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All About Electrical

How to use electrical hair tools?
When investing in electrical hair tools, you want to choose quality hair tools designed with features in place to protect your hair from heat damage. With that said, it’s also essential to use a thermal heat protection spray or cream before styling to give your hair the extra protection it needs!

If you’re unsure about how to use any of the hair equipment at Hairhouse, make sure to take a peek at the ‘how to use’ instructions listed with each product or stop by your nearest Hairhouse salon to speak with one of our hair care experts. Offering the best brands of electrical hair tools, we have something for everyone!

What are the best hair styling tools?
Some of the best hair styling tools are a blow dryer (the most important), straightener and curling iron or wand. It can be difficult trying to land on the perfect hairdryer with so many options out there.

Luckily, Hairhouse only selects the best, and our experts have weighed in on their top two. The well-known brand Babyliss tops the charts with their extremely popular hairdryer the Babyliss Pro. With their prices falling in the mid-range, everyone can gain enjoy their salon quality. The second hair dryer that’s popular amongst the hairstyling community is the Twin Turbo. With 1800 watts of power, this little beauty is remarkably silent when you’re using it and comes with two nozzles, giving you style freedom!

When it comes to straighteners, there are certainly quite a few options to choose from at Hairhouse, but the best hair straightener for you will depend on your hair type and desired style result. However, the most popular straighteners among our customers and hair house experts include the Silver Bullet Keratin range, the GHD Original Styler, and Halo The Farrah. We recommend a hair straightener with wide plates to ensure maximum contact resulting in a sleek and flawless look.

Finally, you may want to consider a curling iron. There are different types of curling appliances you can choose from in Australia. Our favourite is the Muk Curl Stick, a Best In Beauty Award winner. The Muk Curl Stick can create whatever style you might be feeling as it makes perfect tight ringlets, big and bouncy curls and soft, super-sexy waves.

What electrical hair tools do I need?
The electrical hair styling tools you need are different from person to person! It first depends on what type of hair you have followed by the kind of style you desire. The most crucial electrical hair tool that everyone should have is a good quality blow dryer. A good blow dryer will help maintain your hairs natural shine and give you a styled look with little effort.

At Hairhouse, you’ll find a selection of blow dryers that are a great starting point for adding electrical hair tools to your daily routine. Some of our more popular blow dryers are the GHD Air and the PARLUX Advance Light. They use ionic technology that gives you an effortlessly styled look every day.

From the Parlux hair dryer collection to some of the best electrical hair tools brands, including Halo, Babyliss Pro, and Cloud Nine; you can find the perfect blow dryer for your hair care needs.

The next electrical hair tool you might consider adding is a straightener! Hair straighteners and ceramic hairs tools are the perfect styling tool to help you tame frizz and leave you with a sleek and shiny finish.

Much like our Hairhouses collection of blow dryers, our hair straighteners boast a wide variety of features that are perfect for a variety of hair types. The number one hair straightener that’s worth investing in is the GHD Original. This straightener is a top-selling and multi-award-winning electrical hair tool that’s used by professionals daily. It comes with a wide range of benefits, including the abilities to create effortless curls or straight, sleek hair using moisture-sealing ceramic technology.

When considering which hair straightener is the right one for you, you should speak with a hairdresser or one of our Hairhouse experts at your nearest salon to understand your natural hair type as the designs vary to suit a wide range of needs.

If your hair usually is manageable and doesn’t come with many frustrations, then the Cloud Nine Original Iron is the perfect match for you. This ceramic hair tool is exactly what you need to give your hair a super-straight and effortlessly smooth look in just minutes. Its innovative features make it stand out from the rest!

Luckily, in the same line is the Cloud Nine’s Wide Iron which is perfect for those who have extra thick, coarse and curly hair. No matter the hair day you’re having, this tool comes equipped with extra-wide mineral-coated ceramic plates and five different temperature settings that allow it to glide down hair.

Now if you’re after soft curls or beach waves, a trend we hope we never see leave, a curling wand (also known as a curling iron) is definitely worth the investment. A curling wand is a fantastic way to give your naturally straight hair some body and movement without the need for a visit to the blow bar.

At Hairhouse, there is a wide range of hair curling tools such as heated hair rollers, curling irons or curling wands. Our favourite is the Muk Curl Stick, a Best In Beauty Award winner. The Muk Curl Stick can match; however, you feel as it creates perfect tight ringlets, big and bouncy curls and soft, super-sexy waves.

What is the best styling tool for short hair?
When choosing a styling tool for short hair, you want to select an electrical hair tool with a smaller plat for barrel size, making it easier to manage! With Hairhouse’s amazing selection of salon-quality styling hair tools, you can get the same look effortless look you walk out of the salon with. The best styling tool for short hair is the Cloud Nine Micro. Its design is for short hair or fringes, and at just six inches in length, it’s handy for travelling.

With curling irons, a smaller and tighter barrel will give you tighter ringlets. A large and wider barrel will provide you with soft voluptuous beach waves. A larger barrel can be harder to manage for those who have short hair, so your best to opt for a mid-size barrel. To be sure you’re picking the perfect tool for your hair length, chat with one of our experts at your local Hairhouse store or online.

How long do hair styling tools last?
Your hairstyling tools’ lifetime depends on the brand and model, but on average, you can likely get between 500-1000 hours. Most of Hairhouse’s products come with a 2-year warranty. The terms and conditions of the warranty depend on the brand.

Like anything, you should always take your hair styling tools to get the most out of them! You can do this by making sure they stay in a safe place, and you clean them regularly. You should also unplug them once you finish or plan on leaving them unattended to reduce the use hours.

How to use an electrical hairbrush?
Gone are the days of brushing your hair and then styling! With an electrical hairbrush, you can create smooth and shiny hair with a simple brush stroke. Whether your hair is curly or wavy, Hairhouse has a great selection of heated brushes including hot-air brushes and flat paddle hair straightening brushes.

Depending on the type of electrical hairbrush, the steps are relatively similar. When using an electrical hairbrush, follow our step-by-step guide:
1. The first step is making sure you give it time to heat up before you use it. Heated hairbrushes are more useful when they’re hot, especially if you have thick or curly hair. So save yourself the headache and use those heat settings to their fullest potential.

2. Once your electric hairbrush has heated up, you want to section your hair before you start brushing. Similar to a straightening iron, depending on your hair’s thickness, the hair tool works better working on smaller pieces than all at once.

3. Depending on the tool, you’ll want to make sure your hair is dry before starting. After you’ve applied a thermal spray or heat protection cream, you want to brush from the root to the tip. To keep the volume and bounce, try and go slowly.

4. Once you’ve finished styling your hair with your heated brush, make sure you leave it on a heatproof mat and unplugged in a safe place. Cleaning your heated brush will depend on the specific brand and tool.