Hairhouse hairsprays finish every style. Try water soluble light hair sprays or strong hair setting sprays like Moroccan Oil, good for blondes. Whether you want to set a sleek bun, beachy hair or curvaceous curls, there is a hairspray to suit. Adding shine, controlling flyaways, volumizing or protecting hair from humidity, hairspray does it all.

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How do You Use Hair Spray?
The wonderful world of hair sprays is a big one and full of essentials that can help you to create any hair style or texture for any type of hair. From regular bottle hair spray to hair spray wax, hair spray gel, hair spray moisturizer, and much more – this is one hair styling product you absolutely need in your daily hair routine.

How you use hair spray is as varied as the type of hair sprays available. Ultimately, it will depend on what you want to achieve. For an easy way to smooth frizz, simply spray the bottle onto your fingertips and run over your hair to control any pesky stray hairs. To set a hair style in place, such as a sleek bun or messy waves, hold your chosen hair spray about 30cm from your hair, shake well, and spray all over. Matrix Style Fixer Finishing Hair Spray is just one of the many Hairhouse products that can do the job!

To build volume or give fine hair a boost, try a thickening spray like Sexy Hair Big Get Layered. Flip your head downwards and let your hair dangle towards the floor, then flip back. Section your hair and spray the underside of each section, allow to dry, then move on to the next section.

To conquer curls and waves, spray hair lightly section by section instead of all at once to avoid clumping. You can also spray your hairbrush and run it gently through the curls once they have cooled.

How do You Curl Hair Using Hair Spray?
A good curly hair spray can be used to prep your hair and help you achieve gorgeously defined curls before locking them in for long-lasting bounce. If your hair has trouble holding in curls, choose a curl hair spray with a firm strength like Goldwell Hair Lacquer Super Hold or Paul Mitchell Firm Hold Super Clean Extra.

Start by spraying your hair with a heat protection spray to protect it from heat damage. With the Muk Hot Muk 6-in-1 Working Spray, you can shield your hair from hot styling tools, add texture and volume, and hold curls in place. Lightly mist your hair all over with hair spray before you start curling and wait for it to dry. Don't saturate it as you risk burning your hair!

Once you've chosen your curling iron, such as our ones by Ghd, Halo, or Silver Bullet, start curling your hair. Spritz each finished curl while it sets for extra hold. Finish off with a texturizing spray to hold the curls in place without weighing them down and to add more volume.

How do You Straighten Hair Using Hair Spray?
If you have coarse or curly hair and you want to keep it sleek and frizz-free, try a hair spray for straightening hair. Once you have ironed out the kinks and you've got your hair the way you want it, use a weightless hair spray like KMS HairStay Anti-Humidity Seal. It can hold the hair in place for up to 3 days and shield it from humidity that can cause flyaways and spoil your perfectly straight mane.

When Should You Use Hair Spray?
Hair spray can be used after styling to set a hairdo in place or during styling to help you build more volume, add texture, and get curls to last longer. A thermal hair spray is applied before using your hair dryer, curling irons, and straighteners, so that it can protect your hair from heat damage and keep it from drying out.

When using hair spray, you'll also want to consider which hold strength will best suit your needs. A strong hold hair spray, such as Fudge hair spray Membrane Gas, can be used to create a style with tons of height and fullness while a lighter hold hair spray, such as Eleven Australia Give Me Hold, will give a more natural look that's great for casual buns and loose beach waves.

What is the Best Hair Spray?
Hairhouse have hair sprays to help you create any long-lasting look you want, from our hair sprays to add height and smooth frizz to our hair sprays for men, hair sprays for kids, and hair sprays to protect against damage.

Check out our huge range online now and discover a hair spray type to suit you, such as:

1. Sea salt sprays – These beauties are designed for wavy hair to give you that sexily tousled look you get when you've spent a day swimming at the beach. Sea salt sprays have a flexible hold and are used to add texture rather than set styles. Use the Make Salty Spray for an effortlessly natural look.

2. Texturizing sprays – A good texture hair spray will add body and movement to limp and fine hair. Try evo Builder's Paradise Working Spray to build texture while you style that's touchable and reworkable.

3. Moisturising sprays – Add some much-needed moisture to parched hair with a moisturising spray like O&M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray with lilly pilly and quandong to thicken and nourish without weighing down hair.

4. Volumizing hair sprays – Use these sprays to amp up flat hair and give you the height you need to create sensationally big hairdos. We like Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Full Bloom.

5. Shine hair spray – Finish off a winning hairstyle with a lustrous shine by using the right hair spray. Ghd Shiny Ever After Spray adds a light gloss to your hair for a soft, polished look without any sticky residue.

6. Hair spray detangler – Use a detangler spray to remove knots and make styling easier. The NAK Hydrate Detangling Mist nourishes dry hair with coconut oil and aloe vera while smoothing strands to prevent breakage.

7. Organic hair spray - A natural hair spray is made without any artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals to protect hair health. Try Pureology Style + Protect Lock it Down Hair Spray with a vegan formula and no sulphates, parabens, or mineral oil.

Is Hair Spray Bad for Your Hair?
Gone are the days when hair sprays were full of nasties that left your hair dry and unmoveable. At Hairhouse, we sell many high-performing hair sprays that work to not only set your style, but protect and nourish your hair with essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The end result is touchably soft, manageable, and hydrated locks that are stronger and healthier.

You can buy hair spray online at Hairhouse today and enjoy free delivery when you spend over $50. You can also visit us in-store and let our friendly team help you find the right hair spray for you!