Pre, During & Post Piercing Care

Everything you need to know about the Hairhouse Piercing process.


What to bring

Accepted valid forms of ID for establishing identity and relationship between minor and parent/guardian. All ID's must have matching last names:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Non-Driver’s State ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Guardianship

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Before Your Piercing

Piercing doesn't need to be daunting. At Hairhouse, our piercers are highly trained and work within only the safest and most sterile environments. But it's also necessary to prioritize pre-piercing preparation before you step into the salon. Here's how you can best get ready for a successful piercing:

  • The healthier you are, the better your body will heal, which means that eating well and avoiding alcohol and drugs before your appointment.
  • Get some sleep. A relaxed, at ease demeanour will reduce any anxiety before, during, or after your piercing.
  • Drink lots of water. Being hydrated helps with the healing process.
  • Choose your piercer wisely. Hairhouse piercers strive to provide a professional, safe place, so your experience is enjoyable and successful.
  • If you are unwell or overly stressed, postpone your appointment. Having a piercing when you not in a great state of mind may cloud the experience and affect the healing process.
  • Avoid waxing, shaving, or laser hair removal at least three days before your piercing. All surface skin should be calm and free of irritation.
  • Arrive clean and comfortable. We strongly suggest you shower before your piercing as the skin around the piercing should remain dry afterward. Also, ensure you are wearing clothing that is light and loose so that any body piercings remain unrestricted by fabric.
  • Have a hand to hold! If you are under 16 years of age, a parent is allowed in the piercing room with you.

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During Your Piercing

It’s your time to shine. Piercings are to be enjoyed, so ensure your surroundings are perfect for the process to be a relaxed and enjoyable one!

  • Put your phone on silent or turn it off. This is a time you – and your piercer – do not want to be interrupted. If you have an essential call to take, ask your accompanying support friend to do so.
  • Look around. The environment should be a clean, sterile space. All piercers should be using single-use needles that are disposed of in a bio-hazard container.
  • Ask questions. If you have any queries about your piercings, don’t be shy. Now is the time to ensure you are truly comfortable with what is ahead. Nothing should feel daunting, so get all the answers you need so you are relaxed and confident with your procedure.
  • Listen. Reputable piercers will take you through all the aspects of the piercing, from jewellery options through to healing expectations, without you having to ask. Cover topics, including cross-contamination, sterilization, anatomy, infection control, jewellery quality, metal properties, and aftercare.
  • Be happy with your jewellery: Ensure the salon has a customisable range of jewellery to suit your needs and desires. With any fresh piercing, you want to have jewellery that is free of nickel and impurities that could cause irritation, allergic reactions, excess swelling, or an elongated length of time to heal.

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After Your Piercing

So, your piercing is done. What next? At-home care is critical for your piercing to heal correctly. Here’s what you need to know before you leave the salon.

  • Make your next appointment: A good piercer will invite you back to see them for a follow up roughly six weeks from your initial piercing. Lock this in before you leave.
  • You should feel supported. You should be able to ask your piercer any follow up questions – even ones you remember when you get home.
  • Avoid swimming or wetting the pierced area for some time post-piercing. Your Hairhouse piercing professional will advise you on this timeframe.
  • Keep your piercing in. Don’t replace it for fashions-sake. At Hairhouse, we do not use inferior materials in any of our jewellery, making the quality of our jewellery the best in the market, helping to prevent infection effectively.
  • Healing time differs depending on the area of the body you have had pierced. There is a good supply of blood flow to the lips, so piercings in this area can heal quite successfully; however, diligent care is vital. Any oral piercings must be cleaned with the oral saline solution recommended by the piercer twice a day and after eating. Smoking and consuming alcohol is also a no-no for lip and tongue piercings. Avoid mouth wash including non-alcohol based products as they remove the healthy cells needed to heal your new piercing.
  • The nasal passage can be a tricky one to heal as it is continually producing mucus, which can 'plug up' the piercing hole with dirt. Prevent this at all costs by being vigilant about keeping the area clean. It is vital for your healing that you do not put make-up and skin care products on your new piercing. Your Hairhouse piercer will create an at-home plan for this.
  • Swelling, red patchiness, and fluid secretion may be a sign of irritation, not infection. Don't stress! The first thing you need to do is make an appointment with your Hairhouse piercing professional. Do not take the piercing out yourself as if there is an infection the skin will seal up quickly, trapping it inside. Until you can visit your piercer, keep the area as clean and as dry as possible.
  • Be gentle with your piercing. The area is particularly fragile, so any bumps, scrapes, or rough contact can cause inflammation. This can be as minor as fiddling with your piercing, bumping it on your pillow during sleep, or getting a scratch during a sports game.
  • Initial redness and maybe even a minimal amount of bleeding at the entry point of your piercing is normal. This should cease within 24 hours of your piercing, but if it persists, you should consult your piercing professional immediately.
  • If you don't like your piercing, we can take the jewellery out, but you still have the healing process to consider. If you take your jewellery out prematurely, it can lead to scarring and bumps. So be 100% sure of your decision and piercing placement before you make an appointment.

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