatments

The best hair treatment for coloured hair will protect your hair, repair damage, and offerUV protection. Colour treated hair and blonde hair require intensive hair care using hair colour treatment shampoos, conditioners and hair masks to repair damage. If you dye your hair,support hair growth with weekly coloured hair treatments!

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Finding the best hair colour treatment
If you have colour-treated hair or blonde hair, a hair colour treatment is a great way to enhance colour vibrancy and extend the amount of time the colour stays in your hair for longer-lasting results. Hair colour treatments can also help to repair hair that’s been damaged by colouring as well as nourish it for hair that’s softer, shinier and healthier.

There are plenty of treatments available. You can find shampoo and conditioner for colour protection to maintain beautiful color, permanent and semi-permanent colour treatments with pigment to add and intensify colour, toners to remove brassiness and balance blondes, root touch-ups to cover regrowth, hair masks to hydrate and tinting products that leave a pastel hue in your hair while delivering nourishment.

Hairhouse has the best hair colour treatments in Australia by best-selling Australian and international brands. Discover them online today or use the Store Locator to visit your nearest Hairhouse. Got a blonde bestie? Spoil her with a gift card so that she can keep her colour in top form all year long!

Using a hair colour treatment
Hair colour treatments are for both natural and colour-treated hair. They can be used to deliver pigments onto hair to cover roots and enhance colour or simply to maintain the hair by repairing it, moisturising it and protecting it from colour fade.

The way you use a hair colour treatment will ultimately depend on the type of product you choose. Colour shampoo and conditioners can be massaged into wet hair and rinsed in the shower while hair masks require you to leave them on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing them out.

A leave-in hair treatment is left on the hair to work its magic - just apply it and style as usual. A tinting colour treatment may need to be sprayed onto hair, painted onto hair or mixed with other products before application.

Featured products
We’ve got all of the hair care treatments you’ll need for fabulously colour-treated hair that’s vibrant and healthy. From luxurious creams to natural masks, check out our favourite products available now at Hairhouse with brands like L’Oreal Professionnel and Olaplex:
• Nak Hair Colour Fix - Hold onto the intensity of your colour and reduce colour fade with this powerful leave-in colour preserving treatment.
• Davroe Chroma Toner - Eliminate brassy and yellow tones in blonde hair and leave it looking icy cool ready for styling with this toner. For best results, use a comb for even distribution, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse!
• Goldwell Dualsenses Color Brilliance Serum Spray - Transform colour-treated and natural hair with this spray that adds a luminous gleam and minimises colour fade.
• Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre Masque - Thicker and more velvety than a mousse, this luxurious creme works to deeply nourish hair fibres while preserving colour and adding a vibrant shine.
• Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Booster - This treatment locks colour in while enhancing shine and vibrancy with up to 90% colour retention when used alongside the Fibre Clinix Vibrancy Treatment.
• Hi Lift Zero Grey Root Concealer - Give grey hair the boot by blending it seamlessly into your permanent hair colour with this hair color spray made to match every hair dye colour. Just spray it onto the roots for a quick camouflage then get on with your day!

Best hair types which should use a hair color treatment
Hair colour treatments work best on hair that has been colour-treated. Toner treatments are particularly useful for those with blonde hair, including light blonde and dark blonde hair, as they help to keep the colour looking cool without brassiness. However, even brunettes with light brown or dark brown hair, black hair, red hair and even natural hair can keep their colour looking intense for longer and their hair soft and healthy with the right treatment.

How do you use hair colour treatment
Most hair colour masks just need to be applied to damp hair, left on for a few minutes, then rinsed off. A colour shampoo and conditioner can be used just like a regular shampoo and conditioner. When using a colour treatment with pigment, such as root concealer, read the instructions on your individual product for best results. Just like using cleansers and moisturisers in skincare, make sure that the product you are using is gentle enough for your hair and scalp. Choose a paraben-free and sulphate-free hair treatment if you are sensitive.

Best way to keep coloured hair from getting damaged
Hairdressers will tell you that a hair treatment is the best way to protect colour-treated and natural hair from damage during hair styling as well as preserve colour vibrancy for as long as possible. Many of these treatments are loaded with botanicals rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can repair damaged hair from within, as well as soften it, smooth it, moisturise it and fortify it against hot styling tools, UV rays and more.

Benefits of using a hair colour treatment, from hair care to styling
Go from dull to dazzling with a hair colour treatment that can help you get the best out of colour-treated hair. The right treatment can help to:

• Preserve colour vibrancy in colour-treated hair and minimise colour fade
• Repair damage caused by harsh colouring chemicals, such as peroxide and bleach
• Protect colour-treated hair against heat damage caused by curlers and blow dryers
• Hydrate and nourish hair to keep it soft, strong and manageable
• Remove brassiness and yellow tones in blonde hair
• Cover up grey hairs and roots
• Add additional pigment onto hair for a more intense colour or a subtle tone

Which treatment is best for hair colour?
If you have colour-treated hair, look for a hair colour treatment that will extend your colour vibrancy and protect your hair from colour fade. You can repair damaged or dry hair by using a hair mask or leave-in treatment that’s specially made to strengthen hair and repair hair bonds, such as Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Treatment.

To cover up pesky grey hairs, use a root concealer. If you want to add colour to your hair, go for a colour creme, such as Eslabondexxcolor Hair Colour Cream Mix Magnifier or Davroe Chroma Colour Treatments for some pastel hues.

Make sure that you are using a shampoo and conditioner to gently cleanse and prolong the colour in colour-treated hair. Hi Lift Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner is a top pick!

How long does hair colour treatment last?
This varies depending on the product. Some hair colour treatments, such as Hi Lift Zero Grey Root Concealer, will last until you shampoo it out, while others will last longer. The Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask keeps hair vibrant for up to 3 washes while the Wella Professionals Premium Care ColorMotion Structure Mask will protect colour for up to 8 weeks. Check your individual treatment for the best advice.