Experts Explain: How To prevent heat damage in 7 simple steps


Experts Explain: How To prevent heat damage in 7 simple steps



Salon Stylist, HAIRHOUSE Bendigo


If you heat style your hair a little – or a lot – you need to plan to prevent damage. Here are the experts 7 favourite Heat Protectant products to prevent heat damage caused by Heat Styling Tools

What is Heat Damage? 


Heat damage is caused by the application of heat from Styling Tools on the hair cuticle. This can result in a weakened hair shaft which appears as breakage, split ends, frizz and fly-aways - none of which is fun to deal with on the daily. 

Even super healthy hair can only take so much heat. No matter what hair type you have, Styling Tools - from blow drying to Hair Curlers hair shaft until the condition of your hair is compromised forever.  

How Does Heat Damage Change the Condition of Hair?  


Repeated heat styling can change the shape of hairs natural keratin strands which lead to a weakened cuticle and elasticity loss. These visible signs of heat damaged hair include split ends, breakage, lack of hydration, frizz, and a shift in hair texture. This can be difficult – or impossible - to reverse. In addition to visibly damaged hair, a change in the natural mechanics of the inner hair cuticle can occur. Throughout the heat styling process, water molecules found in the hair evaporate and natural oils are stripped which further reduces natural oils, hydration, strength, and moisture in the hair. Condition is weakened and vulnerable. Add extra heat styling to this already ravage hair and you have one vicious cycle of hair damage and hard-to-style hair.  

Heat damaged hair can also be exacerbated if the hair has been exposed to chemical treatments including Hair Colour, overzealous brushing - especially when wet - or general exposure to the elements. 

Therefore, heat protection prior to heat styling is essential to prevent damaged hair. Here are my top 7 products to prevent heat damage to hair so that you can obtain curly hair, straight, sleek styles or a banging blow dry without a side-serve of damage! 

The Bestselling Heat Protectant: 


De Lorenzo Extinguish is a best-selling Heat Protectant for a reason as it offers hair care benefits throughout the heat styling process, infusing the hair cuticle with Argan Oil in the process to fortify and further prevent heat damaged hair. 

Designed to shield the hair from breakage and split ends as you heat style, De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish provides maximum protection up to 240°C, which is ideal to prevent heat damage on hair types that may have become vulnerable from heat styling over time or need further protection from breakage. 

In addition to protecting damaged hair, this incredible heat protection also combats humidity-induced frizz in the hair so that hair styles remain smooth and sleek well after the heat styling process is finished.  

How To Use:

  • Use on damp hair. 
  • Shake bottle well and apply directly and thoroughly to hair. 
  • ⁠Heat style as desired. 
  • ⁠Can be used on dry hair. 

The All-Natural Heat Protectant: 


Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray brings a heavy dose of hair care to your heat styling game, offering a completely sustainable approach to protecting hair from the onslaught of your Heat Styler. Containing 100% vegan products within CO₂ compensated packaging, this cream-based hair care product offers intense nourishment for hair during heat styling with Hair Straighteners, Heat Brushes or Blow Dryers. 

Once applied, it gently goes to work to condition and rebuild damaged hair, preventing split ends whilst boosting shine. This Heat Protectant is a favourite amongst professional stylists as it is also entirely cruelty-free, vegan, and free of parabens, sulphates, gluten and is also colour safe. The added benefit of peach, apple and rose scent offers a sublime fragrance once hair is heat styled. 

How To Use: 

  • Ideal for dry or damp hair 
  • ⁠Apply evenly before heat styling, concentrating on mid-lengths to ends. 

The Australian Made Heat Protectant: 


⁠Nak Thermal Shieldis an Australian-made product that is a true favourite amongst professionals when creating hairstyles through heat styling. Acting as a thermal shield against Hot Tools on all hair types, it can protect the cuticle against damage from extreme temperatures whilst infusing styles with the hold they need to last all day. 

Frizz and fly-aways stimulated caused by a damaged hair shaft and stimulated by humidity are also kept at bay with this protective spray, and – with the benefit of protecting all hair types – this product is ideal for curly hair, straight hair, thick hair, and fine hair types

How To Use: 

  • Shake well before use. 
  • Hold 30 cm (approximately half an arm’s length) from hair and spray evenly. 
  • Use on damp or dry hair prior to heat styling or after heat styling to hold your style and protect against humidity. 
  • The Lightweight Heat Protectant: 


    Pure Guardian Angel Thermal Heat Protection is a lightweight mist that offers heavy duty heat protection when using a Hair Straightener or blow-drying hair. Uniquely designed to protect already damaged hair during the heat styling process, the dry, invisible formulation locks in shine and smoothness, preventing styles from going frizzy during the day.  

    With a certified ‘pure complex’ – comprising of 100% organic extracts – this is the ideal option for those who want to get that ‘air dry’ lightweight look, with moveable, soft texture.  

    How To Use: 

    • Apply to clean hair while damp or when dry.