Hair dyes will colour hair, whilst hair peroxide takes it several shades lighter, generally to blonde hair. You can use hydrogen peroxide to bleach hair at home, but lightening hair with peroxide is safest in the salon. Hair peroxide can strip natural oils, but colour-treated hair care will restore hair health.

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What does peroxide do to your hair?

Peroxide is a key component in many hair dyes, known for its effectiveness in altering hair colour. It's a bleaching agent that removes the natural pigment from your hair. This process is particularly beneficial for achieving lighter shades and making your new hair colour vibrant and long-lasting.

Is it OK to put peroxide in your hair?

Absolutely, it's perfectly fine to use peroxide in your hair, especially when it's a part of professionally made salon products or specially formulated home kits. Hair peroxide is important in hair lightening and hair colouring. It's all about using it wisely.

While there's no set frequency, make sure to use the product in moderation to maintain the health of your hair. Always choose hair products designed to minimise hair damage, and remember, pairing peroxide with hair care essentials like hair treatments and hair serums can lead to fabulous results.

Is hair bleach and peroxide the same thing?

No. Hair bleach and peroxide are often used together, but they’re not the same.

Bleach is your go-to for hair lightening. It’s a chemical blend that lightens hair by stripping away its natural hair colour. If you're dreaming of having blonde hair or making a bold colour shift, you’ll need bleach.

Peroxide is a component of bleach that helps activate the bleaching process. It works by breaking down the natural pigments in hair and letting bleach lift the colour more effectively.

Hair peroxide is used in different strengths across hair dyes and bleach. It does more than just lighten—it prepares your hair for new tints and shades. While bleach mainly strips away existing colours, peroxide gets your hair ready for new ones. When you're going for a big colour transformation, bleach and peroxide team up to make it happen.

What is the difference between hair developer and peroxide?

Understanding hair developer and peroxide is the secret to getting your hair colour just right.

Developer, or activator, is a creamy mixture that contains hydrogen peroxide. It's important in hair colouring, especially when using permanent colours and bleach. This opens up the hair cuticle and lets colour pigments penetrate deeply. It also helps lift out natural and previous colour molecules to make way for the new colour.

The hair developer goes beyond just opening up the hair cuticle. It also softens coarse hair and adds body to fine hair, changing the internal structure of the hair fibre. This is why hair often feels softer and thicker after colouring, provided it's done correctly.

Developer is available in different volumes. The higher the number, the more it opens the cuticle. This means more lift in colour or lightening. For example, 20 volume developer is a popular choice for covering greys and lifting the hair colour a couple of shades.

Peroxide is a chemical found in the developer. It's what lightens your hair when mixed with bleach. Peroxide on its own, however, is just a chemical. It doesn't have the conditioning agents or the creamy consistency of the developer. That's why you can't use peroxide alone for hair colouring—it needs to be part of a developer formula.

The main difference is that hair developer is a mix that contains peroxide and is specifically designed for hair colouring. It's ready to use with dye or bleach and comes in different strengths for various colouring needs. While peroxide is a key ingredient in the developer, it’s just the chemical component responsible for altering hair pigment.

In short, when you're planning to colour your hair, remember that developer is your go-to product, with peroxide as its essential ingredient for changing your hair colour. Choose the right developer strength for your hair goals, and you're all set for a fabulous colour transformation.

How long should you leave peroxide in your hair to lighten it?

Timing is everything when using peroxide to lighten your hair. It's important to find that sweet spot for the perfect lightening effect while maintaining your hair growth and health.

First up, do a strand test. Take a small section of hair, preferably hidden underneath and apply a bit of peroxide. Aim for a maximum of 30 minutes, but if you hit your desired lightness earlier, rinse it off. This test helps you understand how long you should leave the peroxide on the rest of your hair. Pro tip: wear a cape to protect your clothing.

For a significant lightening effect, leaving peroxide in your hair for 30-45 minutes is common. Darker hair might need the full 45 minutes for a lighter effect.

Do a patch test before going all in to make sure you don't have any allergic reactions. And for any advice on toning and styling and products like toners and hair colour removers, visit Hairhouse in-store for expert advice. We're all about getting that perfect lightening while keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Is lightening your hair with peroxide damaging?

Using peroxide to lighten your hair can be a game-changer for achieving that perfect shade, whether it's for a bold permanent colour transformation or a subtle semi-permanent hair colour change. It's an ingredient in many hair dyes, working to open up the hair cuticle and let the new colour settle in.

Like any powerful tool, hair peroxide must be used correctly. Overuse or improper application can cause frizz and breakage. The trick is to strike a balance and use peroxide wisely to get the colour you want while keeping your hair health in check. For instance, alternating peroxide treatments with gentler, semi-permanent hair colour options can help maintain the integrity of your hair.

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