Blonde Hair Dyes

Our collection of blonde hair dyes offers a wide range of shades and formulas to cater to all your blonde hair desires. From icy platinum to warm honey hues, we have the perfect shade to suit your style. Get ready to turn heads with gorgeous, luminous blonde locks. Explore our selection of blonde hair dyes today and embrace your inner bombshell!

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A Spectrum of Blonde: How To Choose Your Perfect Blonde Hair Dye
Blonde isn't a one-size-fits-all colour. It's a spectrum filled with myriad shades, each with its distinct personality. Platinum blonde makes a bold statement, while honey blonde offers a warm and inviting glow. Light ash blonde speaks to a cool, sophisticated aesthetic, whereas strawberry blonde is playfully charming. The trick is to find the blonde dye that matches not just your complexion and eye colour, but also your personality.

At Hairhouse, our selection of blonde hair dye encompasses this full range of shades, allowing you to become the blonde you've always wanted to be.

If you’re looking for a strawberry shade then the WELLA Professionals Color Touch 8/43 Light Blonde Red Gold is your go-to. Or for more of a platinum hue, the Colour Royale Professional Hair Colour Conditioning Creme - 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde 60ml is your new best friend. Whatever shade of blonde you choose to be, Hairhouse is here for you.

Is there an Art and Science of Blonde Dye?
Using blonde dye isn't simply a matter of slathering the product onto your hair and waiting for the magic to happen. It's an art, certainly, but there's also a good deal of science involved. You need to consider your current hair colour, the condition of your hair, and how far you want to venture into the blonde spectrum. For example, going platinum from a dark base colour might require a few steps, including bleaching and toning. Meanwhile, adding subtle blonde highlights to light brown hair could be a simple, single-step process.

Hairhouse: Your Trusted Destination for Blonde Hair Dye
When it comes to dying your hair blonde, you want to trust only the best products. At Hairhouse, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of blonde hair dyes from leading brands in the hair colour industry. We understand that a fantastic hair dye job can boost your confidence and elevate your style, and we're committed to helping you achieve your hair goals with ease and convenience.

Looking for Expert Advice for Your Blonde Journey?
It's not just about selling you a box of hair dye. At Hairhouse, we're committed to providing you with the knowledge and guidance you need to get the best results from your blonde hair dye. From detailed product descriptions to expert advice on application techniques, we're here to support you throughout your blonde journey. You can also find a wealth of resources on our website to help you achieve and maintain your desired blonde hue.

Bonus tip: If your roots are giving you away, try the KERATHERAPY Gray Root Concealer Blonde 118ml. Nobody will ever be able to tell you’re in between salon visits.

The Blonde Life: More Than Just Hair Dye
Blonde hair demands a little extra love and care to keep it looking it's radiant best. That's why, alongside our collection of blonde hair dye, we offer a range of products designed to nourish, protect, and enhance blonde hair. From purple shampoos that banish brassy tones to deep-conditioning treatments that keep your blonde locks soft and shiny, we've got everything you need to live your best blonde life.

Welcome to the world of blonde hair dye at Hairhouse. It's a world filled with shades of golden sunshine, icy platinum, and warm honey. A world where you can be bold, bright, and brilliantly blonde. Start your blonde journey today with Hairhouse and let your inner blonde shine out.