Believe the hype. Olaplex is the holy grail of hair care, designed to repair broken hair bonds, reduce hair porosity, and ensure hair colour lasts longer. A celebrity-favourite the world-over, Olaplex is the one product that can truly revolutionise the health of your hair.

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All About Olaplex

What Is Olaplex?
Olaplex hair products offer unsurpassed hair repair. With a range that includes cult-level must-haves - including Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and Olaplex treatment, the brand innovation works hard to repair broken bonds in the comfort of your own bathroom. Smoother, shinier, resilient, and radiant hair is here for all hair types and all causes of hair damage, including damage caused by heated styling tools, in-salon colour, chemical treatments, and environmental factors. Part hair treatment, part hair perfector, Olaplex products provide 360 degrees of hair brilliance, guaranteed.

How To Use Olaplex?
Olaplex products are effortless to use, with an emphasis and focus on achieving hair repair with minimal fuss. The Olaplex Bonding Oil can be used on damp or dry hair, just apply a small amount and style as desired.

Other products in the Olaplex hair care, including Olaplex No 3, can also be used intermittently, whereas the shampoo and conditioner can provide daily support. Another awesome product, - the Olaplex Hair Perfector – is suitable for all hair types and can be used once a week on damp hair.

Does Olaplex Work?
The sales speak for themselves! Olaplex has reached iconic status in Australia and worldwide, with Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Drew Barrymore avid fans.

Whether your hair damage is moderate or extensive, Olaplex is the salvation you need. You only have to check out the before and after Olaplex photographs online to see the vast improvement Olaplex products make! Get the most out of your Olaplex take-home treatment kit by always reading the instructions first. With your Olaplex Kit, you are only one step away from the best hair you've ever had!

Is Olaplex Worth It?
Olaplex hair treatments offer something for everyone. Whether your hair is slightly or significantly damaged, this universally trusted brand delivers on its promise to provide repair, protection, and rejuvenation. Step into a new world of beautiful hair with your very own Olaplex pack.

Which Olaplex Should I Use?
Whatever level of care is needed, Olaplex has a product just for you. From reparative rejuvenation to locking in future luxeness, the Olaplex options are endless!

Olaplex no 6
Olaplex No 6. is hugely beneficial for those who have bleached hair or are exposed to perming chemicals and colour. The No 6 Bond Smoother addresses brittleness and broken ends associated with harsh chemicals, dyes, and styling tools.

Apply a small amount of Olaplex No 6 onto damp or dry hair, from the middle to the end. Comb through the hair and style your hair as usual.

Use Olaplex No 6 regularly to reverse damage from chemicals and heat styling products. Hair responds with a more robust, healthier, polished appearance.

Olaplex no 1
To fully benefit from Olaplex Treatments, Olaplex No 1 is a must-try in-salon treatment with two prime functions, including repairing the damage caused by styling and chemicals and continually preventing further hair damage.

Olaplex No 1 is especially useful for people who dye their hair a lot as hair dying can have a devastating effect on your hair. Being armed with the right treatments are imperative to repair and protect your hair.

Olaplex no 7
Olaplex No 7 - aka Olaplex Bonding Oil – is a cult favourite. The perfect styling oil to counteract common hair problems, including frizzy hair and stray locks, it’s essential for restoring hair to greater health, shine, and status.

Using Olaplex No 7 is simple. Add a few drops of Olaplex No 7 for softer and more luscious locks in no time at all. Easily applied to damp or dry hair, this pre-styling product is ideal for all hair types.

Do you use heated styling tools daily? Olaplex No 7 is a must and can be easily used in a metered-dose, so you are always receiving the perfect amount to solve your hair problems. Try Olaplex No 7 today!

Where To Buy Olaplex?
Hairhouse has an extensive collection of Olaplex products, including the bonding oil, hair perfector, and much more! Visit us in-store, book an appointment at a Hairhouse salon, or shop online and get your Olaplex products delivered right at your door.