The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush is designed specifically for wet hair and detangles knots with ease - no matter what hair type. With Intelliflex Bristles, you will experience 45% less breakage, 56% less effort, and 100% happier hair.

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All About The Wet Brush

What the Wet Brush? It’s a revolutionary hair brush that glides through tangles in no time! Created specifically for wet hair, it works on dry hair too. Avoid breakage and split ends, frizz, and flyaways with this super-compact, contemporary brush!

The Wet Brush uses ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles that prevent forced brushing and stimulate blood flow while strengthening hair. It's the perfect brush for every occasion with 45% less breakage, 55% less effort, and 100% happier hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Wet Brush?

The Wet Brush is designed to detangle knots in wet hair! Putting an end to bumps and lumps in your post-beach styles and making light work of shiny, tangle-free locks, the ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles effortlessly glide through knots. Unlike regular hairbrushes, the Wet Brush is cleverly crafted to sweep through hair without tugging or breaking it.

Does The Wet Brush break hair?

Whether your hair is thin or thick, the Wet Brush’s Intelliflex bristles are ultra-soft and built to glide through tangled hair without causing breakage or split ends. The Wet Brush is so gentle that it’s perfect for getting through tough tangles on kids and babies, making The Wet Brush a dream to avoid morning hairstyling dramas and tantrums!

Approved by hairstylists across the globe, the Wet Brush is sure to take the stress out of brushing your hair after a swim or when you're styling up! Without a doubt, The Wet Brush is essential.

Why is The Wet Brush so good?

The Wet Brush can be used to detangle hair gently without force, preventing unnecessary damage and making split ends a thing of the past. The Wet Brush is excellent for dry or wet hair, and with its ultra-soft intelliflex bristles, the Wet Brush infuses hair with shine and volume.

Looking for the best Wet Brush for your hair? While Wet Brush is excellent for all hair types, consider trying the Wet Brush Shine Brush or the Wet Brush Flex Dry Brush. When you’re on the go, be sure to have the Wet Brush Mini close by!

Hairhouse Salons have a vast selection of Wet Brush options. Read the excellent reviews online, buy instantly, or step in-salon for expert advice on which hair brushes are best for you!

What is the difference between The Wet Brush and a regular brush?

Bedhead be gone! With the Wet Brush, you can feel confident in getting through your tangles without causing any damage or split ends. Start your day with happy hair that lasts the long haul! Save time on styling after your shower with a brush that doesn't need a full blow dry before it works its magic! Just brush wet hair, and you're on your way!

Regular hairbrush bristles can be stiff and close together, causing you to force your way through tangles. With the Wet Brush Pro, you can be sure that you’ll get through that tangled hair without pain and breakage while massaging the scalp and strengthening the hair using its revolutionary design.

Does The Wet Brush damage hair?

Explicitly designed to help minimise pain and prevent split ends and breakage, the Wet Brush will not damage hair! Using the original Wet Brush, you can brush without forcing your way through tangles. The bristles are sturdy but gentle, so hair is in better shape with each brush.

Is The Wet Brush good for curly hair?

The Wet Brush is perfect for curly hair! Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, thick or thin, the Wet Brush is ideal for all hair types. The Wet Brush is perfect for Men, Women, and Kids with their Wet Brush Kids Line that works great on wet or dry hair!