Hair detangler works on all hair types but is ideal for protecting long hair, curly hair, dry hair and damaged hair from breakage. Usually containing ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil, hair detangler works like leave in conditioner to detangle while protecting, nourishing and hydrating hair.

What is a Hair Detangler?
A hair detangler is a type of hair conditioner that you put in your hair after showering to remove knots more easily without breaking any hair shafts. A detangler works its magic by depositing an oil or polymer onto the surface of your hair that fills in any breaks and smooths the cuticles so that they come apart easily when you run a brush or comb through. It also imparts a positive electrical charge to the hair that reduces static, while hydrating, softening and protecting it from damage. In short – it's a miracle elixir!

Detanglers come in different forms to suit all hair types and can contain many possible ingredients. There's the popular detangler spray which comes in a spray bottle. There's also detangler creams, gels and oils that all require a different application method.

To pick the best hair detangler for you, consider your hair type and hair goal. The Nak Hydrate Detangling Mist works for everyone but is especially great for those with dry hair. It's formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera, hydrolysed rice protein and pear extract to infuse moisture where it's needed, while strengthening and improving elasticity to prevent breakage.

The OSiS Tame Wild cream is a must-have detangler for curly hair. It's specially formulated to smooth unruly and frizzy hair with a strong hold to give you total control over your locks for up to 7 days – even in humidity! It's an all-in-one solution to styling and managing unmanageable hair.

The KMS Tame Frizz range tackles a number of problems and is excellent for anyone who wants smoother, softer hair. The Tame-Frizz Smoothing Reconstructor is a cream that smooths hair follicles and repairs split ends. The Tame-Frizz Smoothing Lotion can be applied while blow drying to effortlessly remove knots and frizz. The Tame-Frizz De-Frizz Oil works to give your hair a gorgeous, sleek shine for up to 3 days with a lightweight, non-greasy formula that also provides humidity control.

For a detangler that doubles as a head lice treatment, go for Juuce Knot Knitty Gel or Spray. The rinse-off gel works to kill nits and head lice within 10 minutes while rebalancing the PH levels of hair. The leave-in spray with spearmint oil detangles hair to easily comb out head lice and prevent re-infection.

Are Hair Detanglers Good for Your Hair?
Detangling products are similar to a leave-in conditioner – they're packed with nourishing ingredients to smooth, moisturise, strengthen and protect hair against damage. This can include anything from coconut oil and creamy shea butters to essential oils for fragrance and rice protein for strengthening. While they're great for any hair type, this makes them particularly useful if you have dry hair, damaged hair, curly hair or long hair. A natural hair detangler, like Nak Hydrate Detangle Mist, is gentler on hair and uses a vegan formula with no harsh sulphates or parabens which is great for coloured hair. Most hair detanglers will also act as a heat protectant and shield your locks against damage caused by UV rays, blow dryers, Item Namestraighteners, Item Namecurlers and more.

Do Hair Detanglers Work?
If you regularly find yourself standing in front of the mirror battling with a head full of snarls – a detangling spray can be just the solution you need. It coats your strands with oil or polymer to gently pulls apart knots without risking any split ends or damage and will help you control frizz and leave a lasting shine.

They work even better when you pair them with a detangling brush! Here are some of our favourite combinations:

1. Long hair – Smooth and detangle long hair with the Curious Grace Porcupine Paddle Brush in Large. It works a dream on thick and long hair to gently untangle without breaking and leave a straight, sleek finish. Use it with Juuce Knot Knotty hair detangler spray to reduce static and protect against UV heat and oxidation.

2. Fine hair – If you have fine hair, the Mason Pearson Pure Boar Bristle Handy Brush is hairbrush royalty. Its soft pure boar bristles gently detangle weak and thinning hair to reduce breakage while stimulating the scalp to improve blood circulation for healthier hair. Pair it with Nak Hydrate Detangle Mist to infuse hair with nutrients and strengthen it with hydrolysed rice protein.

3. Curly hair – The Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly in Salsa Red is a curly girl's BFF when also combined with the OSiS Tame Wild Cream. Together, they quickly detangle thick, curly and afro hair while taming frizz and preventing breakage for wonderfully full, glossy locks.

How to Use a Hair Detangler?
Detangling knotty hair is a breeze with a good hair detangler. The way you use one will depend on whether you have a spray, oil or cream formula. Some detanglers will need to be rinsed out, while others left in. Here's a general guide:

• For mists, such as Nak Hydrate Detangle Mist, simply spray on dry or damp hair and comb through for even distribution. This product is a leave-in, so don't rinse it out.

• For creams, such as D:Fi De-Frizz and Tame, apply a small amount of cream to the palm and massage it into the hair. Style as usual. For KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Reconstructor, apply to freshly shampooed hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly.

• For oils, such as KMS Tame Frizz De-Frizz Oil, apply a few drops to the palm and run through dry hair to settle flyaways and seal the cuticles. Leave in and style as usual.

How to Detangle Hair Fast?
If you need to untangle your hair in a hurry, the best thing you can do is apply some moisture to it in the form of a detangling product. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair as usual, then spritz or apply your product all over the damp hair. This will give it some slip for detangling. Gently pull apart the hair and run your detangling brush or comb through in sections, starting at the end and working your way to the top to avoid breakage and pulling.

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