The ultimate Pro guide to Permanent Hair Colour V’s Semi-Permanent Hair Colour


The ultimate Pro guide to Permanent Hair Colour V’s Semi-Permanent Hair Colour



Salon Artistic & Education Manager


Colouring your hair? This professional guide will answer all your Permanent Hair Colour and Semi-Permanent Hair Colour questions.  

What is Permanent Hair Colour? 


⁠Permanent Hair Colour is an oxidative permanent hair dye which is mixed with a developer to create a pigmented formula strong enough to penetrate the hair cuticle. This permanent hair dye absorbs into the cortex of the hair where it will sit deep enough within this layer to change Hair Colour.  

What shades of Permanent Hair Colour are available? 


There are different permanent hair dye shades and levels to choose from including deep violets, medium browns, mahogany browns, chocolate browns, dark browns, vibrant reds and coppers, golden blondes, light ash blondes, dark ash blonde and everything in between. Depending on your hair type and the strength of the developer it is mixed with, a Permanent Hair Colour can either add pigment at the same level as your natural Hair Colour or change the Hair Colour to a few shades darker and lighter.  

Permanent Hair Colour cannot, however, lighten hair that has been previously had a darker shade of Hair Colour applied. This would require a lightening service with a professional Hair Colour Stylist.  

Got some greys? Permanent Hair Colour is also used to create a full coverage look on naturally grey hair or white hair as the developer swells the hair cuticle enough for the pigments to penetrate grey hair and alter Hair Colour on this hair type.  

How long does Permanent Hair Colour last? 


⁠This depends on your hair type, your styling habits and the level of Haircare you use on your existing Hair Colour but, over time, all Permanent Hair Colour will fade as the hair grows out. However, once applied, the effects of permanent hair dye alter the hair shaft of the hair that has been coloured, which may influence the Haircare you need going forward. This is why it is always recommended to speak with a professional Salon Stylist about the at home Hair Colour haircare routine you need. This will not only enhance your Hair Colour and hair health but ensure your Hair Colour looks its best for longer.  

Is Permanent Hair Colour only available in Salon? 

At HAIRHOUSE, we offer Permanent Hair Colour services in Salon as well as at-home. 

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Colour? 


⁠Semi-Permanent Hair Colour or ‘temporary’ Hair Colour whereby a non-oxidative dye used does not swell the cuticle, does not require developer, and therefore sits on the outer layer of your hair as a stain. Semi-Permanent Hair Colour or temporary Hair Colour uses large colour molecules to coat the outer most layer of the hair and has no ability to lift the natural Hair Colour level. This means that the hair must be the correct level for the Semi-Permanent Hair Colour selection to alter your Hair Colour. 

For example, a dark chocolate brown Semi-Permanent Hair Colour will work on medium brown hair but will show no results on black hair. Likewise, a fairy floss pink Semi-Permanent Hair Colour will only appear true to colour on very light blonde hair and would not be visible on brown hair. You cannot bleach dark hair with Semi-Permanent Hair Colour - so always be realistic and clear about the results you desire and expect.  

Preparation of the natural or existing Hair Colour prior to the Semi-Permanent Hair Colour selection and application is very important to achieve desired results.  

As with Permanent Hair Dye, Semi-Permanent Hair Colour needs colour protecting home Hhair aircare products to ensure the longevity and even fading of the Hair Colour over time.  

3 Ways to prepare for Semi-Permanent Hair Colour or Permanent Hair Colour 

·      Use a silicone free Shampoo prior to and after Hair Colouring as the build-up of silicone on the hair shaft can make it more difficult for the developer to swell the cuticle layer. This means the Permanent Hair Dye or Semi-Permanent Hair Colour can’t take as evenly or deeply resulting in uneven results or accelerated colour fade.  

·      Hair Colour always looks best on healthy hair, so if your hair is feeling dry, for best results ensure you are using nurturing cremes and hydrating styling products to nourish and even out porosity in the lead up to your appointment or application. Leave-In conditioning cremes are always a good idea on coloured hair.  

·      If you can’t recall the last time, you had a haircut, get one. Better yet, why not book in a professional Hair Colour and hair cut at the same time? HAIRHOUSE has Salons across Australia that offer the very best cut and colour services in one place.  

3 Ways to prepare for Permanent Hair Colour or Semi-Permanent Hair Colour 

·      Use a professional Hair Colour maintenance routine to care for your colour and the health of your hair. Remember also that exposure to the harsh Australian elements can weaken the hair, so always ensure your Haircare routine is nourishing as well as focused on Hair Colour care.  

·      Use thermal protection when styling to ensure your heat styling tools are not causing premature Hair Colour fading. 

·      Keep thermal styling tools at a safe temperature to ensure colour protection and your Hair Colour isn’t being stripped from the hair during styling.  

3 Questions to ask your in-salon Colourist: 


⁠·     "Is my hair able to achieve the Hair Colour result I want?”  
Always have Hair Colour inspiration images ready to show your Stylist to assist in your consultation and Haircare plan.  

· “What will the ongoing maintenance be once I have this colour?”  
When receiving a professional Hair Colour, a consultation on how to care for your new Hair Colour at home is essential.  

· “What kind of Haircare products would I need to use at home to keep my hair healthy and ensure the best results?”  
There are some incredible colour brands produced in Australia that offer gentle, vegan, care for all Hair Colours.  

3 Ways to prepare for at-home application of Permanent Hair Colour or Semi-Permanent Hair Colour: 

·      Always seek professional Hair Colour advice when selecting your Permanent Hair Dye or Semi-Permanent Hair Colour shades and the supporting at-home Haircare cremes and products - such as developers - you need to ensure you are taking home the correct products for your hair and for your desired result  

·      Make sure you have professional tools such as colour bowls, brushes, gloves, sectioning clips and a clear space to use when colouring hair at home. Using a metal bowl with colour can cause chemical reaction, grab a professional colour bowl in store when you pick up your colour. 

·      Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and skin testing recommendations to ensure your safety and for best results  

What Permanent Hair Colours and Semi-Permanent Hair Colours does HAIRHOUSE offer in Salon and in-store?  

All HAIRHOUSE Salons also offer full access to a wide variety of Permanent Hair Dye and Semi-Permanent Hair Colour options to create desired results – this is obviously within the reality of the client’s hair type, their lifestyle - including exposure to elements unique to Australia such as salt water, high UV etc - and their commitment to Haircare at home. 

HAIRHOUSE Salons across Australia also offer an extensive range of Semi-Permanent colour specialising in natural hair tones like dark browns, golden blonde, reds, coppers, and blondes as well as brands that offer every vibrant colour of the rainbow for those who love their hair to stand out in a crowd.  

Want to boost your Hair Colour? Book your Permanent Hair Colour or Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Salon today? Or shop our best selling hair colour products online.