Modern Pirate

Modern Pirate combines surf and tattoo culture to provide the latest in men’s haircare and grooming. Men’s hair styling is easier than ever with the simple yet strong hold formulas by Modern Pirate. Popular products include Modern Pirate pomade and Modern Pirate beard serum.

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Behind the Brand

Modern Pirate are putting the edge back into men’s grooming and men’s styling. This brand combines the best in modern Australian barbering with traditional tattoo and surf cultures to produce a creative range of hair care and grooming products that dare you to embrace individual style and expression. 

Modern Pirate are putting the edge back into men's grooming and men's styling. This brand combines the best in modern Australian barbering with traditional tattoo and surf cultures to produce a creative range of hair care and grooming products that dare you to embrace individual style and expression.

From their shampoo and conditioner to their pomades, pastes, sprays, body wash and beard serums, Modern Pirate uses innovative formulas and a contemporary design to offer a carefree approach for men to look good and feel good every day.

Discover pomades for creating everything from sleek and polished styles to rakishly undone styles. Add gritty texture to hair with a sea salt spray, or keep beards looking fine with a no-fuss serum.

What is Modern Pirate?
Modern Pirate makes styling and grooming hair easy. Their hair care, styling and grooming products are proudly designed, made and packaged in Australia with high-quality ingredients that inspire you to create wildly individual looks without effort.

Hairhouse has the best Modern Pirate products for all hair types. Check out some of our most popular products available online now:

White Pearl Premium Shampoo and White Pearl Premium Conditioner: This dynamite duo will overhaul your hair with organic ingredients and a fresh peppermint scent. Gently remove product build-up, detangle and moisturise hair with botanicals and no sulphates or parabens.
Black Pearl Bay Rum Body Wash: This lathering black liquid body wash gently cleanses and leaves skin feeling fresh with soothing aloe vera and sea-buckthorn extract.
Superior Crystal Beard Serum: Tame a rough beard with this beard serum made to hydrate facial hair and infuse it with nutrients without leaving it feeling oily.
Heavy Hold Pomade: The sky is the limit with this strong hold pomade, designed to lock rebellious styles in place while maintaining lightness and flexibility.
Sea Salt Crème Pomade: Loosen up with this light-hold sea salt pomade that provides moisture and volume to hair while creating a softly textured look and feel that's perfect for laidback days.

Superior Styling Powder: Add volume and texture to hair with this powder to create gritty, casual hairstyles with a matte finish and an invisible stronghold. Its silica silylate effectively bulks up hair while absorbing excess oil, perfect for those with thinning or fine hair.

What is Modern Pirate's bestselling product?
Modern Pirate is renowned for its innovative styling products that take the fuss out of styling your hair your way. The Matte Clay Paste is one of their biggest bestsellers and a certified cult classic. This styling paste offers light to medium hold with zero shine to master that messy ‘back-from-the-beach' look all year round.

This powerhouse contains kaolin clay, which helps to balance oil production, making it a must for oily hair. It also thickens fine hair and boosts volume while moisturising and helping to maintain perfect hair and scalp health.

To use, simply:
1. Scoop out a 10-cent-sized amount of product and work it into your palm, rubbing it right through to coat both palms.
2. Apply it all over the hair, rubbing it in and focusing on the roots.
3. Use your fingertips to move, twist and manipulate hair into your desired messy look.

Will using hair styling products damage my hair?
Using hair styling products daily can damage your hair if they contain artificial ingredients. Harsh chemicals and toxins, such as sulphates and parabens, can wreak havoc on hair and leave it dry, brittle and prone to breakage. These chemicals can also quickly build up in your hair and cause it to feel weighed down and look greasy.

The best hair styling products rely on natural ingredients to cleanse, repair and protect hair. Modern Pirate products have been naturally enhanced with botanicals and natural extracts and use gentle formulas that are non-irritating and soothing to hair and skin. Some of the ingredients found across the range include:

• Aloe vera gel
• Sea-buckthorn extract
• Pomegranate seed extract
• Vitamin E
• Celtic sea salt
• Nettle extract

A good cleansing shampoo and conditioner, such as the White Pearl Premium duo, will also help to remove product build-up from styling and fortify it against daily damage and hot styling tools, such as blow dryers.

How often can I use hair styling products?
You can use hair styling products daily if they have gentle formulas and natural ingredients. Just remember to use a cleansing shampoo and conditioner to remove any build-up.

You can also take care of your hair by using a hair mask, hair oil and serum or deep conditioning leave-in treatment weekly. These products contain highly concentrated formulas with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and more to keep hair moisturised and help you to maintain long-term hair health.

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